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Pry at the Ruby Drink-up of Sophia, February 2012

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Presented at the Ruby Drink-up of Sophia Antipolis on the 7th of February 2012 by Philippe Antras (@_philant_).

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Pry at the Ruby Drink-up of Sophia, February 2012

  1. 1. A quick overview Philippe Antras @_philant_
  2. 2. PryREPLCan be invoked at runtimeObject explorationSource and documentation accessShell command executionGist integration - not shown todaySyntax highlighting, completionExtensible: plugin, commands - not shown todayRemote session with pry-remote gem and DrB http://pry.github.com
  3. 3. > gem install pry
  4. 4. Some Pry commandsTo get a list of all commands:Pry(main)> helpshow-doc space to escape command:show-method pry(main)> cat = "fido"history <your commands here>play -f <file>edit <file>edit [input buffer]ri Array#each
  5. 5. Pry interactions ●; ●! ● edit ● <space> ● _ <underscore> ● history ● history --replay 101..105
  6. 6. shell commandsPry assumes commands prefixed with a dot are shell commandspry(main)> .ls -lpry(main)> .svn updatepry(main)> .cat #{temp_file}pry(main)> shell-mode #limited completion
  7. 7. Object explorationpry(main)> pry-versionPry version on Ruby 1.8.7pry(main)> cd Prypry(Pry)> lspry(Pry)> cd @historypry(Pry)> ls -mpry(Pry)> show-doc savepry(Pry)> show-method savepry(Pry)> filename = historypry(Pry)> save filenamepry(Pry)> .cat #{filename}pry(Pry)> cd @historypry(Pry::History)> p sizepry(Pry::History)> puts sizepry(Pry::History)> nestingpry(Pry::History)> cd ../..pry(main)
  8. 8. debugging with Pryruntime invocationbinding.pry<object>.prywhereami
  9. 9. Documentation and source browsinginstall the pry-doc plugin:> gem install pry-docpry(main)> a = [1, 2, 3]pry(main)> ls a -mpry(main)> show-doc a.nitemspry(main)> ls Array -Mpry(main)> show-doc Array#shelljoinpry(main)> show-method Array#shelljoin
  10. 10. Pry as rails console1. gemfile: gem "pry", :group => :development2. bundle install3. config/environment/development.rb silence_warnings do require "pry" IRB = Pry end4. rails console pry(main)>
  11. 11. Pry customization~/.pryrc and ./.pryrc filesPry.config.inputPry.config.promptPry.config.outputPry.config.printPry.config.exception_handlerPry.config.colorPry.config.pager
  12. 12. Room for improvementPry ● no completion everywhere no file/path completion on shell commands shell-mode ● how to retrieve the output of a shell command ● object exploration does not support pwd # use nesting cd - ● cd .. issued from top level context exits # fixed in ● issue with rspec - binding.pry => NULL pointer given
  13. 13. Thank you.