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TheCR: Our Story

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How and why The Community Roundtable began and how we help clients today

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TheCR: Our Story

  1. 1. The CommunityRoundtable Story The Community Roundtable www.community-
  2. 2. In 2007 Social Software Adoption Was Growing Quickly
  3. 3. Media Was Changing RapidlyThe one with the microhone no longercontrolled the conversation
  4. 4. Business Had Been a Controlled Environment Organized, Ordered, Predictable
  5. 5. But People Started Talking About & To Brands Whether Companies Wanted Them To Or Not
  6. 6. It Was ChaoticAnd Confusinghttp://www.flickr.com/photos/dey/2918626312/
  7. 7. Social Is Not Orderly
  8. 8. Social networks:• Hold up mirrors• Equalize access• Crumble barriers= Makes many peoplevery uncomfortable http://www.flickr.com/photos/dey/2918626312/
  9. 9. And Organizations Were Still Hardwired for This (And Many Still Are)
  10. 10. A Handful Started to Understand the Change and the Future
  11. 11. And TheCR Network Was Born (2009)1. Peer Learning 2. Capture & document tacit knowledge
  12. 12. We Developed A Framework For Members To Work Within: The Community Maturity Model Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Hierarchy Emergent Community Networked Community Familiarize & Strategy Listen Participate Build Integrate Command & Leadership Control Consensus Collaborative Distributed Culture Reactive Contributive Emergent Activist Community Defined roles & Integrated roles None Informal Management processes & processes Content & Formal & Some user Community Integrated formal Programming Structured generated created content & user generated content Policies & No Guidelines for Restrictive social Flexible social Inclusive Governance UGC media policies media policies Consumer tools Consumer & self- Mix of consumer ‘Social’ functionality Tools used by service tools & enterprise tools is integrated individuals Metrics & Activities & Behaviors & Anecdotal Basic Activities Measurement Content Outcomes
  13. 13. What TheCR Network Members Say
  14. 14. And Over the Years Our Services and Membership Has GrownMission: Advance the Business of Community Services1.Champion: Advocate for the needs of community business • TheCR Network owners and teams • TheCR Focus2.Educate: Provide training solutions to community & social • TheCR Advisory business leaders • TheCR Research3.Curate: Aggregate, document, and share community management best practices • Community Management TrainingMember Organizations & Clients Leadership Team Rachel Happe Principal and Co-Founder @rhappe Jim Storer Principal and Co-Founder @jimstorer
  15. 15. What TheCR Network Members Say
  16. 16. Contact Us Twitter @TheCRwww.community-roundtable.com Jim Storerjim@community-roundtable.com @jimstorer Rachel Happerachel@community-roundtable.com @rhappe