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Richard Smeltz Linkedin Presentation Rev A

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Richard Smeltz Linkedin Presentation Rev A

  1. 1. Richard Smeltz“Unsurpassed Passion for Customer Satisfaction” Proven Results • > 63% Improvement in one call customer problem resolution • > 40% Reduction in component customer calls ® • Reinvented SharePoint website into a user friendly and productive tool • Pioneered the structure of a performance information system for field personnel for a Fortune 500 company
  2. 2. Richard Smeltz“Bringing the perfect formula for increasedorganizational performance” Success Formula Cross-functional Experience & Education + Passion for Excellence + Creativity Increased Productivity / Customer Satisfaction
  3. 3. Richard Smeltz“Achieving better results through cross-functional experience” Training – Sales – Management – Technical Experience • Corporate Training • Sales • Management • Technology Consulting • Electronics / Mechanical
  4. 4. Richard Smeltz Formal Education Schools Attended  Muhlenberg College – Allentown, PA http://www.muhlenberg.edu/  Bachelors Degree – Business Graduated 2006 with Distinction  Ryder Technical Institute (Now Lincoln Tech.) – Allentown, PA  Associate Degree – Electronics
  5. 5. Richard Smeltz Employment History Current and Previous Employment  Iron Mountain  MarketSource  Dunn & Bradstreet  Innovative Control Systems  Xerox Corporation
  6. 6. Richard Smeltz Iron Mountain Corporate Training -  Customer Response Trainer  SharePoint® administrator for Customer Care website  Designed user friendly website front end and added webpages for multiple team Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) access  Added quick links to many frequently used applications  Revised format of Standard Operating Procedures that previously required multiple team involvement into a format in which individual representatives could resolve themselves. • Included screen shots and hyperlinks within documentation to improve comprehension and efficiency • Vast improvement in one call customer resolution – Improvement of 63.5% in 6 months
  7. 7. Richard Smeltz MarketSource Training - Retail  Account Sales Representative  Training Retail Store Personnel H brand products  PC’s  Printers  Peripheral computer products  Product Demonstrations and Sales
  8. 8. Richard Smeltz Dunn and Bradstreet Sales – Call Center  Business Consulting  Credit Specialist for small business  Sold services to build, improve, and monitor commercial credit reports and to provide products to mitigate financial risk.  Developed a work sheet for caller information that provided a valuable tool for follow up activity and proposed product pricing.  Worked with Marketing Dept. to improve mailers and to ultimately improve sales results.
  9. 9. Richard Smeltz Innovative Control SystemsTraining – Training development and delivery  Corporate Trainer  Developed a training program designed to educate both employees and customers of ICS. • Training program included documentation, presentations, and eLearning material that was distributed to employees and customers. • Developed and delivered regional customer seminar training presentations  Performed a cross functional roll between departments to improve product quality and reliability that resulted in expedited problem resolution  Traveled with company Vice Presidents to high profile accounts  Wrote customer training that resulted in: • A significant reduction in customer problem calls • Improvement in Support Center average call time duration
  10. 10. Richard Smeltz Xerox Corporation Corporate Training  Technology Specialist  Provided Technology and PC support for over 300 service personnel located in central and eastern Pennsylvania  Planned, organized, and implemented laptop computer and software training  Developed technology presentations and demonstrations for customers  Pioneered the structure of a performance information system for field personnel that provided access to selected workgroup performance metrics  Renegotiated technology related contracts that resulted in an annual saving of more than $10,000
  11. 11. Richard Smeltz Xerox Corporation Sales  Marketing/Account Representative (Sales)  Sold copiers and document creation equipment to major accounts in the Lehigh Valley area  Scheduled customer appointments, cold calling, product demonstrations, written sales proposals, and financing /lease options were exercised in this sales capacity  Sold the highest number of units in Sales District the first year  Service Marketing Representative (Sales)  Sold service maintenance agreements to Xerox customers throughout the eastern Pennsylvania area  Formed the first National Conference Call for Service Marketing Sales Reps.
  12. 12. Richard Smeltz Xerox Corporation Management  Field Manager - Customer Service  Managed a service team that provided customer service for Xerox brand copiers, fax, and printer products  Team and staff meetings were conducted frequently as well as quality improvement and problem solving sessions  A balanced effort of reaching corporate business objectives while maintaining employee and customer satisfaction was continually strived for in daily managerial activities  Advocated and won support for District service team realignment. This realignment included taking existing multi product Service Teams and combining them into multiple Specialized Product Teams; resulting in reduced training requirements and improved product reliability.
  13. 13. Richard Smeltz Xerox Corporation Technical  Customer Service Engineer (Service)  Repaired and maintained copiers and high end duplication and publishing equipment  Setup, repair, and maintenance of digital front end computers and scanner equipment  Work group facilitator and team specialist for copier team  Par Club and Presidents Club awards for providing outstanding customer service
  14. 14. Richard Smeltz My “Value Add” to your companyGood fit – multitalented  Versatility  Corporate Training  Sales Experience – Retail, Call Center, Field  Management Experience  Technical – PC’s, Electronics, Electrical Wiring, Mechanical  Computer Skills – Hardware, Software, Peripherals  Passion for Excellence  Consistent quality work  Customer focused  Creative  Reliable  Proven Results