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Aera 2012

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Aera 2012

  1. 1. Teachers epistemic beliefs ! about MKT definitionsReidar Mosvold and Janne Fauskanger
  2. 2. Overview• Title of our paper: Teachers knowledge of mathematical definitions: What they need to know, and what they think they need to know!• RQ: What do teachers reflections on MKT items reveal about their epistemic beliefs concerning mathematical knowledge for teaching definitions?! ! !In our paper, epistemic beliefs refer to teachers domain-specific beliefs about knowledge and knowing (MKT definitions)
  3. 3. Methods• Focus group interviews (7)!• Fifteen participating teachers!• New analysis of data!• Content analysis of transcriptions (two independent)!• Word counts, key words in context, emerging categories, qualitative analysis and discussions
  4. 4. Results• Definitions and related terms were discussed in all interviews!• All interviews contained negative statements!• All but one interview contained positive statements
  5. 5. Positive statement
  6. 6. Negative statement
  7. 7. Results #2• Knowledge of definitions is an important pre- requisite!• Remembering the definitions is not an important part of teachers knowledge!• Definitions are more important in the higher grades!• Correct definitions might be confusing to students
  8. 8. Conclusions• Knowledge of definitions is important!• ... but remembering the definitions is not!
  9. 9. Questions for further discussion• Answers to multiple-choice items + written reflections—potentials, limitations, suggestions?!• FGI with MKT items as starting point— possibilities, limitations, analysis, theory?
  10. 10. And, thats all...• Thanks for listening!!• Our website: http://ukm-stavanger.info!• My website: http://rmosvold.com !• My email: reidar.mosvold@uis.no !• Twitter: @rmosvold
  11. 11. The egg
  12. 12. Tasks of teaching
  13. 13. Example item
  14. 14. Background• Norwegian MKT project (2008-2012)!• Translating and adapting items!• Tests and focus group interviews!• PD course!• International collaboration!• Theres something about these tasks of teaching...
  15. 15. Some relevant publications• NPT 2008 (knowledge and beliefs, MKT)!• AERA 2009 and NOMAD 2009 (challenges of translation)!• NPT 2010 (challenges of adaptation)!• NOMAD 2011 (challenges of format)!• TME 2012 (cultural challenges)!• ZDM 2012 (IRT and ongoing adaptation)!• AERA 2012 (epistemic beliefs about MKT)
  16. 16. Implications and suggestions• MKT and beliefs!• FGIs about particular tasks of teaching!• Cultural differences in teachers beliefs about MKT!• Cultural differences regarding the tasks of teaching!• Curriculum material, beliefs, MKT, ... Cultural aspects