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KIBO Robots
Price: 10-piece kitis $229, 18-piece kit is $399
Ages: 4-7
What is it?:
The KIBO Robot...
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Kibo and Finch Robots

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Presented by Alice Son, Arlington Height Memorial Library

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Kibo and Finch Robots

  1. 1. ROBOTS FOR LITTLER KIDS KIBO Robots Price: 10-piece kitis $229, 18-piece kit is $399 Ages: 4-7 What is it?: The KIBO Robots kit involves a set of blocks with coding commands written on them (e.g. turn left, make sound,start, and end ) that have barcodes attached to them.Using the scanner on the robot, kids scan the appropriate barcodes to program the robotto do whatever they want! No extra equipmentnecessary! Where can I get it?: http://kinderlabrobotics.com/ Program Ideas: Kids can learn how to use and get an introduction to the conceptof coding.We’ve used them at programs where kids made coding sequences and raced them through an obstacle course.For really small kids,it’s fun justto play with them! Group Size: 2-3 to a KIBO Program Duration: 1 hour Finch Robots Price: $99 Age: Older Kids - Teens What is it?: The Finch Robotplugs into your computer via USB and uses Scratch,JavaScript, Java, C++, and manymore coding languages to do a person’s bidding. Where can I get it?: You can purchase them on the productwebsite at http://www.finchrobot.com/.They also have a loan program where they will send you a classroom setofrobots to demo.Schools and libraries are eligible for this,butyou have to apply here: http://www.finchrobot.com/loan-program/main. Program Ideas: During the summer,our teens learned the ins and outs of the Finch Robot.They then taught kids to use it during a medieval-themed “jousting” program where the robots battled each other for the title of bravestknightin the land. Group Size: 30 kids and 10 mentors Program Duration: 1 hour Arlington Heights Memorial Library Alice Son (ason@ahml.info) Teen Advisor February 9, 2016 / Tinker Meeting