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  1. 1. CURRICULUM VITAE NAME: Robert Dolman ADDRESS: 29 James Street Leabrooks Derby DE55 1LY TELEPHONE: 0777 533 8021 EMAIL: Robert.dolman7@hotmail.co.uk DATE OF BIRTH: 17/07/1972 SCHOOL: The Pingle School, Swandlincote QUALIFICATIONS: English Maths Biology I.T History French FUTHER EDUCATION: B-TEC First Certificate in Science Maths Chemistry Physics
  2. 2. Information Technology Engineering B-Tec ONC in Polymer Science Maths Polymer Science 1 Polymer Engineering 1 Chemistry Quality Control Information Technology 2 Engineering B-Tec HNC in Polymer Science Maths Polymer Science 2 Polymer Engineering 2 Chemistry Engineering Quality Control
  3. 3. CURRENT EMPLOYMENT: Sun Chemical Ltd From: August 2004 To: Present Duties: . Day to day runningof an implant . ColourMatching . Solvinganypressrunningproblems . Helpingthe customerswithanyneworderenquiriesandadvisingthe bestformof action . Making sure inksare orderedontime and deadlinesmet . On andoff site product trialsandreports . Invoicingall the jobsproducedbycustomers . Stock control . Liaisingwiththe customers,suppliersandpotentialnew businessclientstoensure a Successful printrunfromstart to finish . Passon pressprintjobswithspectroreading . Inkmixing/manufacture
  4. 4. Stehlin Hostag Ltd From: February 2002 To: August 2004 Duties: . Colourmatching/ Formulationtechnician .Colourmatchingtoswatchesor pantone specifications . Spectrometerreadings . Takingcustomerenquiriesonthe phone . Liaisingwiththe office tomake sure orderswentthroughandall deadlinesmet . Recordingall formulations . Dealingwithcustomercomplaints . Inkmixing/manufacture Coates Lorilleux PLC From: January 1997 To: February2002
  5. 5. Duties: . Shade testing . Customerservice enquires . Colourmatching . Dealingwithwrittencustomerorders . Formulationrecordkeeping . Pre pressmatchings . Stock control andordering . Solvingproblemsonpress . Managementof a productionpressplan . Customervisitstosolve oradvise onanygivenproductsor problems Clinitech Polymers Ltd From: December1996 To: January1994 Duties: Development(R&D) Technologist .Calenderingof medical silicone sheets
  6. 6. . Colouringmatchingof false skintypes . Processcontrol . Technical enquiriesandwritingupjobprocedures . Work costing . Technical Support . Final productinspection . Placingcustomerorders Woodville Polymers Ltd From: December 1989 To: January 1994 Duties: Laboratory Technician . General inhouse rawmaterial testing . Qualitycontrol . Specificationwritingandamendments . Final producttesting
  7. 7. . General LaboratoryQA . Technical support . Customerorders OTHER SKILLS Abilitytouse a goodcleartelephone manner Beingable towork as part of a teamor by myself To achieve the bestresultspossible Abilitytoconverse withall staff membersandemployers Workingto tightdeadlinesandspecifications Working methodically and accurately under pressure HOBBIES I like tokeepactive inmyspare time and have hobbiesthatkeepme busy. I playthe pianoand guitar. I like tosnowboardandI try to visitthe ski slopesinthe UK as well asabroad. I love myfootball andhave a seasonticketforLeicesterCitywhere thereisneveradull moment. AMBITIONS I wantto do well inlife,notonlytobe happyinmy home life butalsotosucceedand dothe bestI can in my chosencareer. I feel thatI have the drive andambitiontooffera lotand achieve success.