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how to really get into marketing


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how to really get into marketing

  1. 1. How to (really) get into MARKETING
  2. 2. I work with these guys ^ ↑ I’m Ed.
  3. 3. I work at ★ Community of professional marketers ★ Jobs board for the marketing industry ★ Create your marketing profile
  4. 4. I’ve had a few projects in marketing ... ● Built a team of marketers and developers for Inbound.org ● Grew a community to 45,000+ professional marketers ● Arranged “Ask Me Anything” community Q&A discussions with 30+ leaders in marketing ● Attended 8 marketing conferences in the UK and USA. ● Created slidedecks (like this) targeting marketing executives earning 100,000’s of views
  5. 5. But, I got an early start... ★ First marketing job when I was 16 ★ Working part time and in holidays ★ Still studying at University ★ Now 21 years old
  6. 6. This slidedeck is to share WHAT I FOUND WORKED to really get into marketing
  7. 7. This slidedeck is so YOU CAN TRY TOO.
  8. 8. Inside this deck. 1. What marketing really is 2. How you too can find a job easily, make lots of money and never get bored 3. What entry level marketing jobs look like 4. Four actionable things to try now
  9. 9. What marketing (really) is Let’s go back to business 101...
  10. 10. Buy low Sell High Profitable businesses look like this. <
  11. 11. Cost to acquire customer Customer lifetime value< Profitable marketing look like this.
  12. 12. “Buy low. Sell high.” The game? Find and attract customers for less cost than they contribute.
  13. 13. Where marketing fits into a business. Marketing Sales £$€ No marketing No Sales Doh. :(
  14. 14. How does marketing break down..?
  15. 15. First, ATTRACT relevant people - “strangers” - to your business.
  16. 16. CONVERT those visitors into “leads”.
  17. 17. “Leads” are people who say they’re interested in what you have to sell.
  18. 18. CLOSE those leads to turn them into customers. Help them buy.
  19. 19. Finally, DELIGHT your customers. Happy customers buy more and promote your business.
  20. 20. Marketing in a nutshell.
  21. 21. make lots of money... Here’s how you too can find a job easily... ...and never get bored.
  22. 22. Marketing is a BIG GNARLY PROBLEM in EVERY organisation.
  23. 23. But why..?
  24. 24. Marketing? Isn’t that just coming up with fancy ideas?
  25. 25. Marketing? Ah, we don’t really have time for that.
  26. 26. Marketing? Oh yeah… that’s not really necessary.
  27. 27. NONSENSE.
  28. 28. “We don’t need more customers” - No business ever.
  29. 29. Businesses need customers.
  30. 30. Businesses need customers. How are customers found?
  31. 31. Businesses need customers. Businesses need marketing.
  32. 32. Businesses need customers. Businesses need marketing. Whose job is it to find customers?
  33. 33. Businesses need MARKETERS.
  34. 34. Without With marketing Marketing makes the difference. Extra value created How much marketing is worth
  35. 35. GREAT marketing makes more difference. With marketing With great marketing Without How much GREAT marketing is worth
  36. 36. "In 5 years, inbound marketers salaries will double because they're building leverage." Dharmesh Shah, Co-Founder and CTO at HubSpot “Buying lower” “Selling Higher”
  37. 37. There are BIG rewards for being a smarter marketer.
  38. 38. So what skills are involved in marketing?
  39. 39. DARC.
  40. 40. DARC marketing skillsets. ★ Digital Native You’re fluent with the internet and technology. You don’t struggle keeping up with trends. ★ Analytics You’re comfortable analysing data, and designing experiments to further your understanding. ★ Reach You can build relationships with many people to increase your influence. People trust you. ★ Content You can craft content - articles, graphics, videos and other media that resonates with an audience.
  41. 41. How do these tie to marketing jobs..?
  42. 42. Remember the marketing funnel?
  43. 43. Roles to Attract ★ Crafting content ★ Sharing on social media ★ Optimizing websites for search engines DARC. Digital + Creative
  44. 44. Roles to Convert DARC. Analytical ★ Analyzing data ★ Conversion Rate Optimisation ★ Design “landing pages”
  45. 45. Roles to Close DARC. Content ★ Copywriting ★ Email marketing ★ Marketing automation
  46. 46. Roles to Delight DARC. Digital + Content ★ Customer Service ★ Managing communities ★ Managing events
  47. 47. So... how do I get into marketing?
  48. 48. Four actionable things to GO AND TRY.
  49. 49. 1. Go to bars.
  50. 50. Marketing is a social industry. Find local meetups, conferences parties, talks, seminars, workshops and more.
  51. 51. Talk to professionals whilst they’re relaxed and not busy. It’s soooo much easier to find and talk to people than email, fixing meetings etc. Show your initiative - just by turning up at industry events.
  52. 52. Search for events here: ★ ★ Meetup.com ★ Eventbrite.com
  53. 53. 2. Send better email.
  54. 54. Standard careers advice 101.
  55. 55. You’ve probably been told to “be professional”.
  56. 56. You’ve probably been told to “use formal language”.
  57. 57. Your job applications probably look and feel something like this...
  58. 58. How your friends see it How your mom sees it How you see it How society sees it How hiring managers see it How it really is.
