Understanding Social Business and SocialCRM

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A tour of how the changing nature of relationships with customers is driving business towards community and social based interaction. This requires a new framework for collaboration and co-creation which creates social business value. How are these social value-creating activities different than traditional business value-creating ones?

Presented at Ebusiness Management Strategies graduate class, Heinz College, Carnegie-Mellon Univ.

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  • 1. Capture Unstructured Data 70-80% of enterprise data is unstructured and growing 10 – 50 times faster than structured data – Noel Yuhanna, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research, Nov 2010 Capturing tacit knowledge from conversations across the organization. E.g., Off-boarding - Save tacit knowledge and before employees change jobs, leave or retire Transferring how we view and structure information from our minds to shareable data 2. Collaboration & Discovery Accelerating ideation and innovation Building engagement & Strengthening relationships across employees, partners, customers Accelerate decision-making simplified, context-focused, and semi-structured communications identified relationships and dependencies Incorporate recent activity & sentiment of decision participants Identifying process failures, constraints and weak points 3. Analytical Insight Attention Management: filtering the flow, prioritizing conversations & activities Data or Social Interaction Pattern analysis Cognitive and Sentiment analysis – what people know and how they feel 4. Shared Decisions & Brand Decisions based on tacit knowledge, discussion-based analysis in the flow Shared responsibility in decision-making Process resiliency, and adaptive paths in a process = collaboration + insight Handling Process Exceptions through social interaction = tacit unstructured data + collaboration Alleviating process frustration and improving process adoption = collaboration + insight
  • Understanding Social Business and SocialCRM

    1. 1. Understanding Social Business & Social CRM Rawn Shah | Social Business ArchitectHeinz College,Carnegie-Mellon Univ.Feb 15th, 2013
    2. 2. Rawn Shah
    3. 3. CustomerRelationship Market Market Mgmt. Mgmt. Educate Educate Market Market Lifecycle Gain Gain Brand Brand Visibility Visibility Generate Generate Leads Leads Research Research Customer Customer Customer Request Customer Request The Usage, Usage, Testing, Testing, Customer Validate Validate Needs Needs Helpdesk Helpdesk Satisfaction Satisfaction Qualify Validation Qualify Validation Deal Deal Integratio Integratio nn & & Progress Services Progress Services the Sale the Sale Deploy- Deploy- Deal Deal ment ment Negotiation Negotiation Close of Close of Delivery Delivery Copyright 2012 Rawn Shah Deal Deal All Rights Reserved
    4. 4. Evolution of Brands & the Role ofCustomers Customer as Customer as Consumer Participant Brand as Brand as Brand as Identifier Brand as Individually Community Symbols Co-created -created (1900-1930s) Value (1930-1990s) value (1990-2000s) (2000s  )Is Marketing Ready for the Stakeholder-Focus Brand Era? Forbes July 2012, http://onforb.es/Vi2YAU
    5. 5. Customer Customer Customer Customer Customer CustomerToday… Floating in a Customersea of customers Customerforming their views Customerfrom communities Customer Customer CustomerCustomer Customer Customer Copyright 2012 Rawn Shah All Rights Reserved Customer
    6. 6. Customer Customer The Challenge … How to connect with customers as communities Customer Customer Customer Customer Customer Customerpyright 2012 Rawn Shah
    7. 7. Creating a Social Experiencebegins with people… Domain Interactions Leadership People Community Management Relationships & Roles Trust & Reputation Copyright 2013: Rawn Shah
    8. 8. People create purpose… Domain Interactions Culture Purpose Leadership People Community Management Relationships & Roles Collaborative Tasks Trust & Reputation Copyright 2013: Rawn Shah
    9. 9. And work ina place Online Environment Places Content Domain Interactions Culture Purpose People Community Leadership Management Relationships & Roles Collaborative Tasks Trust & Reputation Copyright 2013: Rawn Shah
    10. 10. Online Environment Places Content Domain Social Experienc InteractionsCulture Purpose e People Community Leadership Management Relationships & Roles Collaborative Tasks Trust & Reputation Copyright 2013: Rawn Shah
    11. 11. Increasing Levels of Value-creation from Social Business Content Collaborative Culture Tasks StrategicTactical Interactions Relationships Leadership & Roles Trust & Reputation Capture Shared Collaboration Analytical Unstructured Decisions & & Discovery Insight Brand Data
    12. 12. Networked, Non-linear, Multi-stakeholder, Spans boundariesSocial Value-Creating Activities Capture Shared Collaboration AnalyticalUnstructured Decisions & & Discovery Insight Brand Data Customer Business Value- Efficiency Value Creating Activities Quality Culture Process-Oriented, Planned, Bounded organization structures
    13. 13. Different Business Functions have differentemphases on value Research, Design, Development Customer Efficiency Value Marketing, Sales, Customer Service Quality Culture HR, Business Operations
    14. 14. Example Goals for Product Research &Development Radically Innovate Leverage Collective Models, Markets, Intelligence Products Goals VP Product Innovate Through Cultivate Networks Development, Partnerships of Expertise Chief Design Officer, VP Research
    15. 15. Radically InnovateModels, Markets, Products Leverage Collective Intelligence Example: Product Research & Innovate Development Cultivate Networks Through & Communities of ExpertisePartnerships Challenges Capabilities Connect to contextual expertise Connect to contextual expertise Inflexible legacy Inflexible legacy & resources & resources models, products, models, products, infrastructure infrastructure Build communities of practice & Build communities of practice & Lack of Continuity process process Lack of Continuity of Technical Expertise of Technical Expertise Build cross silo working Build cross silo working Strategy Limited Expertise relationships & culture with relationships & culture with Limited Expertise consistent messages consistent messages in certain areas in certain areas Build external partnerships with Build external partnerships with Complex Complex academia & industry academia & industry decisions decisions Generate Ideas through partner Generate Ideas through partner Locating Locating & customer co-creation (e.g., Social & customer co-creation (e.g., Social resources resources Business Jam) Business Jam)
    16. 16. Applied to Product & Service Innovation(Research, Development, Supply Chain) Challenges Capabilities Identify Goals Define Strategy Execute Describe needed Capture Identify new ideas innovation Unstructured Data for innovation qualities & values Identify hotspots Collaboration Expand, explore, of innovation & Discovery and validate innovative ideas Metrics and KPIs Identify reusable social for co-created Insight patterns of innovation innovation development Transform Innovation Shared Value co-creation chains processes to co- Decisions & with partners. New growth create value with Brand with partner development community
    17. 17. Customer Online Environment Customer Customer Content Domain Social Experie nce Customer Customer Interactions Culture Leadership Community Management Relationships & Roles Collaborative TasksBusiness Function Customer Trust & ReputationGoals & Processes Social Experiences Customer Efficiency Value Capture Unstructured Collaboration Analytical Shared Decisions & Data & Discovery Insight Brand Quality Culture Business Value- Social Value-CreatingCreating Activities Activities Mapping Goals to Strategy & Execution
    18. 18. Thank you http://about.me/rawn http://linkedin.com/in/rawnshah http://Blogs.Forbes.com/rawnshah http://twitter.com/rawn