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Using Social Media to Launch your Campaign or Organization

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How do use social media tools and a community management approach to launch your initiative - a combination of strategy, operational systems and tactics.

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  • Hey Rachel - Thanks again for a great sesssion. Enjoyed your real-world insights and the group's interaction thereafter! Cheers.
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Using Social Media to Launch your Campaign or Organization

  1. 1. Using Social Media to Launch Your Campaign or Organization
  2. 2. Mission: Advance the Business of Community 1. Champion: Advocate for community business owners & teams! 2. Educate: Provide training solutions to community & social business leaders! 3. Curate: Aggregate, document & share community management best practices! Services TheCR Network ! TheCR Advisory ! TheCR Research ! TheCR Training! Rachel Happe! Principal & Co-Founder! @rhappe! Jim Storer! Principal & Co-Founder! @jimstorer! Leadership About The Community Roundtable www.communityroundtable.com  
  3. 3. TheCR was built using social media and a community approach Tools •  Blog/website! •  Twitter! •  Slideshare! •  Online community! Content & Programming •  Curation! •  Thought leadership! •  Research! •  Weekly member calls! ! @rhappe @TheCR
  4. 4. Lessons & Ahas from our experience Lessons •  Curation is valuable and builds trust! •  Focus on the problem, not your solution – especially in the beginning! •  Follow/RT/interact with various advocate categories; boundary spanners, subject matter experts, ‘hidden’ influencers! Ahas •  If you give away value, people will recommend you! •  Give away enough value and commitment cost per person approaches zero! •  If you provide the stepping stones and stay engaged, your audience will help you figure out the rest! @rhappe @TheCR
  5. 5. You can’t buy the best advocacy
  6. 6. 6   Communications Basics
  7. 7. Your communications approach will be a portfolio of paid, earned & owned @rhappe @TheCR
  8. 8. What is social media? “Social media are computer-mediated tools that allow people to create, share or exchange information, ideas, and pictures/videos in virtual communities and networks.” - Wikipedia @rhappe @TheCR
  9. 9. But it really depends on how you use it Broadcast/Content Network! Community! @rhappe @TheCR
  10. 10. •  Awareness: who are we and why do we matter! •  Engagement and advocacy: who shares our vision and has influence?! •  Commitment: transactions that realize value! As a new initiative, what do you need? @rhappe @TheCR
  11. 11. But what comes first, the relationship or the transaction? @rhappe @TheCR
  12. 12. Costperlead! Time! You have a choice in your approach, with strategic implications Transac5on  First   Rela5onship  First   @rhappe @TheCR
  13. 13. Encounter   Awareness   Recogni5on   Awareness   Resonance     Development   Understanding  of   compa5bility/fit   Piqued  interest   Acknowledgement   of  rela5onship   Friendship   Contextual  Trust   Contextual  Loyalty   Contextual   Advocacy     Partnership   Forgiveness   Advocacy  &   Defense   Universal  Trust   Universal  Loyalty   Social  Media  (Content-­‐Based)   Engagement   Community  (Rela5onship-­‐Based)  Engagement   Direct  Engagement   The commitment you need will determine your channel @rhappe @TheCR
  14. 14. Which tools are best? @rhappe @TheCR Depends on! 1.  Audience! 2.  Content types! 3.  Business model!
  15. 15. The Big Ones @rhappe @TheCR
  16. 16. Instagram @rhappe @TheCR
  17. 17. Pinterest @rhappe @TheCR
  18. 18. Storify @rhappe @TheCR
  19. 19. Community Platforms… @rhappe @TheCR
  20. 20. Design your Ecosystem @rhappe @TheCR Activist Community! PAC Community! Advocate! Community! Donor Community! Policy! Community! Core operations!
  21. 21. 21   Define shared purpose
