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Hardcore SEO & Social Media Tools - SMX Advanced 2012

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Slides from SMX Advanced 2012 panel on Hardcore SEO & Social Media tools.

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Hardcore SEO & Social Media Tools - SMX Advanced 2012

  1. 1. Hardcore SEO & Social Media Tools Finding the right tool for you. SMX Advanced 2012 @Rhea | @OutspokenMedia
  2. 2. Why I’m qualified to talk about tools: I am not a programmer, but I work great with them (bribery works wonders). I’ve “built” tools. I’ve purchased tools. I can do a lot without tools. I’ve dated some tools.
  3. 3. Most of us weren’t hired to build tools.
  4. 4. When wecombinetoolsandbrain, we makesomethingincredible.
  5. 5. Thenagain, somet imes we don’t. (It’s a food storage suit.)
  7. 7. All traffic to client domain:Organic traffic for targetkeywords: New CMS went live Period of intense frustration punctuated by a demoralized team, technical difficulties and donuts.
  8. 8. What went wrong:
  9. 9. New CMS contract signed before SEO got involved
  10. 10. Couldn’t get access to dev server to crawl
  11. 11. CMS launched on organic site vs a test site
  12. 12. IT had no training on how to manage the new CMS
  13. 13. Guarantees not kept by tool provider on release
  14. 14. Poor communication between SEO & IT teams
  15. 15. Unplanned and extended code freezes
  16. 16. SEO agency positioned as a vendor, not consultant
  17. 17. How it’s getting fixed:• Immediate SEO audit and ongoing analysis as we discover more issues• In-person visit of client by agency, met IT• Bribed IT with donuts and our work got done• Agency positioned as consultant with more management of the SEO process and internal team• Halted development of new CMS on other properties
  18. 18. Actual Cost of Tool• New CMS• Internal time• Agency time• Loss of sales due to drop in organic traffic• Agency SEO audit and consulting• Travel down to see the client• Internal team morale and productivity• Turnover• Missed opportunities
  19. 19. Criteria 1: AccessIs the tool accessible by Windows and Mac users?Is the tool / product of tool viewable in a variety of web browsers?Does the tool provide options that support necessary compliance measures?Will the tool be around for a while?Is the data dependent on a third-party provider?Does the tool have an API?
  20. 20. Criteria 2: CostIs the tool free?Are there limits to data usage?Is there a cost for additional users or features?
  21. 21. Criteria 3: UsabilityDo you have to create an account to use the tool?Is the tool easy to use?Does the tool have a robust and easy to use Help section?Does the tool provider offer customer support? Is this paid or free?Does anything have to be downloaded and installed on the computer to use the tool?
  22. 22. Criteria 4: Privacy & Intellectual Property Does the tool protect your personal data? Does the tool protect data submitted through the tool? If data is shared, is it anonymous? Does the tool allow you to retain sole IP rights to the content you create? Does the tool allow you to determine the copyright status of the content youve created? Can you save a copy of the product to your desktop for archival purposes?
  23. 23. Criteria 5: Resource ManagementDoes the tool make it easy to track content submitted through the tool?Does the tool require training?Does the tool provider manage training?
  24. 24. Criteria 6: Added ValueCan the tool be easily replicated with an internal resource or hired contractor for the same budget?Does the tool provide features that further our business goals?Does the tool provider customize the tool to meet our needs?
  25. 25. Making the business case:ToolValue –( TRUE cost + Risks )
  26. 26. Switch cost considerations:• Data import your business/industry• Data export • Data limits• Data sync • Expense, overages, minimums• Data sources • Training time and costs• Data freshness • Admin capabilities• Support & customization • Bandwidth, speed, uptime, do wntime• Analytics • Turnover of tech team and/or• Reporting account managers• Platforms and environment • Privacy policy and data usage• Internal knowledge of tool • User limits• Tool builder’s knowledge of
  27. 27. I bet you’re tired of looking at slides and tools, huh?
  28. 28. Now for something refreshing!
  29. 29. I like to make things simpler:Get the spreadsheet:http://outspokenmedia.com/seo/link-building-strategies-spreadsheet/
  30. 30. So we made this:
  31. 31. Want it?Follow Outspoken Media on Google+ Get the sheet: http://bit.ly/KNdyIS
  32. 32. Thank you.t: @Rheae: rhea@outspokenmedia.comGet all of the SMX coverage:http://outspokenmedia.com/blog/