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An Introduction to TFS

The target audience for this is someone or company who is using another source control (like VSS) and is thinking about moving to TFS but isn't sure where to start.

This BRIEF introduction tries to provide a high level view that TFS is not just source control it is a LOT of more and thus has a lot more power. It also mentions migration from VSS and provides guidance for success.

An Introduction to TFS

  1. 1. An introduction to TFS
  2. 2. Who is this guy?• Robert MacLean – @rmaclean – robert@sadev.co.za – www.sadev.co.za – Microsoft ALM MVP – Microsoft ALM Ranger
  3. 3. HistoryMicrosoft buys SourceSafe – 1994 Client/Server backed by file system Small teams Not used by Microsoft Ruins livesMicrosoft builds and releases TFS – 2005 Client/Server backed by SQL Server Large teams (with 2010) Used a LOT by Microsoft Improves lives
  4. 4. TFS is not just source control
  5. 5. If TFS is the server, who is the client?Visual Studio Outlook Test Manager Source Control Alerts Tests Build Project SCVMM Work Items Work Items Lab Management Reporting Web Access TFS AdminEclipse Source Control (read) Admin Source Control Work Items TFS Power Tools Build Reporting Admin Work Items SharePointExcel Reporting Reporting Documentation Work Items
  6. 6. Demo• Just the briefest of tours of – Source Control – Build Config – Work Items – Excel + Work Items – MTM
  7. 7. Reporting
  8. 8. VSS to TFS?• Tool included in the box• Wizard and quick interface to migrate items + history
  9. 9. How can you proceed?• Just use source control• Source control now, light up over time (WI, Build etc…)• Core now (Process, source, WI)• Big bang
  10. 10. Pro tips for success with TFS• TFS Power Tools are a MUST have• The value is in using as much of it as possible• The value is in having as many people on it as possible• Support & Training in South Africa is poor• Look at the ALM Ranger Solutions
  11. 11. Sampling of ALM Ranger Solutions• Planning – Branching Guides – Virtualisation – Lab • Tooling Management – Integration – Build Platform – TFS – WCF Load Test• Guidance – Database
  12. 12. Q&A@rmacleanrobert@sadev.co.zawww.sadev.co.za