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Be Bold: HR as Internal Consultant

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In order to transform the HR function from transactional and reactionary to strategic and future-focused, HR professionals must become proactive advisers with the confidence and credibility to influence others, make an impact, and drive change. In this session we’ll explore how HR practitioners can transition to the role of internal consultant, eliminate roadblocks, and achieve buy-in. Taking a bold and courageous approach to the practice of HR paves the way for the HR practitioner to serve as a true strategic partner within their organization.

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Be Bold: HR as Internal Consultant

  1. 1. Presenter Name June xx, 2014 Presenter Contact Info INSERT SESSION TITLE Robin Schooling, SPHR June 23, 2014 @RobinSchooling robin@silverzebras.com Be Bold: HR as Internal Consultant
  2. 2. –Bette Davis “I knew that, if I continued to appear in any more mediocre pictures, I would have no career left worth fighting for.”
  3. 3. #WhatIDo
  4. 4. “Fasten your seat belts, it’s going to be a bumpy night”
  5. 5. relationships matter
  6. 6. #WhatIDo • know the client • understand and meet the needs of the client • manage the relationship
  7. 7. • share knowledge • provide objectivity • provide insight and advice • excel at problem solving • make recommendations • redesign. fix. improve. innovate. #WhatWeDo
  8. 8. the HR Department
  9. 9. back at the office
  10. 10. “What a dump”
  11. 11. #WhatToDo • share your value proposition • it’s NOT about HR • develop creative solutions to solve difficult problems
  12. 12. –Bette Davis “This has always been a motto of mine: attempt the impossible in order to improve your work”
  13. 13. #tips • focus on the client - not on your HR agenda • understand and meet the needs of the client • share high quality ideas/produce high quality work • develop creative solutions to difficult problems • manage the relationship
  14. 14. –Bette Davis "My passions were all gathered together like fingers that made a fist. Drive is considered aggression today; I knew it then as purpose."
  15. 15. @RobinSchooling robin@silverzebras.com