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I am a student and make a ppt.

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  1. 1. PRESENTED by - RAGHVENDRA KUMAR PANDIT B.TECH 3RD YEAR (6TH SEM) BRANCH –EE SECTION –A2 ENROLL NO. –MUR1301260 Submitted to- MR.V SIVA brahmaiyah rama Topic –Fuzzy Logic Controller on DC/DC Boost Converter Department of Electrical Engineering
  2. 2. ABSTRACT :- This paper describes the design of a fuzzy logic controller using voltage output as feedback for improving the dynamic performance of boost dc-dc converter by using MATLAB@Simulink software. The objective of this proposed methodology is to develop fuzzy logic controller on control boost dc-dc converter using MATLAB@Simulink software. The fuzzy logic controller has been implemented to the system by developing fuzzy logic control algorithm. The design and calculation of the components especially for the inductor has been done to the converter operates in continuous conduction mode. The evaluation of the output has been carried out and compared by software simulation using MATLAB software between the open loop and closed loop circuit. The simulation results are shown that voltage output is to be control in steady state condition for boost dc-dc converter by using this methodology. Department of Electrical Engineering
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION:- Nowadays, the control systems for many power electronic appliances have been increasing widely. Crucial with these demands, many researchers or designers have been struggling to find the most economic and reliable controller to meet these demands. The idea to have a control system in dc-dc converter is to ensure desired voltage output can be produced efficiently as compared to open loop system. Department of Electrical Engineering
  4. 4. WHAT IS FUZZY LOGIC:-  The idea of fuzzy logic was first advanced by Dr. Lotfi Zadeh of the University of California at Berkeley in the 1960s. Dr. Zadeh was working on the problem of computer understanding of natural language. Natural language (like most other activities in life and indeed the universe) is not easily translated into the absolute terms of 0 and 1.  Fuzzy logic is an approach to computing based on "degrees of truth" rather than the usual "true or false" (1 or 0) Boolean logic on which the modern computer is based. Fuzzy logic seems closer to the way our brains work. Department of Electrical Engineering
  5. 5. BOOST DC/DC CONVERTER:-  Output voltage always higher than the input voltage  When the switch is ON:- Diode is reversed biased output circuit is thus isolated inductor is charged.  When the switch is OFF: The output stage received energy from the inductor as well as from the input.  Filter capacitor is very large to ensure constant output voltage Vd L D CS + vL  iL + vo  Vd D CS + vL - iL + vo - Department of Electrical Engineering
  6. 6. SWITCHING DEVICE:-  In this MOSFET is used as switching device  It is voltage controlled device and also it requires small input current  Switching speed is very high  It operates in nano sec’s Department of Electrical Engineering
  7. 7. Boost converter for MATLAB:- Department of Electrical Engineering
  8. 8. Block Parameters For Converter:- Department of Electrical Engineering
  9. 9. Block Parameters For Converter:- Department of Electrical Engineering
  10. 10. Block Parameters For Converter:- Department of Electrical Engineering
  11. 11. MATLAB Simulation Figure:- Fig. Output voltage for Boost converter Department of Electrical Engineering
  12. 12. ADVANTAGES:-  Only one switch  High efficiency  Unidirectional output current  Provides one polarity output voltage  Low cost  Easy to analyze  Easy to understand  Simple circuit Department of Electrical Engineering
  13. 13. DISADVANTAGES:- Not suitable for high power conversion Low amount of dc step up Non isolated SMPS Department of Electrical Engineering
  14. 14. APPLICATIONS:- Commonly used as LED driver Used for Solar power system Used for Power factor corrections Used in HVDC system Applicable for LCD Back & FLASH LIGHTS Used in HVE(Hybrid electric vehicles) Department of Electrical Engineering
  15. 15. Fuzzy Logic Controller for Boost Dc-Dc Converter:- An analysis of boost converter circuit revealed that the inductor current plays significant task in dynamic response of boost converter. Additionally, it can provide the storage energy information in the converter. Thus, any changes on the inductor current may affect output voltage and output voltage will provide steady state condition information of converter. However, the three main parameters need to be considered when designing boost converters are power switch, inductor and capacitor. In this objective to achieve the desired output voltage and the stability is by designing the power switch. Department of Electrical Engineering
  16. 16. CONCLUSION:- Design of a fuzzy logic controller on control boost dc-dc converter by using MATLAB has been successfully achieved. A simple algorithm based on the prediction of fuzzy logic controller, possibly using the fuzzy rules parameter, is showing to be more convenient than the circuit without fuzzy. As the 20 V input on the output voltage for the closed loop circuit (with fuzzy logic controller) with 0% overshoot shows the better performance compared to the open loop circuit (without fuzzy logic controller) whereby it has 80% overshoot. Moreover, the value of the output current also improving corresponds to the system and produce a constant value for the output current as 0.5 A. This scenario would not happen to the output current of the open loop circuit. Using a closed loop circuit with fuzzy logic controller, it is confirmed that the boost dc-dc converter gives a value of output voltage exactly as circuit requirement. Hence, the closed loop circuit of boost dc-dc converter controlled that by fuzzy logic controller confirmed the methodology and requirement of the proposed approach. These studies could solve many types of problems regardless on stability because as we know that fuzzy logic controller is an intelligent controller to their appliances. Department of Electrical Engineering
  17. 17. Department of Electrical Engineering

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I am a student and make a ppt.


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