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28-0021 Authorizing Gov. To Est.Agreement W Lincoln Tech

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28-0021 Authorizing Gov. To Est.Agreement W Lincoln Tech

  1. 1. COMMITTEE ON EDUCATION YOUTH AND CULTURE BILL NO. 28-0021 Twenty-Eighth Legislature of the Virgin Islands March 12, 2009 An Act authorizing the Governor to establish an agreement with Lincoln Technical Institute to build a technical school in the Virgin Islands PROPOSED BY: Senator Alvin Williams, Jr. Co-Sponsor: Adlah “Foncie” Donastorg, Jr., 1 WHEREAS, the residents of the Virgin Islands have only one institution of 2 higher learning available in the Virgin Islands; and 3 WHEREAS, there exist a need in the Virgin Islands for another post-secondary 4 option in the form of an accredited technical school that will allow our residents to be 5 competitive in this global economy; and 6 WHEREAS, Lincoln Educational Services is the parent organization of a 7 growing alliance of schools across the nation dedicated to giving students the hands-on 8 experience and professional knowledge they need to enter a variety of in-demand 9 professions; and 10 WHEREAS, the organization was originally incorporated in New Jersey in 1946 11 as Lincoln Technical Institute, Inc.; and 12 WHEREAS, Lincoln has 51 years of experience in successfully training students 13 for careers in a wide variety of trades and vocations; and
  2. 2. 2 1 WHEREAS, Lincoln Educational Services now has 34 campuses in 17 states that 2 include New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Texas, 3 Colorado, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Nevada, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, 4 Connecticut and Florida; and 5 WHEREAS, the tools and equipment used to train Lincoln students are the same 6 as those currently being used in today’s industries and service organizations; Now 7 Therefore, 8 Be it enacted by the Legislature of the Virgin Islands: 9 SECTION 1. (a) The Governor may execute an agreement with Lincoln 10 Technical Institute for the establishment of a technical school in the Virgin Islands 11 specializing in vocational skill training, including auto mechanics, plumbing, electricity, 12 culinary arts, air conditioning, refrigeration, cosmetology, medical billing/coding and any 13 other areas of vocational and skill training. 14 SECTION 2. Upon completion of the technical school, the Government of the 15 Virgin Islands may provide the newly established school an annual subsidy. 16 SECTION 3. Residents of the Virgin Islands and domiciliaries of the Virgin 17 Islands residing outside the Virgin Islands may register at the Technical Institute at a 18 reduced tuition as provided in the agreement authorized in Section 1. 19 SECTION 4. The Technical Institute shall grant no fewer than twenty full, 20 scholarships to low-income students residing in the Virgin Islands yearly. 21 SECTION 5. To be eligible for the subsidy in Section 2, Lincoln Technical 22 Institute shall invest a minimum of $20,000,000 to construct a technical school, in the 23 Virgin Islands. 24 SECTION 6. After the construction of the school is completed by Lincoln 25 Technical Institute and accredited by the appropriate accrediting organization that is 26 recognized by the U. S. Department of Education, the Technical Institute shall is entitled
  3. 3. 3 1 to receive exemptions from taxes under 33 V.I.C., sections 21, 41, 91, 121, 525, and 541 2 for a period of 30 years commencing with the first year the Institute begins operations. 3 SECTION 7. Notwithstanding the requirements of 31 V.I.C., section 205, 4 subsection (c) the Governor may execute a lease between the Government and the 5 Lincoln Technical Institute for government real property, under the condition that the 6 leased premises must be used exclusively for educational purposes. 7 BILL SUMMARY 8 Section1 of the Bill authorizes the Governor to enter into an agreement with 9 Lincoln Technical Institute to develop a technical school. 10 11 Section 2 authorizes the Governor to provide Lincoln Institute with an annual 12 subsidy. 13 14 Section 3 provides for discounted tuition for residents and domiciliaries. 15 16 Section 4 mandates the Lincoln Institute to provide at least 20 full scholarships in 17 a year to low-income V.I. residents. 18 19 Section 5 requires the Lincoln Technical Institute to invest a minimum of $20,000 20 to construct the school. 21 22 Section 6 exempts the Institute from certain taxes for 30 years. 23 24 Section 7 authorizes the Governor to lease government property under the 25 condition that the leased premises is for a technical school. 26 27 28 BR09-0297/February 27, 2008/Reviewed by: YLT 29 30