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Save Your Home Options

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Options to save your house from foreclosure -Loan modification and restructuring -

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Save Your Home Options

  1. 1. www.SaveWithRealEstateAmerica.com
  2. 2. Qualification: Typically, you need to be in a position where you no longer can afford to make payments to your lender. You are basically getting behind with your mortgage payments. We can HELP Sudden hardship involving loss of income, or We will an immediate family death. negotiate with your lender to An increase of an adjustable rate mortgage avert further damages and Foreclosure threat from your lender obtain a mortgage plan Inability to obtain refinancing due to lack of that will work for substantial value in your home (lack of you. equity) We try to get late fees waived Inability to get refinancing due to damaged and obtain a personal credit payment that you can afford!
  3. 3. 1) Most recent pay stubs (for the past 30 days) 2) Last two months bank statements 3) Last two years W2’s or tax returns 4) Copy of current mortgage payment coupon 5) Any lender correspondence 6) Any legal correspondence from your lender 7) A letter stating your hardship 8) Documentation supporting your hardship (if job loss, letter indicating layoff, if sick provide a medical letter etc.) 9) Application with current financial information 10) Provide a letter indicating any and all efforts to work things out with your lender 11) A signed authorization for us to represent and communicate on your behalf with your lender (power of attorney)
  4. 4. IF YOU WANT TO GET OUT: A short sale will show your efforts to work with your lender and may help in the future when you try to re-establish yourself. It’s less expensive than a foreclosure and could get your property sold. It will decrease your exposure as well as the lender’s It’s the next step if a “Loan Modification” is not achieved with your lender
  5. 5. Consideration would normally be given after: 1) Having tried to refinance your mortgage 2) Having tried the Loan Modification process 3) Having tried a short sale Your efforts will help with your future credit.