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Mosquito are known to spread vector borne
diseases such as Dengue and Malaria.  Exist...
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Mosquito Infestation in Malaysia

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Mosquitoes are known to spread vector borne diseases such as dengue and malaria. Learn more about their behavioural biology and dengue cases in Malaysia, to protect your home and family.

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Mosquito Infestation in Malaysia

  1. 1. ° MOSQUITOINFESTATIONS IN MALAYSIA Mosquito are known to spread vector borne diseases such as Dengue and Malaria. Existed since dinosaur era, mosquitoes have been cited as the world's deadliest animal. l“ INTERESTING MOSQUITO FACTS an Mosquitoes existed since the | fi.hr13a| %'sia, there are about 0 0 0 " K". "'/ K3‘ Triassic Period . . ik . Species which was 400 million years ago“ 2% and subspecies °f '“°5q”lt°e5Gl Only female mosquitoes Female mosquito lays about ' 30-300 eggs .7 ‘S . ::': ..*. :!: ?.°.3. at ‘me “meal help her eggs develop? ’ 9* . Male mosquitoes are slightly ,3. B| gger people srnafler "1 Sue attract more mosquitoes compared to female mosquitoesl“ because the-‘V p'°°l“°e h'9l"e' carbon dioxide & lactic acid” Mosquitoes are Mosquitoes are the fix. attracted to heat_ deadliest animal find lactic acid alluring & tend to bite 0" eafth Causing more deaths peopie who had just exercisedfl) compared to any other animals‘) Mosquitoes 1 Mi"i°n= i=(6) Snakes $ 50,000'”"” Crocodiles Q 1_oooom Sharks 10¢" ‘The number of human fatalities per year NUMBER OF DENGUE CASES AND DEATH TOLLS IN MALAYSIA (2012 - 7*“ NOVEMBER 2o15)‘3'"> Mosquito Borne No. of cgses Diseases“ lepo e ‘Growth compared a Dengue N0. of deaths to same period . reported In 2014 - Malaria - Chikungunya - Yellow Fever Number of deaths caused by Dengue as of Nov 2015 reported higher than 2014. DID YOU KNOW? Dengue fever is caused by a virus transmitted by Aedes mosquitoes. They are distinguished by their black and white markings. 108.698 102.801 283 215 92 2014"” As of Nov 2015"” 2012” X INTEGRATED MOSQUITO MANAGEMENT (IMM) 4 STEPS TO EFFECTIVELY COMBAT AEDES * ~' MosouIToEs TOGETHER! ,5 I IMM is a programme which involves the following 4 steps that can help fight against the Aedes mosquitoes targeted at each life cycle. ¥ ‘( Eliminate mosquito breeding La rvicide treatment to grounds (stagnant water) in your home/ control the development of mosquitoes’ property & surrounding areas larvae on stagnant water Thermal fogging effectively Use adult mosquito controls the population of adult Aedes tra ps to further cont. -OI the m°5Cl| -M095 mosquito life cycle DO YOU KNOW WHY WATER-BASED THERMAL FOGGING is RECOMMENDED? ! It is equally effective, safer and more environmental friendly A C0 2 Water carrier does not produce carbon emission. It reduces air pollution especially during haze crisis Reduces flash fire and explosion risks from diesel- based thermal fogging Minimal smoke environment for improved safety, especially towards the passing motorists. Lesser smoke = Better visibility Absence of unpleasant diesel smell 3 Reduces risk of slip and fall from oily surfaces to pedestrians and motorists We are committed to protecting your home and family from Dengue with regular checks and safe mosquito control solutions. Rentoki| .com. my % L 1300881911 .1 I tiaiiaiama hub| ;e_): —s Ll . lxal-Animal-Masquitia | §-33$-IS la| —Anima| ~M: squni3-W-1-:41 tllihttpimiww _ . ?ymai, - I Copyright 20l5 I-Ii Rentokil Initial Malaysia. All rights reserved. triple-last-y-3ais—says<1eput