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How to Respond to Online Reviews

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Your guests are talking about their experience with your property on review sites and OTAs. Prospective guests look for these reviews at a critical stage in the booking process.

Many hoteliers already know that responding to hotel reviews is important for bookings, and a 2014 TripAdvisor study offers resounding confirmation. It found that hotels providing a management response to reviews are 21% more likely to receive a booking inquiry via TripAdvisor than those who don’t respond to any reviews. And, properties that respond to over 50% of their reviews increase their likelihood of receiving a booking inquiry by 24% (compared to properties that do not respond to reviews).

It is essential for hoteliers to respond and interact with these guests for four reasons. By responding you can:

-Minimize the damage negative comments can do to your hotel’s reputation
-Recover service with unhappy guests
-Discover brand enthusiasts and turn them into promoters
-Learn more about your guests, so you can optimize your service and communications

Join online reputation experts from Revinate and the Dictionary Hostel in London, as we discuss best practices for responding to positive, neutral, and negative reviews on TripAdvisor and other review sites.

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How to Respond to Online Reviews

  1. 1. @Revinate Online Reputation How to manage your hotel’s reputation on TripAdvisor and other review sites
  2. 2. @Revinate Agenda •  Why online reputation management is critical •  Best practices on how to respond to reviews •  How to leverage feedback data to optimize your hotel’s services and communications Join the conversation! @Revinate #HotelReviews
  3. 3. @Revinate Meet the Presenters Carrie Murphy Marketing Specialist Revinate Alex Cook Operations Manager Dictionary Hostel, London
  4. 4. @Revinate About Revinate SaaS tech company based in San Francisco Offices in Singapore, Sydney, Cape Town, Amsterdam and NYC •  Founded in 2009 •  120 employees •  Focused exclusively on hospitality •  25,000+ hotels in 160 countries
  5. 5. @Revinate The New Hospitality Landscape Why online reputation management is critical
  6. 6. @Revinate Consumer Behavior Shift: Worldwide 93% of travelers worldwide say online reviews have an impact on their booking decisions. 51% of travelers have written an online review about the accommodation upon return from a trip. Source: TripBarometer report 2012
  7. 7. @Revinate Online Reputation There is a direct relationship between online ratings and revenue. +14.2% Forevery1pointincreaseinrating: ü  Bookingsincreaseby14.2% ü  11.2%increaseinAverageDailyRate Source: Cornell University “The Impact of Social Media on Lodging Performance”
  8. 8. @Revinate Online Reviews Influence Price Guest reviews have a significant impact on hotel conversion rates as well as the rate that travelers are willing to pay. Source: NYU, Sept 2014 3.9x Given equal prices, travelers are 3.9 times more likely to choose a hotel with higher review scores 76% Of travelers are more likely to book a hotel with a higher score, even if it means paying a higher rate.
  9. 9. @Revinate Management Responses
  10. 10. @Revinate How to Respond Online Reviews and Social Media Posts
  11. 11. @Revinate Response Goals •  Minimize the damage negative comments can do to your hotel’s reputation •  Recover service with unhappy guests •  Discover brand enthusiasts and turn them into promoters
  12. 12. @Revinate Negative Reviews: Response Guidelines Apologize Be brief Follow up Invite them back
  13. 13. @Revinate Mixed Reviews: Response Guidelines The Positive Sandwich Method!
  14. 14. @Revinate Review Example
  15. 15. @Revinate Sample Response
  16. 16. @Revinate Positive Reviews: Response Guidelines Thank Personalize Thank again Invite them back
  17. 17. @Revinate Suggested Response Rate 100% 100% 50% 50% 25%
  18. 18. @Revinate Leverage Your Data Use your feedback data to optimize your services and communications
  19. 19. @Revinate Reviews are Rich Data Sources
  20. 20. @Revinate Sentiment Analysis
  21. 21. @Revinate Make Smart Operational Changes
  22. 22. @Revinate Customer Spotlight: Las Suites Average review score increased from 3.7 to 4.5 “The data in Revinate showed we had an issue with traffic noise. We invested in soundproof windows. Since then, our ratings have improved and we have received no more complaints about traffic noise.” Marco Gonzalez, Revenue Manager Used Revinate’s data analysis to make smart improvements:
  23. 23. @Revinate The Dictionary Hostel 4x increase in review volume #254 to #66 on TripAdvisor 3.3 to 4.5 average rating “With Revinate, we get feedback from more websites and better analysis on all of our data, with much less time commitment on our part.” Alex Cook, Operations Manager
  24. 24. @Revinate Paying Attention to Guest Feedback Drives Results 3.85 3.9 3.95 4.0 4.05 4.1 4.15 Revinate Clients Non-Clients
  25. 25. @Revinate Hotels access feedback Hotels identify ways to improve Make operational improvements Guests write more positive reviews New potential guests see reviews Paying Attention to Guest Feedback Drives Results
  26. 26. @Revinate Next Steps 1.  Monitor your online reputation and social media 2.  Respond to reviews 3.  Collect and analyze your data 4.  Adapt and improve
  27. 27. @Revinate Questions? Email me! carrie@revinate.com