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Training: How to run an online eTwinning event

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eTwinning training for ambassadors

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Training: How to run an online eTwinning event

  1. 1. www.etwinning.net “Organizing an eTwinning event” Irene Pateraki 21/03/17eTwinning template 1
  2. 2. www.etwinning.net21/03/17eTwinning template 2
  3. 3. www.etwinning.net Agenda book your event in eTwinning Live Promote your event Prepare your presentation run the webinar Tips to keep audience attention Questions and Answers 21/03/17eTwinning template 3
  4. 4. www.etwinning.net21/03/17eTwinning template 4 The word ‘webinar’ is a blend of ‘web’ and ‘seminar’. A webinar is an event held on the internet which is attended exclusively by an online audience. An online event is actually a webinar
  5. 5. www.etwinning.net Creating an event 21/03/17eTwinning template 5
  6. 6. www.etwinning.net Create your event Add your availability to run a webinar in the 3 Google Spreedsheets: Web 2.0 tools – Pedagogy - Training It is always better to organize it in collaboration with another ambassador Create the event some days earlier and share the information in order your event to be promoted centrally 21/03/17eTwinning template 6
  7. 7. www.etwinning.net Creating your event 21/03/17eTwinning template 7 Visit your eTwinning Live and click on Events
  8. 8. www.etwinning.net Creating your event 21/03/17eTwinning template 8 Click on the Box: “Create an Event”
  9. 9. www.etwinning.net Creating your event- Basic Information 21/03/17eTwinning template 9 Write the title of your Event. If it is one of the Events organized for the European Ambassadors Group, don’t forget to mention it Write a short description in order Teachers have some information About the event. Click on the Online Event
  10. 10. www.etwinning.net Creating your event- Event details 21/03/17eTwinning template 10 Add a photo if you wish! Idea: we can create a Logo as Ambassadors Group That we will use in all Events Choose the language Add the number of attendants. Click on 51-100, as many people join, but finally they don’t attend Choose the type of the event. Ambassadors’ Events can be characterized as Training Session
  11. 11. www.etwinning.net Creating your event- Booking information 21/03/17eTwinning template 11 Ambassadors Events are available to anyone in eTwinning Select your desired event duration. One hour is sufficient time Click on the Search date
  12. 12. www.etwinning.net Creating your event- booking information 21/03/17eTwinning template 12 Select the date Select the time. Time is Central European!
  13. 13. www.etwinning.net Creating your event- invite contacts 21/03/17eTwinning template 13 Here, you can select participants from your contacts In case you want to invite some specific people
  14. 14. www.etwinning.net Creating your event- select tools 21/03/17eTwinning template 14 You can include a Forum in case you want to start a discussion before or after a session and a File Archive in case you want to upload material. They are both useful as you can then share there: the link of your recording and your presentation
  15. 15. www.etwinning.net Creating your event- Preview 21/03/17eTwinning template 15 Check here if all information Is correct and click on SUBMIT. If you want to make changes You can click on PREVIOUS STEP
  16. 16. www.etwinning.net Creating your event 21/03/17eTwinning template 16 Your Event has been created and now you can start planning it! The link in the Page of the event can be shared.
  17. 17. www.etwinning.net Creating your event 21/03/17eTwinning template 17 Teachers can join your Event by clicking on JOIN
  18. 18. www.etwinning.net Have you run an etwinning event? http://host1.easypolls.net/poll.html?p=58cd32f1e4b0c52b903ab525 21/03/17eTwinning template 18
  19. 19. www.etwinning.net Promote your event CSS is promoting your Events through the Social Media Ambassadors can also promote each others’ events in eTwinning Live – Facebook pages and Groups – Twitter etc. Have always a look at the event before promoting it, sometimes they become really popular and there are no available places 21/03/17eTwinning template 19
  20. 20. www.etwinning.net Preparing your event 21/03/17eTwinning template 20
