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Podcasters Guide to YouTube

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YouTube is the most powerful online video platform and YouTube is the second largest search engine. Podcast have a unique advantage in YouTube due to watch time and the fact that production values don't have to be extraordinary to deliver great content.

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Podcasters Guide to YouTube

  1. 1. PODCASTERS GUIDE TO YOUTUBE Presented by Roberto Blake of Awesome Creator Academy
  2. 2. ROBERTO BLAKE ● Produced and Edited Over 1000+ Online Videos ● Built a community of 290,000+ on YouTube ● Participated in over 1000 Live Video Streams across all major Live Streaming Platforms ● Worked with Brands Including Adobe, Dell and Samsung. ● Editing with Adobe Premiere since 1998. ● Host of the Create Something Awesome Today Podcast
  3. 3. I actually produced, edited and marketed 1,000 videos in 4-5 years by myself. Tip You don’t need a large staff to produce quality and quantity when it comes to videos, just the right people with the right skills.
  4. 4. Session Breakdown ● YouTube Platform ● What is Quality Content? ● Equipment for Video Podcasting ● Approaches to Video Podcasting ● Examples of Video Podcasting ● YouTube Algorithm ● Monetization Options ● Recommended Strategy ● Q&A
  5. 5. CONTEXT OF PLATFORM INVESTMENT People say they don’t have time to do every platform, but some platforms take seconds to create for, others hours. Learn to prioritize and batch. CULTURE Think about user intent how and people behave on the platform. People don’t use Facebook the way they use Snapchat or YouTube. Have a strategy for each platform. QUIRKS/FEATURES Every platform has its own unique features and quirks. Take advantage of these and use them as a strength and create unique value. Don’t copy and paste.
  6. 6. YOUTUBE IS A VIDEO FIRST PLATFORM YouTube viewers prioritize a video experience first where podcast viewers only experience audio. YouTube is a lean-in experience and actively engaged, where a podcast is a passive experience. YouTube viewers and subscribers have a behavior and culture entirely different than a podcast audience even if they may overlap. You also have to understand the YouTube Algorithm.
  7. 7. YouTube Success Shouldn’t Be Measured in Views and Subscribers Alone… What is Your Business Objective for YouTube?
  8. 8. OBJECTIVE QUALITY EDITING QUALITY The editing should be subtle, effects should usually be minimal. The editing shouldn’t distract from the content or contradict the tone. VISUAL QUALITY Clear sharp images, with limited distractions. Focus on main subjects. Good Lighting. Appropriate colors and visual tone. AUDIO QUALITY High enough audio levels. Balanced background music and effects. Little to no ambient noise or echoes. Words are spoken clearly and flow steadily.
  9. 9. VIDEO PODCAST EQUIPMENT ● 1-3 DSLR Style Cameras ● Webcam for Live to Tape Video ● XLR Microphones ● USB Microphones ● Mixing Boards ● Monitor Headphones ● Video Editing Software ● Video Capture Card ● Shotgun Microphone ● Digital Audio Recorder ● Large Capacity SD Cards
  10. 10. Quality video comes down to the quality of the experience the video creates.
  11. 11. SUBJECTIVE QUALITY ENGAGING Can this video drive participation, interaction or a conversion? Videos that can create emotional impact tend to drive more engagement. INTERESTING The video has to hold a viewer’s attention. It shouldn’t drag on in areas, and shouldn’t have unnecessary filler. RELEVANT Does the content hold any real value for the intended viewer, and is that value made clear upfront? Did the video deliver as promised?
  12. 12. On Camera Performance Effects Quality and Value ● Set an expectation in terms of appearance ● Body language matters ● Visual aesthetic and set design matters ● Physical interaction between you and guest ● Facial expressions and reactions ● Mannerisms and quirks are visible ● Confidence and comfort level in presenting ● Camera angles and positioning ● Whether mistakes were edited or not ● Maintaining energy and enthusiasm
  13. 13. VIDEO POD: EASY. MEDIUM. HARD PRODUCED Build out a dedicated video podcast with high end video and audio equipment with the intent of it being a podcast and show. LIVE TO TAPE Use a Webcam and enable YouTube Live and let your audience watch the recording of your show raw and real time. EDITED VIDEO POD Repurpose an edited and produced video or interview as a podcast episode distributed as video and audio.
  14. 14. Sara Dietschy Sara Launched a New Podcast that is a Dedicated Video Podcast with high production values. Her Video Podcast prioritizes the video experience while still creating a polished quality audio experience as well. Despite Being a New Podcast her videos are getting massive traction. Sara goes directly to her guest for interviews and uses powerful put portable setup for her podcast.
  15. 15. H3 Podcast Ethan and Heila Klein from H3H3 Productions, a popular channel within YouTube, have one of the most popular dedicated Podcast Channels on YouTube. The production values for this Podcast are very high and it has a dedicated physical studio.
  16. 16. Kraig Adams Kraig has just recently separated podcast interviews from his main YouTube content and built a new channel for it in the last month with weekly episodes. Kraig has a mix a formats that have included Streaming a Podcast Live, to recording with guest on location.
  17. 17. Sunny Lenarduzzi Sunny Lenarduzzi just launched a podcast for her popular YouTube Show, the Sunny Show and launched with Pat Flynn as her first guest. Sunny took 2 unique approaches, she is keeping the podcast on her main YouTube channel, and approached it as a remote YouTube collab with her guest recording content for her to edit into the main video, and then distributing the entire thing as audio later distributed in podcast form.
  18. 18. Lewis Howes Lewis Howes School of Greatness is one of the best business podcast out there, but the quality of the Video Podcast is no less impressive. Lewis has guest come directly to him and the production values of this podcast are very impressive. This is hosted on his overall YouTube channel along-side other video content.
  19. 19. YOUTUBE ALGORITHM ● Have a regular upload schedule/frequency ● Remember that YouTube values watch time ● Take advantage of playlist when you have enough video inventory ● Use clip highlights to increase distribution and upload frequency on the YouTube channel. ● Optimize your YouTube Videos Metadata as Much As Possible. ● First 24 Hours of Views, Engagement and Watch Time are Most Important, then First Week of Promotion
  20. 20. Monetization Options: ● You can sell at higher sponsor rates with a combination of audio and video ● Diversify your packaging offers for sponsors. ● Offer sponsorship of short highlight clips ● Maximize affiliate revenue and link to your video production equipment ● Enable Ads, Super Chat and Patreon ● When there are no sponsors promote your own products or merchandise in the slot ●
  21. 21. Recommended Strategy ● Highly Produced Dedicated Podcast with it’s own channel ● Uploading short highlights from video interviews on same YouTube channel ● Cross promoting the podcast on your main YouTube channel if you have one already. ● Inviting guest that have a YouTube audience ● Selling bulk inventory of audio and video to sponsors @robertoblake
  22. 22. Get the YouTube Starter Kit at AwesomeCreatorAcademy.com 20% OFF until March 01 with Code: PODFEST
  23. 23. CONNECT WITH ME ONLINE http://awesomecreatoracademy.com http://twitter.com/robertoblake http://youtube.com/robertoblake2 http://facebook.com/robertoblake2 http://robertoblake.com/itunes http://linkedin.com/in/robertoblake rblake@robertoblake.com