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reddit advertising how-to: everything but the kitchen sink.

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From ad creation to post-campaign analysis, this reddit advertising deck will show you how to manage your reddit ad campaign.

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reddit advertising how-to: everything but the kitchen sink.

  1. 1. reddit advertising Promoted posts key demographics How it works Ad Products Research tips Let’s get started best practices
  2. 2. Join the reddit community! Reach the160 MM people browsing reddit by Placing your brand at the top of the frontage or relevant subreddits with a promoted post. $5 min spend per campaign (no timeline) $.75 per 1,000 imps (CPM) Subreddit and frontpage targeting Featured: Live Promoted post on reddit.com Homepage “…one of the most trafficked websites with some of the most consistent and highly-valued advertising real estate on the web.” Omnia Agency (Feb. 2014)
  3. 3. Demographics Community Source: Pew Research Center, Google Analytics 2014, Nielsen @plan 2014 Q1 Every month, reddit generates over 7.1 billion pageviews from over 160 MM unique users visitng from over 214 countries that stay on reddit for over 13:02 min. avg. time on site powering over 9k active communities casting over 22 MM votes 63.7% Male 92% Made online purchases in the last 6 months 36.3%Female 62%come to reddit looking for News 35.2 Median Age 78% College Education Users Interests 85 % Registered to Vote $67,973.30 Median HHI 41%Deleted internet cookies in the last 30 days Geography 63% US traffic 10% Canadian traffic 7% UK traffic 3% Australian traffic 17% Other 1 2 3 4 Key A destination site to millennials, reddit invites users from around the globe to share and discuss new and interesting content. 81.1% Returning Users Returning visitors spend 16:16 min avg. time on site
  4. 4. How does it work? What do reddit ads look like? See that orange border? That’s highlighting what a reddit ad looks like when it’s live on reddit.com. You can identify a reddit ad by its light blue background, and “sponsored link” label on the bottom- right of the ad. Where will my ad appear on a reddit page? reddit ads rotate at the top of any reddit page above the #1 post, regardless of the up- votes and down-votes it receives. This premium location allows for guaranteed ad awareness. Featured: Homepage rotating reddit ad How will someone come across my ad? During ad creation, you choose what page your ad will show up in. You can target your ad to the reddit frontage and/or subreddit pages. A visitor of these selected target pages will see your ad. How many times will my reddit ad show up? This is up to you! You control the appearances (“impressions”) of your ad on reddit with your desired budget. The reddit ad platform delivers this impression amount at an even pace from your start to end date,
  5. 5. What’s your main advertising goal? what’s the right Ad Product for you? Drive Traffic to a Website Drive conversation and product awareness Text Ad “The conversation starter” • Lives above the #1 post in any reddit page • Clicks-through to any URL of your choice • Includes: 100 characters in text, click-through URL, 70x70 thumbnail image • Lives above the #1 post in any reddit page • Includes an expandable text box • Clicks-through to the reddit “comments page” which displays the text box and promotes conversation • Includes: 100 characters in text, click-through URL, 70x70 thumbnail image, text box Link Ad “The traffic-driver”
  6. 6. Before you create an ad… do your research Use the “search reddit” tool located on the top right-hand side of any reddit page to find the subreddits most relevant to your promotional content. By searching for campaign keywords, you’ll be able to find the best subreddits for your reddit ad campaign. Check your domain page! This page shows all the organic posts on reddit that link to your website. It’s a great tool to see what redditors think of your brand prior to advertising: reddit.com/Domain/YourWebsite.com
  7. 7. STARTED!Let’s get Click the “register” link located at the upper right corner of reddit.com Visit reddit.com/advertising to create your ad using a headline title, thumbnail image, and URL or text message. Access your reddit traffic page that displays hourly reporting, and join conversations in the “comments” thread of your promotion. CREATE A USERNAME BUILD YOUR AD MONITOR THE CAMPAIGN Featured: reddit.com Homepage Featured: Create a promotion” page Featured: reddit Traffic page For a step-by-step breakdown, check out our reddit Advertising Manual
  8. 8. • Craft a great headline. Keep it casual! Personalize the headline (Ex. “Hi, /r/Funny” or “Greetings, /r/Cooking!”). • Use a relevant, easy-to-see thumbnail image. This makes the ad more interesting, which can lead to a higher CTR. • Offer a promo code! It’s hard to pass up a deal, and gives you another point of data to track. • Create a custom landing page for redditors. Adds a personal touch to your ad, that can lead to more site interest. • Join the conversation in the comments thread. People like seeing the human behind the ad. • Change the headline copy and thumbnail every few weeks for long campaigns. Keeps the ad fresh and interesting. • Use the “search reddit” tool to search for your brand on reddit. Great way to prepare for questions about your brand. • Have fun with your campaign! If you’re not enjoying it, chances are redditors won’t either. best Practices “ Ads aren't bad in themselves. It's just the attitude. We all have to go to the store, we all have to have groceries, but there's a way to sell you things to make the exchange more of a human one. “ - Bill Murray AMA (Jan. 2014)
  9. 9. Contact advertising@reddit.com Website www.reddit.com/advertising www.reddit.com/r/selfserve twitter @reddit_Ads