primary treatment water testing anaerobic digestion sludge stabilization anaerobic ponds uasb reactors preliminary treatment aerated grit chambers grit chambers grit channels precipitation adsorption water and wastewater testing water testing and sewage testing wastewater testing open channel flow. pipe flow flow measurment ntrite nitrate-n total- n organic -n ammonia tkn mpn test clorm count sluge process acticated duties powers and responsibilities msw management rules solid waste management regulations dry digestion biomethanation solid waste clouds fog humidity water vapour vapour pressure biological removal of nitrogen biological removal of phosphorus nitrification-denitrification polyhydroxibutyrate phosphate accumulating organisms aerobic attached growth reactors rotating biological contactors trickling filters dewatering and drying sludge thickening anaerobic digstion aerobic digestion geothermal energy hot dry rock and enhanced geothermal systems geothermal heat pumps hydrothermal power plants design of primary sedimentation tanks primary sedimentation tank settling column test settling profile graph design of uasb influent distribution system migrating blanket reactors three phase separators anaerobic baffle reactors design of anaerobic ponds physical design of anaerobic ponds asp raising sludge and foaming sludge asp design bulking sludge asp kinetics secondary clarifiers activated sludge process venturi scrubbing acid scrubbing orifice scrubbing wet scrubbing tar control biomass gasification upstream and down stream processing for gasificat manholes catch basins clean outs flushing manholes interceptor tank flushing tanks storm water inlets design of sewers and storm sewers storm sewers sewerage types sewers stormwater drainage system sewerage primary sedimentation tanks rectangular clarifiers circular clarifiers baffled anaerobic reactors uasb ponds screens and bar screens influence of flow equalization on strength vortex type degritters equalization secondary treatment sewage treatment tertiary treatment sewage treatment plants ammonical nitrate and nitrite nitrogen test bod and bod kinetics organic matter concentration in water & wastewater cod dissolved oxygen ultimate bod design of secondary sedimentation tanks thalmadge and fitch method limiting solids flux method secondary clarfiiers zone settling and hindered settling discrete particle settling stoke's law vortex degritters proportional weirs cyclone degritters. adsorption isotherms powdered activated carbon iodine number-phenolnumber granular activated carbon lime soda process hardness and alkalinity water softening disaster management disaster risk management occupational health and safety management system a organizations involved dealkalization demineralization nom removal arsenic removal decatianization ion exchnage process selectivity coefficient ion exchnage resins soft water ions nitrate removal filter media uniformity coefficient slow sand filter d90 effective size filter hydraulics roughing filter rapid gravity filter clarifiers (rectangular and circular) zeta potential and destabilization of colloids flocculating agents ferric sulfate and ferric chloride flocculation tank coagulation-flocculation-settling ferrous sulate coagulating agents clariflocculator flash mixing tank alum ion exchange disinfection conventional water treatment advanced water treatment filtration and membrane filtration multiple effect evaporators coagulation flocculation settling solar water stills water transmission water distribution water supply water pumping and storage head loss calculations and hgl and egl water hammer pumps and pumping stations valves flow measurement pipe flow and open channel flow groundwater sources source potential assessment grey infrastructure lakes and ponds impoundment reservoirs intake works rivers streams and canals water sources classification of water bodies and standards is 10500 water quality index water quality parameters water demand virgin water and reclaimed water water supply engineering population forecasting
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