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Dynamics of Fertilizer Value Chain in Mozambique

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By Helder Zavale from Eduardo Mondiane University
for 2019 ReSAKSS Annual Conference

Publié dans : Économie & finance
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Dynamics of Fertilizer Value Chain in Mozambique

  1. 1. Dynamics of Fertilizer Value Chain in Mozambique Helder Zavale Eduardo Mondlane University hzavale@gmail.com Member of the Mozambique Local Analysis Network
  2. 2. Background • Low agricultural productivity • Limited use of yield-enhancing agricultural inputs
  3. 3. Background • Low fertilizer application rate • Fertilizer use and other inputs play key role in increasing yields
  4. 4. Objective and methodological approach • Objective • Describe the dynamics of the fertilizer value chain in Mozambique • Methodological approach • Literature review • Interview of key informants • Analysis of secondary data • Descriptive statistics • Univariate and multivariate analysis
  5. 5. Fertilizer value chain
  6. 6. Fertilizer policy framework • Strategic Plan for Agricultural Sector Development (PEDSA) • National Fertilizer Program (2012) • National Fertilizer Strategy 2012-2016 • Fertilizer Regulation 2013 • Fertilizer Assessment Committee for Fertilizer Registration (CATERF) • Fertilizer Technical Advisory Committee (CATF)
  7. 7. Fertilizer policy framework: Challenges • Absence of functional Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) system • Formulation of National Fertilizer Program 2020-2024 • Aligned with PEDSA II 2020-2029 and PNISA II 2020-2024 • Absence of Fertilizer Law • Short run: review of Fertilizer Regulation • Limited human resource and laboratories • Remove 2.5% import tax for imports from non-SADC countries
  8. 8. Fertilizer value chain: Challenges • High asset poverty and low credit access • Low access to extension service
  9. 9. Fertilizer value chain: Challenges • Low price information and market participation • Low fertilizer use for food crops
  10. 10. Fertilizer value chain: Challenges • Gender has sizable effect but no significant difference • Youth has sizable effect but significant difference
  11. 11. Fertilizer value chain: Challenges • For both youth and adults, effect is greater among male than female • Youth has significant effect among both male and female
  12. 12. Fertilizer value chain: Challenges • High transaction costs: Contributing to about 45% of fertilizer price
  13. 13. Fertilizer value chain: Challenges • Large reserves of natural gas and phosphates constitutes an unlocked potential • Higher fertilizer demand in neighboring countries (Zambia, Malawi and Zimbabwe) than in Mozambique
  14. 14. Thank you Obrigado