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AsianNGO - who we are and what we do

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AsianNGO is the premier source of information for
NGOs and development professionals to raise funds,
find partners and equip themselves through
a comprehensive set of learning assets and best
practices from the development sector.

AsianNGO has various media channels to enable NGOs:
a daily updated web portal with searchable database of
funds and partners; a bi-monthly magazine with
interviews and articles from the development sector; and
a weekly e-newsletter with the latest updates
on upcoming events and news.

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AsianNGO - who we are and what we do

  1. 1. Problems Learningresources facingNGOs inAsia Finding funds Finding partners 1 2 3
  2. 2. “AsianNGO is Asia’s first dedicated media for NGOs. With the increasing growth and development of the NGO market in Asia there has never been a greater need for a journal, website and resources dedicated to the unique needs of Asia’s most senior development and not-for-profit professionals.” Robert Ferguson – Development Director, AsianNGO The Solution
  3. 3. Partner Progress Our vision is to build relations between local NGOs in the Asia-Pacific region and funding and resource providers across the globe. Our core principle is to communicate, collaborate and capacitate, and we believe in the philosophy of Partner to Progress. Asian NGO provides comprehensive resources on funding, grants, partnerships, learning and events to support the non-profits and social enterprises in Asia-Pacific. We engage and help our stakeholders achieve successful and sustainable social impact.
  4. 4. Senior executives in: • NGOs and NPOs • Multilateral Agencies • Corporate CSR Divisions • Foundations • Development Workers The60,000NGOsinAsiawhoaremaking asignificantpositiveimpact. Whoisitfor?
  5. 5. What is it? Asia’s Premier Source for Locating, Tracking & Securing Projects, Partners and Resources. Grants & Funding Learning, Events & FeaturesPartnerships
  6. 6. What is it? Grants & Funding The greatest access to new and live funding information in Asia today from over 150 Global Donors. • Pre-sorted database searchable by country, category and source. Saves you time and helps you hit your new funding goals. • A continuously growing number of sources and an average of 10 grants added daily. • Instant alerts of funds relevant to your organization.
  7. 7. Partners A fully searchable Listing of NGOs, Non-Profits, Corporate & Multilateral organizations. • A listing database of 10,000+ organizations already in place. Growing everyday. Puts you in touch easily and efficiently, to connect with relevant organizations and executives. • List your own organization and highlight it for better networking. What is it?
  8. 8. Learning, Events & Features A vital collection of resources, news, analysis and events info, to help manage and grow your NGO. • Publications, journals, expert documents, case studies and essential NGO management tools for fundrising, etc. Keeps you informed and productive, and helps you succeed. • Full listing of sector events and meetings by country. • E-Learning and original content being added soon. What is it?
  9. 9. At a Glance • Tabloid Magazine: - 6 times per year • Web portal/digital media: - E-newsletters: 51x per year - Readership: 60,000 - Free service Our Media TABLOID – PRINT & DIGITAL EDITION e-NEWSLETTER ONLINE PORTAL
  10. 10. ASSIST is an international capacity building NGO based in Manila, the Philippines, with additional offices in India, Vietnam and Indonesia. ASSIST started over ten years ago and has since then grown into a successful international NGO with over 40 staff members, that has implemented over 30 projects in Asia and Africa. ASSIST gives AsianNGO the right background, structure, and expertise to guarantee its quality and sustainability. See www.assistasia.org for more information. Who is behind it? Asia Society for Social Improvement and Sustainable Transformation ASSIST Partners:
  11. 11. • ASEAN Corporate Sustainability (Manila), April 2013 • Solutions Market - ADB Annual Meeting (New Delhi), May 2013 • Food Revolution Day - GO Asia (Seoul), May 2013 • Global Conference on Sustainability in Reporting (Amsterdam), May 2013 • Global Training on Development Effectiveness (Johannesburg), June 2013 • Resiliency Forum Asia 2013 (Manila), August 2013 • CSR Asia Summit (Bangkok), September 2013 • Green Leaders Summit (Sydney), September 2013 • Singapore Compact CSR Summit (Singapore), September 2013 • Asia-Pacific Housing Forum (Manila), October 2013 Meet us here, at these world class events: EventPartnerships
  12. 12. AnessentialresourceforNGOs ”An excellent resource for NGOs looking to do sustainable work” Marianne G. Quebral | Vice President for Institutional Advancement | Asian Institute of Management “Asia’s First NGO-Focused Web Tool is very useful for us- the small NGOs in the world on how to access to grants and funding opportunities” Bạch Thanh Tuấn | Director CDC Community Development Center | Vietnam “Asian NGO is an important resource for us to identify opportunities for partnership and collaboration, and provides us with useful information about the latest trends and best practices in our work, both on a local and regional level” P.N. Medina Executive Director for Venture for Fund Raising
  13. 13. Contact us HEAD OFFICE PHILIPPINES OFFICE 26b, Kwong Fat Hong Bldg. 1, Rumsey Street, Central, Hong Kong Tel No: (+632) 403-8668 Fax No: (+632) 403-8358 5/F A&V Crystal Tower, 105 Esteban St, Legaspi Village, Makati City 1229, Philippines Tel No: (+632) 403-8668 (8 Trunklines) Fax No: (+632) 403-8358 Development Director Robert Ferguson robert@asianngo.org