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  1. Work Life Balance: “A woman based study of selected Public and Private Sector Banks of Rajasthan” Under the Guidance of : Dr.Gopal Dhaker Presented by: Sana Hafiz Research Scholar Registration No. (RS/288/16) University of Kota, Kota (Raj.)
  2. What isLife-Work Balance… Life islike riding a bicycle, to keep your balance you must keep moving. -Albert Einstein
  4. Whatis “WORKLIFEBALANCE”? INTRODUCTION Work life balance is a broad concept including proper prioritizing between “work” (career and ambition) on one hand and “life” (Health, pleasure, leisure, family and spiritual development) on the other.  “Balance between an individual’s work and their life outside work.” –National Framework Committee for the promotion WLB. HISTORICAL BACKGROUND - Was first identified in 1986 in US
  5. MYTHS It does not mean equating out work against life. It does not mean assigning equal number of hours to professional work and personal activities. I t is not an exact science. • Work Life Balance means spending 50% of time at work and 50% of your time at home. • Work life balance is synonymous with work-family balance or family support v/s work life balance. •It's a one-time achievement. REALITY Work-Life Balance as ‘achieving satisfying experiences in all life domains, and to do so require personal resources such as energy, time, and commitment to be well distributed across domains.’- Kirchmeyer  ‘Satisfaction and good functioning at work and at home with a minimum of role conflict’- Clark
  6. SCOPE of the Study: RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODOLOGY  Quantitative , Exploratory Research Design STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM- There is presence of work life imbalance among female employees working in Public and Private sector Banks of Rajasthan . The present study is confined to banking employees in Rajasthan only. •The female employees who have been working in selected public and private sector banks were considered for the purpose of the study.
  7. HYPOTHESIS • H1: “There is a significant difference between work-family balance and women’s work status of women in the Public and private sector Banks. • H2: “Rewards have positive impact on Work-Life Balance which vastly affects the association’s profit.” • H3: “Work life balance factors like long working hours and extra workload etc. affect the work quality and personal life of workers.” • H4: “Work life balance has positive effect on job satisfaction among the working women in banking sector and reduces the attrition rate.” • H5: “Intervention of personal over professional life and vice versa has negative impact on the performance of employee.” • H6: “The working environment in Banking sector is healthy.”
  8. Samples has been collected from the 4 Public and 4 Private Sector banks respectively. Data Collection • Total Questionnaires : 410 • Received Back : 368 • Questionnaires Considered for Analysis :360 . Tools used for Data Analysis  TabularAnalysis  Statisticals Methods • Mean • Standard Deviation  Hypothesis testing  Chisquaretest ,ANNOV A ( Analysis of variance ) •SBI •BOB •OBC •Indian Bank •Axis •HDFC •Kotak Mahindra •ICICI
  9. DATA ANALYSIS • Morethan82%oftherespondentswerebelow50yearsof age. • 228womenoutof360whoparticipatedinthesurveyweremarriedand remaining37% (132)wereunmarried. • Equalopportunitytowomen(only33%agreed)
  10. Number of Working Hours WORKING HOURS Public Sector Banks Private Sector Banks 6-8 Hours 145 (80%) 80 (44%) 9-10 Hours 27 (15%) 86 (48% approx) Sufficient Family time Have sufficient Family time Public Sector Banks Private Sector Banks Total Yes 81 86 167 No 99 94 195
  11. Importance of Work Life Balance in Life of Working Woman Work Life Balance improves the performance level 63% 37% Agreed Not Agreed 164 86 50 32 Strongly agree Agreed Don’t Agree Strongly disagree
  12. WLB increases the turnover of the banks. 258 102 Yes No  Work Life Balance effects the Attrition rate 249 employees highly agreed.  Obstructions in managing Work life balance : 35% of the employees marked social obstructions followed by psychological( 27.5%) and the economical and rational.
  13. Significant Factors in Work-Life Balance
  14.  Working Environment in Banks Participative 136 Autonomy 141 RedTapism 39 Unpredictable 43 Working Environment in Banks
  15. BENEFITS of Work Life Balance ORGANIZATION  Improved business results  Better teamwork and communication  Improved morale  Reduced labour turnover and absenteeism  Attract / retain employees INDIVIDUAL ✓ More value and balance in daily life ✓ Increased productivity ✓ Improved relationships both on and off the job ✓ Reduced stress ✓ An overall healthy life style
  16. RESULT  It was interpreted that there do not exists the difference between public and private sector banks women employees with respect to Work Life Balance (WLB) in their personal life and professional one. It was seen that the good work life balance results in better turnover of the organizations.  Healthier work life balance of employees produces effective workforce that is more productive and rewards act as booster for the effective workforce.  Long working hours and work stress or over burdening decreases the quality of work of employees and their personal lives. Good work life balance creates a sense of job satisfaction and reduces attrition rate. .
  17.  The private sector female bank employees work under more pressure as compared to that of public sector banks they feel more stressed because of workload and less job security and job demands.  The Private sector banks have elongated working hours which creates hindrance in their family lives whereas the public sector women employees are somewhere satisfied with this factor.  The various factors of WLB which banks should take care like paid maternity leaves, childcare facilities, flexible working hours etc. in order to keep their staff happy and satisfied
  18. CONCLUSIONS 1. Maintaining a Work life balance between personal and professional life is very much important and is the responsibility of both organizations and individuals. 2. A good wok life balance gives the sense of job security to the employees and reduces the attrition rate. 3. A good healthy family support is very much required for the Healthy work Life Balance. 4. Banks must work upon the policies and facilities, employees were dissatisfied about the timings and leave policies and childcare facilities in both the sectors. 5. A good Work Life Balance Programs and policies should be inculcated in banks to raise the outputs and healthy personal life. 6. Senior staff needs to cooperate and understand the problem of employees. 7. The bank environments must be improved and turn out to be lenient leaving red-tapism and rigidness.
  19. SCOPE FOR FURTHER RESEARCH • The research undertaken is only restricted to female employees. • Only selected banks of Rajasthan state have been chosen for study. • In future research can get more generalized if the sample size is increased. • Other service sectors ,hospitality, healthcare etc.
  20. Balance is Beauty •Achieving balance in both your work and personal livesallows you to perform optimally in both areas. •We need to find the right balance that works for us individually. •To achieve balance – Concentrate on One Thing at a Time. Respect Your Time Remember that the work/life balance can mean different things to different people. It can mean different thing to you too at different point of time.  Learn to Better Manage Your Time-avoid Procrastination  Prioritize Ruthlessly Let Things Go. (Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff)  Learn to say no.

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  1. Time Spent with the family is not Sufficient for 48% of the respondents.
  2. Time Spent with the family is not Sufficient for 48% of the respondents.