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How to get your search, brand, PR and social efforts to work together - Stephen Kenwright #BrightonSEO

  1. How to get your search, brand, PR and social efforts to work together Stephen Kenwright | Rise at Seven @stekenwright
  2. @stekenwright #BrightonSEO
  3. @stekenwright #BrightonSEO Drivers Facilitators
  4. @stekenwright #BrightonSEO ● Social media ● Influencers ● TV ● PR ● SEO ● PPC ● Content ● UX Drivers Facilitators
  5. @stekenwright #BrightonSEO Brands spend more on search than TV AA / WARC expenditure reports 201321 £ millions)
  6. @stekenwright #BrightonSEO ...but TV builds entities + drives rankings Historic ranking for “we buy any car” SISTRIX
  7. Title tag: “Sell Your Car” H1 “Sell Your Car” # of keyword on page or in links: 0 About that page’s SEO... @stekenwright #BrightonSEO
  8. @stekenwright #BrightonSEO Ranking for someone else’s brand keyword that gets 673k searches/month
  9. @stekenwright #BrightonSEO TV spend cut 👇
  10. @stekenwright #BrightonSEO Brand search volume correlates with rankings better than links Tom Capper
  11. @stekenwright #BrightonSEO Ad agencies already know (and use) this
  12. @stekenwright #BrightonSEO Consideration Awareness Conversion Most SEO 👉
  13. @stekenwright #BrightonSEO
  14. @stekenwright #BrightonSEO Link building doesn’t build brands on its own.
  15. @stekenwright #BrightonSEO I’m going to show you how we can do both PPC INFLUENCERS CRM DISPLAY TV PRINT SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT PR SEO
  16. @stekenwright #BrightonSEO Here’s how MISSGUIDED became the go-to brand for dog jumpers...
  17. @stekenwright #BrightonSEO Stage 2 Gather a list of influencers (and dogfluencers) and get them promoting the product launch through gifting Stage 1 Pair our dog jumper with a human jumper and use PR to set up an exclusive Stage 3 Go to wider press and build links to category pages via PR and product roundups Stage 4 Keep launching new products (and especially sell into press covering competitor product launches)
  18. 367% Increase in brand impression We saw positive effects on the brand YouGov Brand Index @stekenwright #BrightonSEO
  19. Even countering negative sentiment YouGov Brand Index @stekenwright #BrightonSEO
  20. We started to rank 1st for “dog jumpers” 3,300 searches/month @stekenwright #BrightonSEO
  21. FIRST position for dog jumpers 38 related keywords started ranking @stekenwright #BrightonSEO
  22. Google searches for “dog jumpers” increased 50% YOY @stekenwright #BrightonSEO
  23. 77 Links 82,737 Organic visits 1.1m Impressions This is what happened @stekenwright #BrightonSEO
  24. @stekenwright #BrightonSEO Influencers are actually pretty good at influencing search volumes
  25. @stekenwright #BrightonSEO TikTok is creating huge demand for products through influencer campaigns
  26. @stekenwright #BrightonSEO We noticed that when something went viral on TikTok,related searches increased on Google
  27. @stekenwright #BrightonSEO When Zara’s puffer gilet was trending on TikTok this is what happened to searches for the style...
  28. @stekenwright #BrightonSEO We wanted to reverse engineer this...Rather than wait for a trend to start,LET’S CREATE ONE FOR PLT.
  29. @stekenwright #BrightonSEO Stage 2 Gather a list of influencers and trend setters on social and get them ALL wearing a halterneck/cross over top Stage 1 Choose a product category we rank #1 for Stage 3 Product PR pushing the trend to press landing media coverage and links Stage 4 PLT to promote the product on other channels organically - email marketing, social etc
  30. 841% Searches went up 19 Links 4.29m People reached This is what happened @stekenwright #BrightonSEO
  31. @stekenwright #BrightonSEO Everyone started wearing the style
  32. @stekenwright PrettyLittleThing became THE BRAND
  33. 46,927 Traffic to product 10m+ TikTok views 187% Traffic to category This is what happened @stekenwright #BrightonSEO
  34. @stekenwright #BrightonSEO Last one...
  35. @stekenwright
  36. The original Christmas Tinner campaign went viral in 2013 but had no SEO value for GAME @stekenwright #BrightonSEO
  37. So they asked us to make their most famous campaign go viral AGAIN but this time make it perform in search @stekenwright #BrightonSEO
  38. For it to be new we needed a new angle… @stekenwright #BrightonSEO
  39. So we created vegetarian and vegan versions of the Tinner @stekenwright #BrightonSEO
  40. Distribution Facebook: we engaged with Vegan and Vegetarian Facebook communities, asking them what they ate on Christmas day and should therefore include Twitter: we created behind the scenes taste tests videos to distribute on Twitter News, Radio and TV we distributed the story to global media publications, niche food and gaming sites, radio and TV Reddit: we engaged with Redditors debating the campaign and discussing the Christmas tinner YouTube: we engaged with YouTubers and influencers talking about the tinner and encouraging them to recreate at home @stekenwright #BrightonSEO
  41. @stekenwright We placed internal links on the page 333k Social shares of the URL 85k campaign page visits
  42. 35% organic search 23% social 19% direct 400 ranking keywords @stekenwright #BrightonSEO ...which made the target page FLY 21k hits from organic
  43. People (and Google) liked GAME in peak YouGov Brand Index @stekenwright #BrightonSEO
  44. Brand growth and traffic growth through linking look similar @stekenwright #BrightonSEO
  45. @stekenwright #BrightonSEO Every channel is an opportunity to drive search performance PPC INFLUENCERS CRM DISPLAY TV PRINT SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT PR SEO
  46. SEOs must become product managers @stekenwright #BrightonSEO
  47. SEOs must become brand managers @stekenwright #BrightonSEO
  48. @stekenwright #BrightonSEO MALCOLM SLADE ‘BRAND IS THE ONLY FUTURE RANKING FACTOR’ #BRIGHTONSEO 17 You will have to start doing this. Google doesn’t care if you can’t. There’s always PPC 󰤇
  49. THANK YOU @stekenwright Stephen Kenwright LinkedIn