  21. 21. www.etwinning.net Prepare your presentation- Web 2.0 Discuss with your colleague how to organize your session Use step-by-step screenshots to describe how participants can create an account and how they can use the specific tool. You can either share your screen and show all the steps Give the opportunity to the participants to try the tool by creating some activities e.g. you present the Padlet, create one and ask the participants to visit the link and share a greeting/ a photo etc. 21/03/17eTwinning template 21
  22. 22. www.etwinning.net Prepare your presentation- Pedagogy Discuss with your colleague how to organize your session Prepare a clean presentation with small texts to help participants follow you Divide your presentation in parts allow participants to ask questions or ask them for their feedback Use examples 21/03/17eTwinning template 22
  23. 23. www.etwinning.net Prepare your presentation- training in eTwinning tools Discuss with your colleague how to organize your session Use step-by-step screenshots to describe how eTwinning tools can be used Ask participants to experiment with the different tools during the session e.g. you present eTwinning Live ask participants to add you in their contacts, follow you, send a mail, make a post in their wall etc. 21/03/17eTwinning template 23
  24. 24. www.etwinning.net Running an event 21/03/17eTwinning template 24
  25. 25. www.etwinning.net Run the event 21/03/17eTwinning template 25 Chat to Everyone and open a new tab to talk with your co- presenter and arrange the slides Choose here how the room Would look like Click on the mic to connect your audio Click here to start your camera if you want Teachers can use the Chat to communicate and ask questions. If there are many, it is better to avoid turn on and off their microphones
  26. 26. www.etwinning.net Run the event 21/03/17eTwinning template 26 Record the session by clicking here
  27. 27. www.etwinning.net Run the event 21/03/17eTwinning template 27 Switch to prepare mode, if you want to get ready and you do not want participants to enter earlier in the room. Switch it off when you are ready!
  28. 28. www.etwinning.net Run the event 21/03/17eTwinning template 28 Here, you can share your screen with the other participants or share your presentation
  29. 29. www.etwinning.net Run the event 21/03/17eTwinning template 29 Check your Audio settings here and advise participants to do the same Stop or Pause Recording here End your meeting from here
  30. 30. www.etwinning.net Run the event 21/03/17eTwinning template 30 Ask your participants to interact during the session using the following emoticons
  31. 31. www.etwinning.net Tips and Hints? 21/03/17eTwinning template 31 https://padlet.com/renia_95/tipshints
  32. 32. www.etwinning.net Tips and hints 21/03/17eTwinning template 32
  33. 33. www.etwinning.net Tips and hints Try to be 2 presenters, one can check the forum, while the other is presenting Open test events or take part in other events to see how things work Use headphones 21/03/17eTwinning template 33
  34. 34. www.etwinning.net Engage your audience before, during and after (use a #, ask your presentation with a picture and ask them what they see, upload material in the files archive). Make sure the event is interactive, use polls, tools, ask for their feedback 21/03/17eTwinning template 34
  35. 35. www.etwinning.net Create visually appealing slides that relate to your webinar, try to stick to one color palette and include fascinating data and images that reflect your points. Use multiple types of media, when this is possible 21/03/17eTwinning template 35
  36. 36. www.etwinning.net The average attention span of a typical audience is about 10 minutes. Webinar audiences are worse; you are competing for their attention with their computer screens, their always open social media accounts, and their email inboxes. Limit the text in your slides, get your audience involved with an interesting mix of interactive questions, mini challenges and tasks, rich images, compelling videos, and even music. 21/03/17eTwinning template 36
  37. 37. www.etwinning.net No matter how prepared you are, always remember that there are things that are out of your hands and may go wrong, don’t worry, it has happened to all! 21/03/17eTwinning template 37
  38. 38. www.etwinning.net Are you ready to run your own online events? 21/03/17eTwinning template 38
  39. 39. www.etwinning.net Thank you Questions??? 21/03/17eTwinning template 39