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Dream Again

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I gave this presentation to kids in a school in the Philippines on the importance of dreaming, how to dream, and achieving your dreams. It also shares some stories of people who've never given up on their dreams. The narrative is attached as notes to each slide (may need download).

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Dream Again

  1. 1. Dream Again.
  2. 2. Outline <ul><li>The Importance of Dreaming </li></ul><ul><li>How To Dream </li></ul><ul><li>Achieving Your Dreams </li></ul><ul><li>Real Life Stories </li></ul>
  3. 3. The Importance of Dreaming
  4. 5. The process of dreaming is vital . It teaches you to imagine . To feel . To hope .
  5. 6. Dreaming helps define who you are. One day I want to be… One day I WILL be.
  6. 7. How to Dream
  7. 8. Outline
  8. 9. Build your dreams around the things you really care about. Not just the things you would like to have.
  9. 10. Dream in detail . Ask questions. Explore. Build a picture of your dream.
  10. 11. Believe in your dreams and believe in yourself .
  11. 12. Achieving Your Dreams
  12. 14. Apply your strengths to the things you care about.
  13. 15. Persevere and with a little luck you will achieve your dreams.
  14. 16. Remember you can’t fail because the journey itself has value.
  15. 17. Dreamers
  16. 18. Shanti was forced into marriage when she was 13 and faced domestic violence from day one. She had to give up her education and all her childhood dreams. She dreams that other children from her slum will not suffer the same problems, and has spent most of her adult life starting schools and ensuring education and support is available for other children in her situation. Many NGOs have come and gone and failed her and her community, but she has not given up. This is a picture of her sitting in the Youth Venture office in Mumbai discussing her dreams of introducing the program for both adults and youth in her slum, and committing to setting up a parents group to support the dreams of the young people who go through the program.
  17. 19. These women in rural Maharashtra dream of freedom from subjugation; of running their own businesses; being independent. They have chosen to take on group micro loans from an organisation and are achieving their dreams. This picture is from a meeting where they were discussing how to ensure that the next generation of girls from their communities are taught to dream bigger and start earlier.
  18. 20. Khusboo dreams of rehabilitating girls like her who’ve grown up in Indian state institutions, and leave without support when they reach 18. They are hugely vulnerable to group trafficking and struggle to find their way because they lack life skills. She has already started a project that helps 42 girls like her. This is a picture of her standing next to her plans for achieving her dream.
  19. 21. In a nutshell…
  20. 22. Dream. Believe. Act.
  21. 23. Rizwan Tayabali rizwan.tayabali@gmail.com www.globosocial.org