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House Cleaning Maid Service

Ready Set Maids is houston's top ranked maid and house cleaning that made it easy to price, book and schedule a 5 star rated Houston maid service. Check out some of how we focus on making our members happy and what we learned in starting a house cleaning company.

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House Cleaning Maid Service

  1. 1. READY SET MAIDS Helping people live a healthier, happier & more enriched life
  2. 2. WHO IS READY SET MAIDS? • Ready SET Maids is a five - star ranked Houston, Texas house cleaning and maid service company • We focus on helping our members live a healthier, happier and more enriched life • We believe that there are more memories to be made other than cleaning
  3. 3. OUR OPERATING PRINCIPALS •Operate with Integrity •Development & Growth •Embrace Community •Drive Simplicity & Results •Appreciate Speed •Value People & Relationships •Transparency & Financial Responsibility
  4. 4. WHY START A HOUSE CLEANING & MAID SERVICE? THE QUICK STORY • Conquered & Unfulfilled – By the time I was 29 I was operating a retail region ranging in hundreds of millions of dollars. By 25 I was leading a multimillion business in the men's apparel arena and my teams were always leading the organization ranking in the top 3 performing regions year over year. But I was not happy or rather there was a void. • Bright Career – Sure I had a bright executive career in any retail company I wanted I am pretty sure I could have made the C-suite, and my fiancé was budding for a great career in medicine. We both understood that when placed together that hard work, experience and new and applied knowledge could yield promotions, more money, more company benefits and power. But still not fulfilled at all.
  5. 5. • Realizing the Cost – Sure we had done a lot but our time was not our own and we really never had the time or made the time to really live. I mean go beyond going out to dinner and a movie. The never ending conference calls, the never ending political endgames and really it all began to look the same year after year. But the real itch was not controlling my time and being enslaved to corporate success. • We did not control our own time in the sense that we were exchanging our time and skill (employed) for compensation. This began take a toll on our family, health and happiness • With Little Extra Time – We needed to hire a maid service or house cleaning service in Houston Texas since we had been so successful that we couldn’t have time to literally live our own lives. • A New Set of Frustrations – I mean we could not believe what we discovered trying to find a Houston house cleaning company or a maid service…
  6. 6. FRUSTRATIONS WITH HIRING A MAID SERVICE ACCESSIBILITY • It took a lot of phone calls, quote request, emails, phone tag to get some one to respond to you PRICING • The pricing for maid service was all over the place with many determining you price by square feet, hourly, by the job or by the rooms and some scope of work included this but not that • Pricing was a bit all over the board and in some cases they literally charge much higher for the identical house next door
  7. 7. FRUSTRATIONS WITH HIRING A MAID SERVICE COMPLICATED TIME WASTERS • An in home estimate? Come on really? If you show up and my house is a disaster don’t clean it or revise the quote. This drew out the process to actually get the service to start by about a week and caused more communication than needed CONSISTENT QUALITY • Then came the issues with the house cleaning and maid service. We found that independents were not good with keeping a regular schedule and there was no one to govern their work. The other companies never invested in inspecting their work so some cleans were good and others were not so good. Maids would show up late or not at all without any notice. It was very much all across the board.
  8. 8. WHY YOU NEED A MAID SERVICE Check out how you spend your time…
  9. 9. HERE'S HOW WE SPEND OUR AVERAGE DAY WHY YOU NEED A MAID SERVICE • Here is how we spend our time in the average American day Work, 8.9, 37% Sleep, 7.7, 32%Leisure | Sports, 2.5, 11% Other, 1.6, 7% Caring For Others, 1.2, 5% Eating, 1, 4% Household Activites, 1, 4% Average American Day Source: USBLS Work Sleep Leisure | Sports Other Caring For Others Eating Household Activites
  10. 10. BREAK DOWN HOW YOU SPEND YOUR TIME EACH DAY WHY YOU NEED A MAID SERVICE • From the data it looks like we are spending most of our time working and sleeping. 69% of our day is pretty much absorbed it seems automatically. Would you rather work one less hour and sleep one more hours? • We are then spending 11% of our time on leisure and sports. Mind you this can include any host of things but on average it accounts for 2.5 hours of our day. • You spend about 7 to 10 hours per week on household activities and another 7 to 10 hours per week caring for others. • By the time its all said and done you could have very little time left over for your friends and family and a host of important things to you begin to get left behind.
  13. 13. OUR EXPERIENCE FOCUSED MENTALITY • We wanted the process of finding, booking and enjoying a maid service or Houston house cleaning to be simple and enjoyable. So we focused on addressing some common issues in the industry to address: • Book Instantly: We found trying to book a maid service or most Houston maid service to be very difficult and time consuming. You had in home estimates that needed to be scheduled. You had to wait for someone to return your call and you had this long list of checklist and contracts and agreements to read that made things all very difficult. If you go to readysetmaids.com you can book your Houston maid service immediately on your own time. • Get a Straight Forward Price: it was a little nightmarish to get a real price. We found that we would be charged more than the house next door that was identical [literally]. We then discovered there was a bunch of customizable house cleaning checklists for maid services in Houston. “This was included but this wasn’t”, “that cost extra” and “this is cost extra”.
  14. 14. • Get a Straight Forward Price: it all just seemed a little to difficult to get a straight forward price so we addressed this in a simple way. Standardize the checklist and average out the home and charge by rooms. You can get a instant online quote at readysetmaids.com anytime of the day, week, year, decade. Its all out there and there are not hidden charges or fees. • Give Instant Feedback: When we had problems with our maid service we had to call or write an email and waited for a call back or email back that usually only occurred once you called once or twice. So we wanted it to be very easy to rate each service Ready Set Maids delivered and do it very quickly. After each service is completed our members literally push one button and rate their overall experience. Its quick and easy and we have triggers that determine our response and resolve. Sometime I feel in this industry that many run from their customer feedback but we would rather fix a problem, keep our members happy and not throw away our sales.
  15. 15. • Get Support: We found the customer support for the Houston maid service to be pretty lame at many of the companies we hired or were trying to hire. Getting some on the phone, getting a timely response were all issues. Our members can communicate with us directly from their own customized account on any device as well as email or call us for their support needs. • Maid Service Quality: So interestingly enough we had problems with the quality of the service. Sometimes good, sometimes great, most times the service was average. Getting the cleaning wrong was like asking out a pretty girl you have always wanted to go on a date with and she says yes. Then you never show up to pick her up for the date. Its just pointless for these companies to not place a huge focus on their quality of cleaning. We embraced a process driven approach to having all cleanings double inspected as well as supporting the field with quality inspectors who drive the quality assurance of a Ready SET Maids house cleaning. This is so very simple but most do not embrace the process of just inspecting what you expect, in this case very literally.
  16. 16. WE MADE IT REALLY EASY… • We have made it simply and easy for you to come to readysetmaids.com pick your service, select your regular rotation or one time, choose your add-ons and simply schedule your maid service Houston. You can see all our overall reviews as well as read sample reviews and see what is included in your service. No guess work or wasting your time with in home quotes, multiple phones calls. You can do all this in literally less than 60 seconds if you want or most definitely within 5 minutes. • Then you kick off those shoes, put up your feet and take 5 minutes to enjoy your beautifully cleaned home
  17. 17. CONTACT US FOR ALL YOUR MAID AND HOUSEKEEPING NEEDS • Readystmaids.com • 832-939-4500 • info@readysetmaids.com

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Ready Set Maids is houston's top ranked maid and house cleaning that made it easy to price, book and schedule a 5 star rated Houston maid service. Check out some of how we focus on making our members happy and what we learned in starting a house cleaning company.


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