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Digital Design Survey: Week 8 lecture

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Digital Design Survey: Week 8 lecture

  1. 1. Week 8: Video and GameDesignDigital Design Survey
  2. 2. Goals this Week• Learn more about the Video and Web AASDegree at LWIT• Learn about career opportunities in theGame Design field• Learn more about the Animation/GameDesign Degree at LWIT
  3. 3. About the Video and Web Program• Designed to meet the needs of the Seattlemarketplace• Accounts for new methods of distributionof video content• Designed to create pr-editors
  4. 4. Visit mmdpvideo.com
  5. 5. Check out a collection of studentwork
  6. 6. Video and 3D DesignHow are these worlds converging?
  7. 7. What makes you interested inlearning about game design?
  8. 8. Where are we seeing those skillsneeded now?
  9. 9. Job Search Activity• Let’s look for some 3D jobs by visitingsome of the local companies:– Bungie– Valve– WB Games• What seem to be some common job titlesand paths?
  10. 10. Other places we are seeingskills• Interactivity on the Web• Gamification of everything– Dropbox: How I can score more space• The stock market / financial decisions• 3D Models - Biology• Google Maps
  11. 11. Let’s look at some 3D work
  12. 12. Jeremy Kool
  13. 13. Aleksandr Novoselov• Pilot’s Path iOSGame
  14. 14. Behance Exploration• Take a look around the Visual Effects,Cartooning, Computer Animation GameDesign areas of Behance– Which work is most interesting to you?– What aligns with your own aesthetic?
  15. 15. Interview with Oliver Chipping• Currently a Senior Artist at Riot Games inLos Angeles.• Formerly of Blizzard and DisneyInteractive• Oliverchipping.blogspot.com
  16. 16. Final Project Description• Let’s discuss the final project!
  17. 17. Work for this week• Intro to Windows – Chapters 4 & 5• Week 8 Discussion – Influential people inthe game design field• Begin thinking about your Final Project –do some initial work