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Mastering Content Marketing with LinkedIn

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Content marketing is hot. Some 71% of marketers are basking in the glow of increased content marketing budgets. And even if you have zero budget, the expectations are increasing for modern digital marketers. So how do you make an impact? Specifically how can you use LinkedIn effectively?

Join a highly energized talk with Rob Humphrey, content marketing and sales expert from LinkedIn on how to harness LinkedIn.com for content marketing success.

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Mastering Content Marketing with LinkedIn

  1. Add a professional photo 1 More views with a profile photo than without 14x
  2. Write an attention- grabbing headline 2 Explain what it is you do Show your passion and value
  3. Draft a compelling summary 3 Focus on career accomplishments and aspirations Recommend 40 words or more Include keywords – not buzzwords
  4. Detail your past work experience 4 More profile views than those without 12x
  5. 5 Add examples of your work in photos presentations & videos Give a dynamic, visually appealing representation of your professional story
  6. Publishing Updates Posts
  7. Profile analytics
  8. Measure LinkedIn notification center
  9. Tip: Use Haiku deck to create
  10. Sponsored updates Reach members on their LinkedIn homepage 1
  11. Target your audience 2
  12. Optimize 3
  13. Direct sponsored content Reach members on their LinkedIn homepage 4
  14. Introduce characters 1
  15. Build momentum 2
  16. Make it come alive so they take action 900 Registered 200 Added in 2 hours leading up 3
  17. ‘Big Rock’ tactical content 1
  18. Tips and Tricks 2
  19. ‘How to….’ 3
  20. 57
  21. 59
  22. 60
  23. 61
  24. Tip: Art and Design Students
  25. What is trending? Huff, Bravo, Google