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411                       Print • Online • Networkwww.realty411guide.com | Vol. 4 • No. 1 • 2011                A Resource...
Invest with the Best        The Market Leader is MemphisInvest.com                                          Photograph fro...
simple for out-of-state investors. “Youmake one phone call,” states Chris, “andyou’ve got every department any answer— acc...
with MemphisInvest.com?    “As a company, we hold in very highregard the customer service that we pro-vide,” says Chris, “...
Kent Clothier Chooses to Follow the Road Less TraveledO             ne conversation with Kent          wants to do, has be...
Memphisinvest.com Shares Their Secrets for CASH FLOW Success !!!
Memphisinvest.com Shares Their Secrets for CASH FLOW Success !!!
Memphisinvest.com Shares Their Secrets for CASH FLOW Success !!!
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Memphisinvest.com Shares Their Secrets for CASH FLOW Success !!!

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Want to learn from the Best? Read these Wealth Building Secrets from the Leaders of the Memphis Market... MemphisInvest.com -- DOWNLOAD IT TODAY!

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Memphisinvest.com Shares Their Secrets for CASH FLOW Success !!!

  1. 1. 411 Print • Online • Networkwww.realty411guide.com | Vol. 4 • No. 1 • 2011 A Resource Guide for Investors Discover Why Investors Around the World TrustThe Leaders of the Memphis Market Understand the Needs of Long-Distance Landlords
  2. 2. Invest with the Best The Market Leader is MemphisInvest.com Photograph from left to right: Chris Clothier, Brett Clothier, Kent Clothier Jr. and Kent Clothier Sr. “If you commit to getting better every day, your customers will demand you get bigger.”T — S. Truett Cathy, founder of Chick-Fil-A. his sage advice, as well you plan to invest out of state, you need an out of state investor. as nuggets of gold from to find the right company to partner with Chris continues, “You are looking for other customer focused gu- — someone that has experience, that has someone with all the business acumen to rus, has been adopted into knowledge not only of the industry but of put together all the steps that make sense.” MemphisInvest.com’s own the market, and someone that is a true turn- The Clothier family established Mem- company goals and aspira- key provider.” phisInvest.com and her sister companies,tions; namely to be the absolute best turn- While there are many companies who Memphis Invest Renovation Services andkey investment company possible. call themselves “turn-key” (so much so that Premier Property Management on the firm Many investors try their hand at out-of- he feels it has become an overused phrase), belief that out of state investors need ac-state investing only to become frustrated Chris believes that investors searching for cess to proven, qualified professionals whowith the less than stellar returns they expe- a turn-key company to partner with should understand their needs. MemphisInvest.rience when dealing with companies who look for organizations who “own and op- com partners with investors by handling allclaim to be “turn-key” investment compa- erate every step of the equation.” This of the details — from purchasing invest-nies that simply provide contacts, leaving way, investors are not getting a company ment properties to ongoing maintenancecustomer service out of the equation. that says: “buy from me and I will give and property management, helping to al- Chris Clothier of MemphisInvest.com you contacts for renovation, or contacts leviate the stress that often accompaniesoffers his advice for individuals who are for property management or contacts for buying properties far from home.interested in finding a true turn-key com- insurance.” Chris says this is a recipe for MemphisInvest.com makes investingpany for their out of state investments. “If disaster and it is a lot of hands-on work for Continued on pg. 17Realty411Guide.com PAGE 15 • 2011 reWEALTHmag.com
  3. 3. simple for out-of-state investors. “Youmake one phone call,” states Chris, “andyou’ve got every department any answer— access to every single person in thiscompany, so [the process is] very stream-lined.” Chris believes that successful investorspossess some common traits — “they haveto be inquisitive, they have to have curios-ity. They shouldn’t ever take everything atface value. They should be inquisitive as towho they’re dealing with, and what mar-kets that they’re looking to buy in. Theyshould be willing and able to do somehomework, look around, and ask the rightquestions. They should also have a longterm mentality. This is not get rich quickby any means. The other thing that inves-tors need to be successful in long-term buyand hold, is they need access to capital. No Top: An out of state real estate investor celebrates purchasing two investment properties.money down is not an avenue to success.You have to have access to some capitaland be able to build a long-term portfoliowhether you use straight cash or some kindof leverage.” MemphisInvest.com, possessing a strongcustomer service focus and attitude, makessure that an investor knows, from the start,if this opportunity is right for them. “Idon’t want to waste an investor’s time orraise their hopes,” says Chris. “We are veryup front and very frank when we have ourdiscussions. We need to know the financialstrength and ability of an investor so wecan help make sure they’re successful.” Investors who partner with MemphisInvest will realize that “they have founda great opportunity in Memphis, they’veidentified one of the premier turn-key in- Top photo: Customer Service Team at MemphisInvest.com Carol Henderson, Cyndyvestment companies in Memphis, and McCrary, Ashley Claunch; Bottom photo: Brett Clothier gets ready to speak to a room full of real estate investors at a buyer tour in Memphis, Tennessee.they’ve communicated real clearly exactlywhat they want — from there they just letus do it, and then they buy the opportuni-ties that we bring to them,” says Chris. He continues: “This is about buying cashflow investment property, if an investor tellsus that they need to earn a certain amountof cash flow to pay their bills each month,we are very adamant that they need to lookat other financial opportunities, other finan-cial advice before buying real estate.” For the Clothiers, “There is no saleworth making that’s gonna hurt somebody,just for us to make a little bit of money,”states Chris. Why would an investor choose to partner Continued on next page Continued on pg. 31Realty411Guide.com PAGE 17 • 2011 reWEALTHmag.com
