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EMR Software for Pediatrics

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EMR Software for Pediatrics

  1. 1. Transform Your Practice Using Pediatric EHR Software Solutions
  2. 2. 888-461-9998 Best Value Pediatric EMR for Pediatric Clinics Pediatricians require custom and intuitive ways to manage and access Pediatric Electronic Medical Records. RevenueXL offers easy-to-use Pediatric EMR Software that saves your time and also enhances pediatric health services you provide to your patients.
  3. 3. 888-461-9998 Pediatric Specialties Provides support to the following specialists: • Developmental-Behavioral Pediatricians • Pediatric Gastroenterologists • Neonatologists • Pediatric Geneticists • Adolescent Health Specialists • Pediatric Dermatologists • Pediatric Allergists • And more RevenueXL offers both client-server and web based pediatrics EMR technology
  4. 4. 888-461-9998 Benefits of RevenueXL's Pediatric EMR Software Enhanced Workflow Certified Solution Seamless Communication PREFERENCES Enhanced Security Improved Patient Care Clinical Process Automation Advanced Alerts & Notifications Free Meaningful Use Package Scalable Free Meaningful Use Package includes Patient Portal, Lab Connectivity and the eRx.
  5. 5. 888-461-9998 Features of PrognoCIS EMR for Pediatrics RevenueXL Pediatric EMR system helps you to capture, store, retrieve, and process patient data quickly and securely. Our Pediatric EMR Program is fully equipped with a number of exclusive, user- friendly features including: 1 Client/Server or Web-based Pediatric EHR Options 2 E&M Coding Assistance 3 PDR-Based Prescription Writing 4 Comprehensive Lab Interfaces 5 Custom Decision Support (ADE, Coding) 6 Billing/Scheduling Software Interfaces 7 Document/Image Management Systems 8 Tablet PC Enabled Technologies 9 HL7 Custom Interfaces 10 Online Patient Portal
  6. 6. 888-461-9998 Seamless Communication with Other Medical Facilities Always Greater Automation Dependable, Innovative and Easy-to-Use EHR Program Patient Charts Rapid Documentation Mobile Device Compatibility Automated EMR Notifications and Alerts Cloud-based Internet Technology Intuitive and User-Friendly Interface Efficient Integrated Billing PrognoCIS platform benefits
  7. 7. 888-461-9998 Fully Customized Pediatrics Electronic Medical Record Management We will ensure various templates are customized in accordance with your requirements and customize the EMR to match the workflow in your clinic. We will assign each practice its own Implementation Specialist to guide users through the installation, implementation, and training processes. Also you can choose to implement our Pediatric EMR alone and interface it with your existing medical billing software. RevenueXL offers Pediatric EHR management solution that is fully customized to meet your specific needs.
  8. 8. 888-461-9998 Pediatric EMR Templates Designed to Work With You The areas covered by our EMR templates for pediatrics include, but are not limited to: Flu Flood Allergies School Excuses Abdominal Pain Chest Pain Constipation Ears Conjunctivitis Well/Sick Child Exam Forms And more RevenueXL offers numerous physician-developed and tested Pediatrics-specific EHR templates, which can be used out of the box or adapted further in order to better suit your needs.
  9. 9. 888-461-9998 Affordable Pediatric Billing Services Option Can you identify yourself with one or more of these situations? Our cost effective medical billing services and solutions help accelerate your revenue and free up your resources • Your practice is struggling with cash flow • High labor expenses and the cost of hiring and training • Past billing and follow up errors have you considering a change to outsource your billing • You want professionals handling your medical billing • You need more time with patients but you are bogged down in administration and financial management
  10. 10. 888-461-9998 Free EMR with Billing Services Our cost-effective medical billing services and solutions starting from 2.5% Help accelerate your revenue and free up your resources So you can focus on delivering the best patient care And your EMR is 100% Free
  11. 11. 888-461-9998 24x7 Support - Always at Your Side Comprehensive Technical and Customer Support Unlimited Support using: • Live Chat • Email • Telephone • Training Videos • Regularly Scheduled Webinars • Recorded Webinar Presentations
  12. 12. 888-461-9998 Replacing your existing Pediatric EMR is as easy as 1-2-3 Attend a free Pediatric EMR Demo and tell us about your challenges with current EMR 1 Sign up for your replacement Pediatric EHR Software – PrognoCIS Pediatric EMR 2 Transition to RevenueXL's EHR Software 3 We do all the necessary tasks involved with data migration and customizing the templates and workflow to meet your specific requirements.
  13. 13. 888-461-9998 Schedule a Demo! Click here to schedule a demo of PrognoCIS Pediatric EMR System Want to learn more?
  14. 14. 888-461-9998 More Questions? Contact Us! Visit us at http://www.revenuexl.com Email us at info@revenuexl.com Check out our Frequently Asked Questions Read our Blog at http://www.revenuexl.com/blog Follow Us!