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Corporate Profile

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Robots Alive Company Profile

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Corporate Profile

  1. 1. OVERVIEW Founded in May 2009  Initial Business model: Build and Sell Lab Robotics to Universities  Moved to Small Scale Industrial Automation from 2010 Between 2010 – 2012  Built India's first IML Robot System in collaboration with YUPO Corporation Japan  Sold and Installed 20 IML Pick and Place Robots for the plastic industry  Worked on customised solutions for various small and medium industries Between 2012 – 2013  Focused on Standard solutions related to pick and place and assembly  Rolled out 3 Axis Desktop CNC Router From 2013 onwards  Focus on sales and delivery of standard robot solutions
  2. 2. KEY MANAGEMENT Abheek Bose, Chief Executive Founder of Robots Alive and the architect behind the vision of the organization. His key role is to drive the technology development and thereby keep the company ahead of the curve. Abheek has a BE Mech from RVCE, Bangalore and an MS in Intelligent Systems from University of Bonn, Germany. Sanjay Prasad, Chief Mentor As the chief mentor in Robots Alive, Sanjay's prime objective is to create value by sharpening business processes. As a serial entrepreneur with four successful exits in retail, manufacturing, IT Services and Communication, his insights into the business side of Robots Alive is priceless.
  3. 3. KEY MANAGEMENT Saurabh Kumar, Assistant Manager – Sales & BD Manages business development and customer relations. BE in Electronics and Communication from I.E.C Noida 5 years experience in Sales & BD, Process & Product Engineering. Worked in Solar, PV Industry, Industrial Environment sectors. Manoj Kumar, Assistant Manager – Operations Manages Supply Chain, Procurement, Central Administration and daily operations. Manoj is a Commerce graduate and has a Certification in Six Sigma Methodology. His previous experiences in Caterpillar and Sodexo SVC and a few logistic companies give him an overall perspective of centralized operations.
  4. 4. ORGANIZATION OBJECTIVES  Provide our customers with cost efficient Robotics and Automation Solutions.  Help our customers become independent of imported automation technologies and associated expensive training and skill development.  Provide customers the optimal engineering solution with local support and expertise.
  5. 5. OUR PRODUCTS IMUS: MACHINE TENDING ROBOT Technical Overview Multi Axis Articulated Robot Payload capacity of 5kg Speed of 200mm/s Max reach of 750mm Weight of Robot: 50kg Application Areas Machine Tending Pick & Place Small Assembly Handling, loading, unloading Palletizing Operations Other handling operations Spray Painting Packaging Small welding operations
  6. 6. G4: HIGH SPEED PICK & PLACE Technical Overview Multi Axis Gantry Style Robot Payload capacity of 1kg Speed of 1m/s Max reach of 800 x 800 mm Weight of Robot: 20kg Application Areas Pick & Place Small Assembly Handling, loading, unloading Palletizing Operations Other handling operations Packaging Inspection Lightweight Welding OUR PRODUCTS
  7. 7. DESKTOP CNC ROUTER Technical Overview 3 Axis CNC Router Speed of 3000mm/min Work Area: 500 x 500 x 150 mm Weight of Robot: 50kg PC Controller with Graphical UI Application Areas Small Fabrications Woodworking Engraving PCB Milling Dispensing OUR PRODUCTS
  8. 8. WHY ROBOTS ALIVE? PRICE TO PERFORMANCE RATIO Our robots are highly cost effective considering their performance. We have kept the price to performance ration considering the Indian SME Sector. EXPERTISE & TECHNICAL SUPPORT With home grown technology, customers will be able to avail the necessary after sales support and expertise in order to select the best solution for their automation needs. PRODUCT FIT Our robots are designed & built using standard available components which results in easy maintenance & quicker replacements resulting in very low downtime. Our software interface layers ensure that operators can easily run the systems without any special expertise.
  9. 9. CASE STUDY: G4 GANTRY ROBOT FOR WELDING CUSTOMER : Small scale enterprise building Welding SPM LOCATION : Bangalore, Karnataka REQUIREMENT : Automated pattern based programmable welding system to replace skilled operator. ROBOT USED : G4 Gantry with welding gun holder PC Controlled Software Graphical User Interface for programming RESULT : Productivity increased more than 1.5x Quality improvement by 5% Reduced welding errors by 2% Detailed report is available on request. Please contact sales@robots-alive.com
  10. 10. CONTACT US Koramangala, Bangalore info@robots-alive.com | +91.80.41306761 Intelligent Robots for the Indian SME Sector