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Bango WiFi Market Data 1 Q09

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Quarterly report of share of mobile browser traffic connecting via Mobile Operators vs Wifi connections.

Rapid growth in Wifi share has resumed - now over 15%+

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Bango WiFi Market Data 1 Q09

  1. 1. Mobile phone connectivity Apr 09 • Mobiles can connect to the internet through a mobile operator (for example “3G”) or, increasingly, through alternative technologies such as WiFi (incl. WiMax). Wifi is generally faster and cheaper as a connection method, but traditionally does not support the identity, billing and location benefits of a mobile operator connection. • If you are planning to provide content or services over the internet to mobile devices, it is important to prepare for developments that impact the downloading or selling of your services, so Bango is pleased to provide this data to support your decision making CONTENTS Types of connectivity Methodology MNO vs Wifi Activity – 20 specific sites % Wifi across all tracked sites © 2009 Bango plc Quarterly Channel Stats V1 www.bango.com E&OE 1 1
  2. 2. Types of connectivity Operator WAP gateway Operator Internet gateway RIM gateway Internet Browser gateway Corporate gateways • Newer devices connect over a wide range of access methods – WAP gateway, Internet Gateway, Internet via Bluetooth, WiFi, WiMax – Apple or Blackberry proprietary (non operator) gateway – Some Operator functions only work using WAP or special operator gateways • Some connections hide operator & identity – Devices frequently change connection type (automatically) – Some devices never connect via operator gateways • Some operators don’t support services on Internet gateways – Orange, O2, AT&T support only WAP gateways – Even operator-hosted payment solutions can fail to identify the user 2 2
  3. 3. Methodology • Bango records accesses from millions of mobile phone browsers across thousands of web sites visited by mobile users including some of the most widely used sites in USA and Europe Sites use Bango analytics code on web pages Advertisers use Bango tracking links to monitor campaign ROI Content providers use Bango payment to collect money from users • Bango can map the IP address and other information about the originating device against its uniquely comprehensive network database to determine which user sare coming through which network time for each transaction. • Bango has been recording this data since 2002, and therefore has a wealth of data from which to pull useful data. • Only Bango sees a full picture. More than any operator (they don’t see their subscribers accessing via Wifi) or web site (they only see their own traffic). 3 3
  4. 4. MNO vs Wifi for 20 sites over 4yrs The total number of unique users visiting 20 sites that have been active in developing mobile user traffic over 4 years is measured every week. It is normalized to 100 based on May 1st 2005 traffic. 2nd half 2008 saw a significant rise in traffic via MNO connections and Wifi traffic has risen steadily since June 2007. Wifi traffic has risen, but as a percentage has declined to 15% due to faster MNO growth – possibly due to flat rate data tariffs and marketing of internet services over Xmas 700 25% Unique users per week - Ref 100=May 1st 2005 600 20% 500 400 15% User connected via MNO Gateway 300 10% 200 User connected via Wifi 5% 100 0 0% 5 7 6 8 05 07 5 6 06 7 8 08 6 7 8 9 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 -0 -0 r-0 -0 n- n- n- n- p- p- c- p- p- c- c- c- ar ar ar Ma De De De De Ju Ju Ju Ju Se Se Se Se M M M 4 4
  5. 5. Trend across all Bango tracked pages 35% 30% 31% Dividing all analytics and payment transactions across all sites 20 sites that are tracked by Bango reveals a similar increasing share from Wifi. 27% 25% Wifi transaction volumes are favourable to Wifi 23% visitor numbers , since data shows users visit more pages than when connecting via MNO. 20% 19% In addition, compared with our 20 “4 year old 17% sites”, more recent sites tend to be biassed 15% towards recent smart an dfeaturephones which 13% are more likely to have Wifi connectivity. 10% Nevertheless, for a web site owner wanting to 9% 8% supply to mobile phones, around one third of accesses will now be over Wifi on average 5% 0% 2q07 3q07 4q07 1q08 2q08 3q08 4q08 1q09 5 5