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Presentation Deck from Video Marketing World 2018 (VMW 2018) on YouTube Audience Development and Growing an Audience on YouTube. Presentation by Roberto Blake YouTube Certified Expert and Founder of Awesome Creator Academy,

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  1. 1. YOUTUBE AUDIENCE DEVELOPMENT Presented by Roberto Blake of Awesome Creator Academy
  2. 2. SESSION BREAKDOWN ● Introduction ● What Gets Views and Subscribers? ● Triggering the YouTube Algorithm ● Focus on Building Your Audience ● Know Your IDEAL VIEWER ● Channels Getting It Right ● The YOUTUBE SUBSCRIBER FUNNEL ● Tools of the Trade ● Q&A (will answer in the hall if out of time)
  3. 3. ROBERTO BLAKE ● Produced and Edited Over 1200+ YouTube Videos ● Built a community of 340,000+ ● Participated in over 1000 Live Video Streams ● Worked with Brands Including Adobe, Dell and Samsung. ● YouTube Certified Marketer
  4. 4. What Gets Views and Subscribers? ● Quality Content ● Relevancy to the Target Viewer ● High Click Thru Rates on Titles and Thumbnails ● View Velocity/Watch Time First 1HR/ 24HRS ● Average View Duration on Video ● Average Viewer Retention Rate on Video ● Getting People to Watch More Videos @robertoblake
  5. 5. JUST DO THIS (ALWAYS) ● Upload at at time that makes sense for your target viewing audience ● Choose your Topic and Title based on what will capture attention from your tagret viewers right now ● Optimize your description for Search and Accessibility ● Optimize your metadata for Search and Accessibility, with Tags and Closed Captions ● Add your video to a playlist with 5 or more related videos w/ optimzed title & desc ● Create Thumbnails that get attention ● Format your videos for watch time and retention ● Promote hardest in first Hour and 24 Hours
  6. 6. Creativity, Consistency, Context And Charisma...
  7. 7. TRIGGERING YOUTUBES ALGORITHM ● Relevancy- Relevant to a specific type of viewer avatar. To opitmize and make relevancy clear to YouTube focus on Closed Captions, Accessiblity, Relevant Metadata/SEO ● High CTR- Ratio of Clicks to Impressions on Title/Thumbnail of a Video ● View Velocity/Watch Time Velocity - How many views/ how much watch time your video gets within the first HOUR and first 24 HOURS of being published. ● High Average View Duration- get as many people watching as much as possible ● Higher Viewer Retention Rates: Get more viewers watching until the end of the video ● Depth of Video Views: Get viewers to watch more videos on YouTube, whether your channels are or other channels, this generates longer sessions
  8. 8. FOCUS ON BUILDING YOUR AUDIENCE ● Clearly define your audience- know who your viewer is. ● Prioritze, Topic, Title, Thumbnails, Timing, Talent- Pick topics that have the viewers attention, make titles that will trigger curiosity, thumbnails that are click worthy and compelling, upload at a time that makes sense, deliver on talent/performance. ● Inventory and Frequency (Upload often, create continuity) Upload related videos, if they watched video A, video B should be related, Continue this pattern. Deliver on expecations once you set them. Give them what they signed up for. ● Format and Structure (Hook, Thread, Close), Hook them with the value proposition, thread - hold their attention and be relatable. Close - finish strong with a compelling call to action or engagement. ● SET UP YOUR SUBSCRIBER FUNNEL, build a system in terms of your content strategy for making videos for your ideal viewer, and prepared to trigger the algorithm as a result of that viewers behavior and patterns.
  10. 10. WHO IS MY VIEWER? ● Demo- Age/Gender/Geography/ ● Who are they as a person? ● What has their their attention? ● Why should they watch me? ● When do the watch? ● Where are they watching videos? ● How much time do they have? ● How do they watch my videos? ● What will make them come back? ● Why will they relate to me personally?
  11. 11. WHAT MATTERS... ● Topics that have their attention ● Titles that are compelling to click ● Thumbnails that create curiosity ● Have a Deep Inventory of Related Videos ● Frequently Post Related Videos ● Format your videos with a strong hook, thread the story to hold attention, and close with a strong call to action ● Structure Your Videos to deliver value, create more curiosity, promote the rest of your inventory, and trigger engagement ● SET UP YOUR SUBSCRIBER FUNNEL
  14. 14. EXECUTE ON THIS... ● Channel Value Proposition- Topics and Themes ● Gateway Content Based on Viewer Interest ● Series and Playlist Tied to the Gateway Video ● Cross Promotion Between Videos and Playlist ● Collaborations with Similar Channels ● Leverage Related Videos, Your Own and Others ● Strong Hook at Start of Every Video ● Build Notification Squad (ask early) ● Establish Credibility and Communicate Value ● Prioritize View Velocity ● Make Each Video Relate to the Others
  15. 15. BUILD YOUR GATEWAY CONTENT REVIEW/TUTORIAL This content is search friendly and specific and is based on user intent and relevancy. This can create consistent growth. TRENDS/MEMES These videos can tap into existing communities and mainstream awareness, and help you build an initial audience or grow. RESPONSE VIDEOS Videos that respond to news, current events other creators or media can bring awareness and build a new audience.
  16. 16. TYPES OF CONTENT ON YOUTUBE HERO/CASUAL This content is your calling card. This content is highly produced and is meant to reach casual viewers who have no idea who you are. HELP/SEARCH This is search friendly content that owns a specific problem and offers a solution. Use this to education your audience. HUB/COMMUNITY This content focuses on emotional value and can bring your audience together and is likely to be shared with similar people.
  17. 17. What YOUTUBE WANTS... ● High Watch Time ● Session Time (Binge Watching ● High Click Thru Rates 2-10% ● Retention Rates (50% or higher) ● Optimized Metadata (USE TUBEBUDDY) ● Low Session Ends (Keep People On YouTube) ● Frequent Uploads (3-5 times per week) ● View/Watch Time Velocity (1st 24 hours)
  19. 19. CODE: VMW2018 35% OFF
  21. 21. CONNECT WITH ME ONLINE http://awesomecreatoracademy.com http://twitter.com/robertoblake http://youtube.com/robertoblake2 http://facebook.com/robertoblake2 http://robertoblake.com/itunes http://linkedin.com/in/robertoblake