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KLM Social Customer Service Success Story

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A great case study presentation that describes how KLM do Social Customer Service well powered by Salesforce.

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KLM Social Customer Service Success Story

  1. 1. Use Case KLM Campbell McDermid Strategist Marketing Cloud June 30th 2015
  2. 2. 14th April 2010 Eyjafjallajokull erupted 10M travellers effected Airline traffic halted KLM forced to communicate to passengers in new ways Birth of social media service “You have to be where your customers are”
  3. 3. 35,000 cases a week Customers choose channel of least resistance Any channel will do Response time 30 minutes SLA “If you are active on social media you MUST offer customer support
  4. 4. Making it easy for the consumer
  5. 5. Whilst scaling up in the background
  6. 6. Resourcing to cover the small things that were known to have high value
  7. 7. They focused on small actionable chunks of data
  8. 8. Investing where the demand is concentrated
  9. 9. Connecting virtual with physical
  10. 10. And being relevant authentic and transparent
  11. 11. KLM are now reaping the rewards
  12. 12. 5 steps to launch a SCS Social Customer Service
  13. 13. 1. Start with Listening •  Owned properties (Mktg, Service Agts, Communities) •  Replies & Comment Threading •  Integration to Service Cloud for Case Creation •  Owned TW and FB Accounts •  Include Brand & Support Twitter Handles •  @cares @outlet @edu @campbell@SFDC •  Include DM for Twitter & Facebook, G+, Sina Weibo •  Integration with Communities
  14. 14. Listen – beyond “owned” •  Proactive Listening •  Twitter Focused •  Larger Volume than “Managed” •  Key to Retention & Improved Social Reputation •  Important to Optimize Listening & Reduce Noise •  Bank of America 100k/month
  15. 15. 2 Engage Engagement 1.  What is your response culture (in social media policy doc ?) 2.  Knowing when Public vs Private 3.  Praise & Relationship Building 4.  Closed Loop Follow Up (connects to NPS) 5.  Crisis Management 6.  Influencer identification & management
  16. 16. 3 Governance Handle Issue Resolution Publicly & Don’t Use Template Responses Social Media Policy Brand Personality Compliance Legal Workflows
  17. 17. 4 Align Operations & Workflows Community Managers, Marketing or Call Center Agents? Social Media Marketing Metrics Social Service Metrics Sentiment & Share of Conversation How Many Customers Thanked Today Friends, Followers, Views, Likes, ReTweets How Many Customers Helped Today Word Clouds & Hot Topics Volume of Service Issues by Source (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Forums, Blogs) Influencer Analysis Top 10 Complaints & Inquiries in Social Geo-Location Insights Response Time & Escalations By Source Examples 1 Call deflection v Consumer Education 2 Supported help v self help 3 Email v chat •  Will case assignment be manual or auto-generated ? •  Do you have guidelines on driving workflow to queues/ users? •  Influencers (Klout, Twitter Followers, Source Tag)/ Sentiment •  Keywords/Phrases •  Language •  Media Type – (TW/FB) •  Manual Tags/Priority
  18. 18. 5 Measure what matters Most often measured metrics 1.  # Engagements & Engagement % on Mgd Accounts 2.  Customer Satisfaction 3.  Response Time 4.  Retention Opportunities & Customers Helped 5.  Revenue 6.  Top issues 7.  Cross Channel Reporting 8.  CSAT/NPS Additional Metrics Inbound vol by day Vol by social site Inbound vol by hour #likes RT’s Response time # reporting tags Case close time Reporting by Influencer NPS X-channel report Total vol trended over time Social resolution rate Top issues # Social profiles captured Open case visibility Productivity – quality not quantity
  19. 19. Social Customer Service Use cases & value drivers
  20. 20. Social Customer Service: Key Use Cases Customer retention Sales Leads Customer Experience 3 1 2 Value Drivers Social Impact Measures Business Metrics Customer care at the point of need Treat me as an individual Know my value Speed of response Preferred channel & device Likes, shares re-tweets Increase in influencers Social resolution ratio Net Promoter Scores Lifetime Customer Value Case close time Responding to a request Pro active outreach Relevant to my needs Engagement rates Attributable sales revenue Lead generation Increase Av Order Value Product or service upsell ratios Lead to conversion ratio Surprise and delight Seamless Consistent Sentiment scores Influencer/advocate numbers Ranters into ravers Net Promoter scores Brand advocacy