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Features of Accident Insurance Policies

Personal accident insurance provides financial benefits for injuries resulting from an accident, which may not be covered by medical insurance. To know more various other features, look at this presentation.

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Features of Accident Insurance Policies

  1. 1. Accidents are inevitable and that is primarily one of the reasons why we purchase different insurance policies to financially protect us against unforeseen events. However, have you ever considered that you might require additional protection besides just having a life insurance plan or a health insurance policy?
  2. 2. Accidental insurance policies provide financial compensation to a person in case they meet with injuries or event death. In a way, it is very similar to a life insurance plan, only it is not one. People can avail benefit from coverage that is offered for as permanent partial disablement, permanent total disability or even temporary total disability. The coverage amount helps a person to not only recover, but also help to manage their day to day expenses as well.
  3. 3. • These policies provide instant coverage • They offer 24x7, worldwide coverage • The policy can be tailor-made to suit the requirements of a person (as per their choice) • These policies provide coverage for many purposes. Some of them include accidental death, dismemberment, permanent total disability, permanent partial disability, accident medical expenses reimbursement
  4. 4. • These plans may be purchased on an individual basis or even on a family basis. • Group policies are known to have optional riders. Some of them include educational allowance, family transportation, modification allowance and repatriation of remains. • These plans are determined keeping in mind the nature of occupation, age and income level of the person who is getting insured. • These policies are no exclusion from purchasing a health insurance policy. They are known for providing financial coverage as a result of accidents that may occur during a crisis (due to death/disablement of the person insured).