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Mobile Usage
Statistics 2016
Know The Trending Pattern
Mobile is the key to success for any business. It is taking over th...
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Smartphone Usage Statistics 2016

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Mobile usage ratio is growing rapidly. Checkout the infographic to understand the mobile usage stats in 2016.

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Smartphone Usage Statistics 2016

  1. 1. Mobile Usage Statistics 2016 Know The Trending Pattern Mobile is the key to success for any business. It is taking over the market relentlessly which many have recognized, but only a few are cashing in on. The mobile statistics displayed below are proof that there are no signs of mobile usage reducing anytime soon. This infographic shows the extent its usage will grow in the next few years. MOBILE DEVICE USAGE US Adults Own CELLPHONE 68% US ADULTS REPORTED POOR CUSTOMER SUPPORT ON MOBILE 92% CURRENT MOBILE SUBSCRIBERS By 2020, Will Be 9.1 billion WORRY ABOUT SECURE TRANSACTIONS 7.3 billion 81% 46-54 Age Group US Millennials Use Mobile Phone For SHOPPING Fast Growing Age Group of MOBILE Users USER EXPERIENCE 30% 27% 25% SPENDING VIA MOBILE WORRY ABOUT SLOW LOAD TIMES WORRY ABOUT PAGE CRASHES M-commerce accounts for 11% Of Overall eCommerce 40% Online Purchases Happen On Various Devices, Driven by Mobile & Apps 35% Growth in Traffic from Mobile in 2015 From 40% In 2014 Optimized Site Unoptimized SiteAvg. Conversion Rate Add-To-Basket Rate Product Views3 per visit 12% 3.4% 2.3 per visit 8.2% 1.6% MOBILE LANDSCAPE Q4 2014 Q4 2015 Mobile Data Traffic www.rishabhsoft.com sales@rishabhsoft.com +1-877-747-4224 Customers are more likely to recommend and shop from a business that offers a better mobile experience. Are you planning to get an enterprise mobile application developed for your business? Conclusion • Mobile is the prime factor driving eCommerce & Digital Enterprise • Pages that load faster are the holy grail for improving mobile user experience • Marketers are focusing on mobile optimization at an increasing rate • Majority of revenue spent on digital marketing is targeted towards mobile Pew Research http://pewrsr.ch/1GyFf76 BI Intelligence http://read.bi/1IIdlRF Ericsson http://bit.ly/1PAcGcu Harris/SOASTA http://bit.ly/27y0z6V Software Advice http://bit.ly/1NxJymS Forrester http://bit.ly/1rT3xCo Criteo http://bit.ly/1GyDMqA Mobile HTTP Archive http://bit.ly/1Tj6Aec Sources: M-commerce Accounted for $115 billion M-commerce Expected To Reach $142 billion 2015 2016 KB KB