  22. 22. •  Be specific, short and clear; what do you believe, who do you work with and how do you create value.! •  What value will your community provide?! •  How will your behavior incorporate the community?! •  What value will you contribute to the community?! Know what you want @rhappe @TheCR
  23. 23. Understand your stakeholders & what influences them Ideal   Cons5tuent   __________   __________   __________   __________  __________   __________   __________   •  What value will they receive from your community?! •  How will their behavior change?! •  What value will they contribute to the community?! •   What is their:! –  Need to learn! –  Availability! –  Isolation! –  Competing sources of information! –  Online social comfort! –  Technical literacy! –  Aspirations! –  Cultural context! @rhappe @TheCR
  24. 24. Organizational Objectives Member Objectives Shared Purpose Shared purpose is the most powerful engagement tool @rhappe @TheCR Shared Value
  25. 25. When someone wants ___________________________ they will use the community to __________________________, instead of doing _____________ __________________________. Understand the behavior change that will deliver shared value @rhappe @TheCR Shared Purpose________________________________
  26. 26. 26   Build Awareness
  27. 27. Be remarkable
  28. 28. How? Experiment @rhappe @TheCR Content that:! 1.  Inspires! 2.  Connects! 3.  Educates! 4.  Enables! 5.  Engages!
  29. 29. 29   Create a Learning Journey
  30. 30. Metrics/KPIs! –  Friends/followers on social media! –  Community members! –  Newsletter list subscribers! –  Social media shares/RTs! –  Blog subscribers! –  Number of search results! –  Article and blog post mentions! Tracking Awareness @rhappe @TheCR
  31. 31. 31   Engagement & Advocacy
  32. 32. Engagement is like teenage sex: everyone talks about it, nobody really knows how to do it, everyone thinks everyone else is doing it, so everyone claims they are doing it... What IS engagement?
  33. 33. Engagement advances… RelationshipsIdeasExpertiseTrustProjectsSolutions
  34. 34. Define the Engagement You Need
  35. 35. Build a system to deliver repeatable results Building Processes for Repeatable Results While you may be able to generate results without a well constructed management approach, it is difficult to maintain performance without a consistent, documented approach Can  measure  value  Gap  between  vision  and  ability  to  execute   State  of  Community  Management  2014©   @rhappe @TheCR
  36. 36. www.communityroundtable.com   The Community Maturity Model @rhappe @TheCR
  37. 37. Remarkable content attracts and brings people back Content examples: •  Images and photos •  Videos •  Blog posts •  Reports and whitepapers •  FAQs
  38. 38. Programming fuels engagement Programming examples: •  Weekly newsletters •  QOTD – Question of the day •  AMA “Ask me anything” chats •  Member webinars/calls •  Working groups
  39. 39. Engagement Metrics/KPIs! –  Social media replies/comments! –  Blog comments! –  Community activity: lurkers, contributors, creators, collaborators! –  Questions asked! Advocacy Metrics/KPIs! –  Emergent advocacy per period! –  Net Promoter Score! –  Sentiment analysis of organic mentions in search results! Tracking Engagement & Advocacy @rhappe @TheCR
  40. 40. 40   Commitment
  41. 41. The Engagement Algorithm @rhappe @TheCR
  42. 42. The Habit Loop @rhappe @TheCR
  43. 43. Exercise: Engagement Recipe Recipe Name: Educating stakeholders about community Motivators: •  Recognition •  Validation •  Challenge Tools to Increase Ability: •  Community Maturity Model •  Research •  Benchmarking Triggers: •  Request during Budgeting •  Proactive seeking TheCR @rhappe @TheCR
  44. 44. Ultimately 3 things are required to sustain engagement @rhappe @TheCR Opera5ons   Tac5c   Strategy   Generative Business Model Structured for collaboration Engaging, empowering and challenging
  45. 45. Thank you! Rachel  Happe   Principal  &  Co-­‐Founder   The  Community  Roundtable     rachel@communityroundtable.com   617-­‐271-­‐4574   @rhappe   www.communityroundtable.com