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EU sustainable development policies& cooperation

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Presentations by Lucie Berger, Head of Trade and Economic Affairs, GCC chez European External Action Service

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EU sustainable development policies& cooperation

  1. 1. EU sustainable development policies & cooperation Lucie Berger Delegation of the European Union to GCC 7 May 2018
  2. 2. EU sustainable development policy • 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (SDGs) • Following on Millenium Development Goals • Greater focus on means of implementation, governance and institutional framework • Applies to all countries at all levels of development, according to capacities/circumstances • 17 goals/5 directly energy related • EU sustainable development strategy • Ensuring prosperity, environmental protection and social cohesion • Climate change and clean energy, sustainable transport, sustainable consumption & production, or the conservation and management of natural resource
  3. 3. EU climate action • Europe 2020 strategy (2007) • 20/20/20 targets • 2030 climate and energy framework (2014) • 40% GHG / 27% RE / 27% EE • Targets are translated into national ndicative or binding targets • Investments form essential part: Investment Plan for Europe (EFSI) • Climate action is an integral part of the EU's foreign policy agenda • EU is the world's largest contributor of climate finance to developing countries • Bilateral cooperation/region2region
  4. 4. • Energy Union • Making energy more secure, affordable and sustainable • Facilitating cross border energy supply, and security supply in all EU MS • 2020/2030/2050 Strategy • Clean energy for all EU citizens • Clean energies in 2015 attracted global investment of over 300 billion euros • Clean energy is the growth sector of future. • By mobilising up to 177 billion euros of public and private investment per year from 2021, this package can generate up to a 1% increase in GDP over the next decade and create 900,000 new jobs EU energy policy
  5. 5. • Solar energy development • UfM climate change expert group: • Cooperation on climate-related policies and projects • Main objective: development of joint projects, matching projects with investors/donors/technology • Cooperation among financial institutions including EU, UECD, `GCF, GEF, WB; UfM regional climate finance committee • Side event at UNFCCC: Climate Finance and Energy Transition (COP23 in Bonn): presenting the results of the UfM climate finance study Regional Cooperation: Union for the Mediterranean
  6. 6. • EU-GCC dialogue on economic diversification in the context of climate change • Innovation, private sector development, clean energy including interconnections • EU-GCC clean energy network • Region to region cooperation on clean technology, in particular RE/EE • Large network of energy stakeholders in EU and GCC: enabling joint projects and cooperation (starting from research) • Workshops/trainings/seminars sharing technology, best practices, standardisation (including in building efficiency) Regional Cooperation: GCC
  7. 7. • largest research and innovation programme globally • 80 bn EUR 2014-2020 • 2018-2020 work programme includes: • Combining solar thermal electricity and desalination with specific focus on GCC (10 M EUR); potential for research collaboration across the LAS region • Other priories include circular economy (almost 1bn EUR), or specifically climate action and energy Research cooperation: Horizon 2020