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Part 22 - One Thing (Luke 10:38-42)

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The story of Mary and Martha in Luke 10:38-42. http://wp.me/po4gZ-1YB

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Part 22 - One Thing (Luke 10:38-42)

  1. 1. January 13 to 18 Bible Reading Once Daily       Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
  2. 2. Luke 10:38-42
  3. 3. “Worship is at the heart of all that we are and all that we do in the Christian life. It is important that we be busy ambassadors, taking the message of the gospel to lost souls. It is also essential to be merciful Samaritans, seeking to help exploited and hurting people who need God's mercy. But before we can represent Christ as we should, or imitate Him in our caring ministry, we must spend time with Him and learn from Him.” – Warren Wiersbe
  4. 4. Luke 10:38-42
  5. 5. Seeing and savoring JESUS Listening to and loving JESUS
  6. 6. Affected relationship with others Affected relationship with JESUS
  7. 7. Cares for his disciples Corrects his disciples
  8. 8. Enjoying the presence of Jesus
  9. 9. Cares for his disciples Corrects his disciples Cherishes his disciples
  10. 10. Mary Martha
  11. 11. Mary Martha
  12. 12.  Set special times of enjoying the presence of Jesus.  Guard those special moments of enjoying the presence of Jesus.  Practice the presence of Jesus everyday in everything you do.  Remind each other that only “one thing is necessary.”