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Eric Jillard, Director, Digital Marketing, Mercedes-Benz USA talks about how you create luxury in the digital world and unveil new products in process at the Razorfish Client Summit

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  1. 1. Mercedes-Benz Digital Marketing October 14, 2010
  2. 2. Emerging From The Automotive Apocalypse
  3. 3. S400 HYBRID Image
  4. 4. We Must Be Doing Something Right Infiniti
  5. 5. 125YEARS of Industry Leadership
  6. 6. “The Best or Nothing.”
  7. 7. “What makes Mercedes-Benz strong is the power to change things for the better. We invented the automobile — and we will re-invent it all over again.” Dr. Dieter Zetsche Chairman of the Board, Daimler AG
  8. 8. Our digital purpose is to show the depth of the badge
  9. 9. Driven By A Diverse Launch Schedule
  10. 10. What Drives Us Experience
  11. 11. Built With Passion. A Visceral AMG Experience
  12. 12. AMG Build Your Own
  13. 13. Lives Impacted. Perspectives Gained.
  14. 14. The Road Ahead For Mercedes-Benz Online
  15. 15. Thank You. Questions?