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Understanding Rich Messaging Apps

  1. 1. UnderstandingRich Messaging Apps @woosungahn
  2. 2. Rich messaging apps: new mobile social graphsbuilt upon the phone’s actual contact list Free text/ call Uber emoticon App discovery
  3. 3. Korea:KakaoTalk , #1 social app in Korea65M users, 27M DAU(over 50% of Korean population) in 2.5 years4B messages/day now, 97% usage/install ratioTencent invested $63M for 14% into KakaoYahoo Japan took 50% Stake in Kakao Japan MM Membership Growth Since Launch
  4. 4. Japan:LINE, #1 social app in Japan and many SE Asia markets70M users in 16 months, tracking to 100M by year endOver half of its users coming from outside Japan nowMaking $3.8M/mo by selling premium stickersPartnered with Japanese #2 carrier, KDDI Membership Growth Since Launch Source: NHN Japan
  5. 5. Becoming content platform beyond texting:Rich messaging apps allow your actual contacts to sendyou push notifications for content (game, commerce…)• Kakao’s Game platform has dominated the app store by contributing to 70% of both Top 10 Free and Grossing since its July 2012 launch • Anipang for Kakao: played by 2/3 of Korea population, $10M/mo • DragonFlight for Kakao: broke records of daily revenue, $1M+/daySource: AppAnnie, MoneyToday
  6. 6. Becoming content platform beyond texting Line already is #10 all grossing in the U.S. (#2 in Japan) by selling over 50 paid stickers by Coca Cola, Sanrio, Disney, etc. Initial game partners include Rovio, Konami, SquareEnix, gloops/Nexon, etc. Source: AppAnnie
  7. 7. Incumbents’ ResponseCarriers:SKT: #1 carrier in Korea, acquired TicToc, Kakao competitor, entering SE Asiamarkets to be the 1st moverKDDI: #2 carrier in Japan, partnered with LineConsumer Internet:Tencent: made their own rich messaging app, WeChat, recording 200M usersSoftbank’s Yahoo Japan: established Kakao Japan (50/50 JV) with KakaoMobile Social Game Networks:GREE: took strategic minority stake in eBuddy (IM app with 30M users)DeNA: just debuted their own messaging app, Comm (#1 Top Free in Japan)
  8. 8. Global Alliance across Sectors U.S. Japan Korea ChinaSoftbank bought 70% of Sprint for $20B Tencent invested $63M for 14% into Kakao Softbank’s Yahoo Japan and Kakao made 50/50 JV Kakao Japan
  9. 9. Key Takeaways• Not just an Asian thing; Line is already #10 top all grossing in the U.S.• Further growth potential for younger generations (tablet/ iPod) with no telephony service• Carriers participating strategically not to lose text/voice biz (being disrupted already)• By far the best way to recommend apps Source: AppAnnie
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