  59. 59. Does any of this sound familiar..? ★ You’re sending dozens of job applications ★ You’re doing things “just to put on my resume” ★ You’re applying for jobs at companies you don’t really want to work for. ★ You’re tired of not hearing back from companies you’ve applied to. And when you do, you never get actionable feedback.
  60. 60. Don’t limit yourself to “job applications”. It’s the most competitive game with the smallest opportunity Opportunities you have to apply for Everything else.
  61. 61. Remember, you are solving a REAL BUSINESS PROBLEM.
  62. 62. You’re in the business of helping businesses grow.
  63. 63. It’s all about selling your skills and services to businesses.
  64. 64. More hunter. Less gatherer.
  65. 65. ★ Market yourself Attract, Convert, Close, Delight ★ Ask people you know in work Find and seek opportunities ★ Send better email Tips and tricks next slide... Get your own job business. Remember, all businesses need growth. But, they don’t necessary think they need marketers. (So they don’t necessarily post job ads to apply for) There’s a HUGE market of unadvertised ‘opportunities’ for marketers
  66. 66. 1. Speak how you’d like to be spoken to. Personal messages where you can share things in common will always do better. We’re all human. 2. Show your initiative. Use examples of previous work to how you’re smart, and can get things done. Forget formality. Send better email. 3. Keep it short. People like (and respond to) short and “gets to the point” messages. 4. Ask “yes or no questions” Avoid back-and-forth decisions. “Does Monday 2pm at your office work for you?” trumps “where would you like to meet?”
  67. 67. What better email looks like. Hi Will, I saw your talk at Marketing Meetup, and loved it. Particularly the “purple cow” bit - I’ve just finished the book. (Set some context) I’m pretty new to marketing, and am looking into job opportunities (Frame your email). Though I don’t have much experience besides a few affiliate websites (be humble, show initiative), I’ve been following your company blog for 3 months now - its the most useful resource I’ve found for doing online marketing. (Yes, put them on a pedestal. But, not so cringeworthy you couldn’t say it in person...). I’d love to meet the team behind it, and maybe discuss whether you have any entry level positions coming up? I’m near your office this Wednesday morning if you wanted to meet? (The ask) I look forward to hearing from you! Ed
  68. 68. Use these email tools to send better email: ★ Rapportive.com ★ GetSidekick.com ★ How to get anyone’s email address. Use this wisely, and not to harass others :)
  69. 69. 3. Promote something.
  70. 70. Affiliate marketing is where BRANDS PAY YOU when you send customers to them.
  71. 71. Earn and learn whilst promoting your favourite brands.
  72. 72. What affiliate marketing can look like. ★ Attract Creating a website Crafting product reviews Engaging relevant people in social media ★ Convert Creating pages to promote specific offers and products Creating an email optin form Follow your Facebook page ★ Close Email series for specific persona types Invite-only Facebook ★ Delight Support community for your subscribers and visitors Create a community Peer-to-peer product reviews
  73. 73. Tips for earning and learning as an affiliate. ★ Go Niche Everyone promotes big brands. You’ll find higher returns and less competition focusing on less well known brands, products and services. ★ Focus. Focus. Focus. Default to asking yourself “does this get closer to making to making money”. Yes/no questions cast the daylight you need. ★ Get to that first payment quickly! Nothings more motivating than seeing your first payment come in. Focus on getting to that first spot - it’ll help you ask the right questions
  74. 74. Use these tools to promote something: ★ Create a website ⇒ Squarespace.com ★ Manage email ⇒ Mailchimp.com
  75. 75. 4. JFDI* for yourself!
  76. 76. Get into marketing by MARKETING YOURSELF. *JFDI: Just f*cking do it
  77. 77. You can get insane leverage on spending time, money and effort to find marketing jobs. Few people think like this in job search. $5… $50… $500.... $50k… $100k… $150k...
  78. 78. ★ Close Ping your phone/email whenever someone submits your form Follow up with pre-prepared content to answer their FAQs ★ Delight Respond to enquiries quickly Move to setup a meeting. Get hired - then get results fast :) ★ Attract Creating a website Write blog articles Target companies and individuals with Facebook ads ★ Convert Create a short page which shows a little about you’d like to do for a specific company Capture their email address and contact details at the bottom How to market yourself to companies.
  79. 79. YOU CAN DO THIS.
  80. 80. Marketing is a industry Fast funCreative rewarding GEEKY smart social CHALLENGING GROWING
  81. 81. Think about what you’ve just read. Buy low Sell High< Profitable marketing look like this. With marketing With great marketing Without How much GREAT marketing is worth DARC.
  82. 82. “We’re going to have inbound marketers be some of the highest paid people in the organization. That’s my prediction. My expectation.” - Dharmesh Shah, Co-Founder and CTO at HubSpot
  83. 83. Start your career on
  84. 84. Got questions? Ask Me Anything on Inbound.org
  85. 85. POST a job $100 for 60 days Free internship posts with any other post. Enter: “2015interns” FIND a job 100s of jobs Find local and remote marketing jobs from all over the world. Visit the Inbound Jobs Board
  86. 86. Thanks for reading! If you know someone who might find this helpful, please share it :-) Tweet this slidedeck
  87. 87. Ed Fry @edfryed ed@inbound.org