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Sales Development QBR Template

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This template will help Sales Development Reps (also known as SDR's, BDR's, SR's, EBR's, or ISR's) prepare strong quarterly business reviews.

It includes examples of important areas to cover in a one-hour QBR presentation.

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Sales Development QBR Template

  2. 2. AGENDA Review of Q2 Approach for Q3 Recommendations 1 2 3
  3. 3. REVIEW OF Q2 We made great progress in the territory, and branded the company well. Wins – Finished 102% of quota • Notable net new opps include ACME Co ($250k ACV), & ABC Inc ($475k ACV) • ~70% of completed meetings were with decision makers • Finished #2 on the SDR team Losses • 3 of my Top 25 accounts chose competitors (Debco, Suite223, & Lerida) • Lost 10% of my territory at start of Q4 (new personnel, scaling of team) Findings • 2 potential channel partners could be a good fit (Banyan Consulting & the Crespi Firm) • Hosting business lunches in the territory helps convert prospects to opps
  4. 4. APPROACH FOR Q3 The SDR/AE relationship is tight, and we feel confident about the quarter. Key Logos • Top 25 prospective accounts are identified (based on ideal customer profile) • Meetings already scheduled with 20% of Top 25 Competitive Landscape • 35% of our key target accounts are using competitive products (90% up for renewal!) • New product release expected this quarter (2nd half) • Account Executive is a former employee of ours Sales Intelligence • Now using SalesLoft, InsideView, & LinkedIn to identify triggers
  5. 5. APPROACH FOR Q3 (cont’d) Action Plan / Outreach Demand Gen efforts • 2 webinars scheduled (Month 1, Month 3) • 2 local events scheduled (lunch in Month 1, dinner in Month 2) • 4 new case studies, 1 new whitepaper now available for download from our site Low-hanging fruit • Contacting all dormant leads (last activity >60 days) – currently 294 leads • Email/call campaign against Closed Canceled opps – currently 5 opps • Crafting intro emails for senior execs to forward to key connections • Attending major tradeshow in Month 2; meeting 4 key contacts at the event Bolstering my brand • Revamping my LinkedIn & Twitter profiles • Attending Sales Hacker Conference (Month 1), AA-ISP chapter event (Month 3) Daily/Weekly Cadence • Continuing pace of 40 connects (phone) per week; 12 touches per account
  6. 6. RECOMMENDATIONS Remove these obstacles, and we’ll crush it this quarter. Marketing • Ask an industry influencer to host our next webinar • Produce case studies that highlight these 2 features (feature 1, feature 2) Product • Excited about the upcoming release; will meet 2x per month to share notes from calls • Prospects continue to ask about our mobile platform Senior Leaders • Help is needed with brokering introductions to the C-level in Top 10 accounts • Our CRO is in my territory in Month 2; coordinate a lunch with the Crespi Firm?