  4. 4. with MemphisInvest.com? “As a company, we hold in very highregard the customer service that we pro-vide,” says Chris, “we have three dedicatedemployees that provide customer service,including calling every one of our clientsevery month on behalf of our propertymanagement company and on behalf of theClothiers, as the owners — and they askthe simple question: “What can we do foryou?” Chris shares the reason for Memphis In-vest.com’s amazing growth. “About a yearago we started to take time every singleweek to stop everything, and come togeth-er and study how to get better at customerservice, and at business as a whole.” The investmentin customer servicehas paid off — in Top photo: Premier Property Management of Memphis is thespades. key to their investors’ success! Left photo: Mark Anderson, a In the first half portfolio advisor at MemphisInvest.com meets with a coupleof 2011, Memphis- from California who purchased three rental properties.Invest.com becamethe largest privatehome seller in westTennessee. The only MemphisInvest.comcompanies who sellmore homes than Rental OpportunityMemphis Invest areFannie Mae and the Department of Housing and Urban Develop-ment. “To date,” said Chris, “we closed 163 transactions so far in 2011.Last year at this time, we had closed 79 transactions.” The integrity and distinction that MemphisInvest.com brings tothe turn-key investment industry is seen clearly by their actions - MemphisInvest.com doesn’t recommend properties that theywouldn’t buy themselves. In fact, their investors buy and own inthe same neighborhoods that the Clothier family buys and ownsin. Traveling to other cities, such as New York, Chicago, Boston,and all major California cities, MemphisInvest.com takes time tovisit their clients face to face. Why? “We’re willing to do whatever Here is one sample property, this home is alreadyit takes to provide the best service possible and to show our clients sold, but other great rentals are still available.that we’re there for them,” Chris replies. Be sure to add one to your portfolio. 3 Bed/2 Bath with 2 car garage MemphisInvest.com invites readers to join Built in 2000 - Sq Footage - 1,601 them at their events in the following cities: Purchased for $69,000 OR $37.41 PER SQUARE FOOT •September 8th-11th - New Orleans $10,000 in full renovation work completed •October 1st - Boston Tax assessed value in 2010 of $104,000 •October 18th - Phoenix Gross yearly Rents Between: •October 29th - NY $9,900 and $10,740 •November 12th - Vancouver Assuming 30% of rents for yearly expenses and •December 1st - San Jose the property has a cash on cash ROI •December 3rd - San Diego of approximately 10%Realty411Guide.com PAGE 18 • 2011 reWEALTHmag.com
  5. 5. Kent Clothier Chooses to Follow the Road Less TraveledO ne conversation with Kent wants to do, has been the Clothier will open your eyes to key to Kent’s success. a fatal flaw found in many real “If you’re willing to do estate programs: Most of the what others are not, then yougurus who pitch the products don’t actu- will find that success willally utilize them. Well, here is some inside usually follow,” said Kent.scoop: Kent Clothier (and his entire fam- Kent believes that his suc-ily and team) actually use the systems Kent cess, and that of his family,promotes. As owner of 1-800-SELLNow, the Clothiers, “...lies in thethe systems Find Cash Buyers Now and fact that we’re willing to doFind Private Lenders Now, and as co-own- something that others aren’t. “If you’re willing to do what others are not, then you will find that success will usually follow...”er of MemphisInvest.com, Kent Clothier We are always willing touses the same knowledge that he shares send someone down to thewith his clients, many whom have already county clerk’s office to siftseen great success in their own right. through property records to “The industry is filled with people find cash buyers, people thatwho want to tell you how to do it,” notes are in our back yard, that we Kent ClothierKent, “but they’re not doing it themselves. get to know, and by doing that we’ve built aThere’s a lot of people who want you to buy very successful business, not a hobby.” learn how to “run their business like a busi-this program, or buy that program, [but] When Kent and his family shared the ness.”the actuality is, very few of them are doing methods they utilized in growing their “In our real estate education classes, wedeals. Not only do we educate people, but business with others in the real estate in- only spend 20 percent of our time teachingwe’re also buying and selling three to four vestment industry, they were surprised at people on real estate, and we spend prob-hundred houses per year.” the reactions they encountered. Individuals ably 80 percent of our time educating them Kent got his start in real estate after a were amazed that the Clothier’s could find on how to be an entrepreneur, or how tosuccessful career in the wholesaling busi- cash buyers, and build a brand for their in- actually get in the game the right way,”ness with a multi-billion dollar company in vestment business. said Kent.the grocery industry. After leaving the gro- Kent’s businesses were “born out of our Rather than wait for the elusive (readcery business, he was, like many individu- own investing interest,” said Kent. “We “non existent”) “perfect” time to invest,als, “sucked into” the real estate industry realized that what we were doing was so Kent advises his clients to realize thatby those infamous late nite “infomercials”, unique, that we needed to share it with “there will never be a better time, [your]however unlike so many who try their hand other people.” inaction is costing [you] the opportunity ofat real estate investing and fail, he put ev- Investors who purchase their systems are a lifetime!”erything into his businesses and has grown provided with access to a wealth of infor- “There’s never going to be another op-three successful ventures in addition to mation on real estate investing, including portunity like this,” said Kent, “and yes, it’sworking with his family’s business, Mem- webinars, access to online cash buyers, supposed to be scary, it’s supposed to be aphisInvest, a truly wholesale investment continuous customer support and access to little unnerving, but it’s also what makescompany. private lenders; virtually everything a seri- it exhilarating, it also makes it very excit- A focus on creating a relationship with ous individual needs to grow their invest- ing, it also makes it so rewarding when youtheir clients and meeting their needs, as ment business. finally get there, when you finally achievewell as always doing what’s necessary, More than just great customer service the level of success you desire. ”even the “dirty work” that nobody else and access to fantastic products, investorsRealty411Guide.com PAGE 19 • 2011 reWEALTHmag.com