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2011 January - M-days, Frankfurt: Future of social media: Innovations in Mobile Social Media

  1. Innovations in Mobile Social Media Rogier van den Heuvel VP Worldwide Sales
  2. eBuddy is the world’s largest independent IM provider
  3. Blogs YouTube LinkedIn App Stores Key insight in innovations In Social Media Jobvite Facebook Twitter
  4. The Importance of brands on Facebook - Brand Awareness - Loyalty - Event Activation - Product Promotion - Entertainment
  5. 9,000 new fans every day!
  6. • Brand Listings.... • Where do we stand.... Product Brands fan page rankings on facebook 1. YouTube 26.265.397 2. Coca Cola 22.046.570 3. Oreo 16.468.297 4. Red Bull 14.968.592 5. Skittles 14.877.146 .... 25. Pepsi 3.182.381 .... 36. Skype 1.919.227 .... 39. eBuddy 1.648.502 .... 59.Sony 273.722 .... 80. Samsung 47.308 Source: fanpagelist 25.01.11
  7. - Communication - News - Crisis Management - Customer Care - Product Updates - Communication - News - Crisis Management - Customer Care - Product Updates The Importance of brands on Twitter
  8. The explosion of Twitter 175M Accounts Worldwide
  9. - Cross Promotion - Loyal Users - Think Viral - Dedicate Resources How did we grow?
  10. App stores How are they Social? - Transparent - Reviews - Ranking - Perception
  11. eBuddy is downloaded 110M times Nokia OVI (J2ME) 9/16/139/16/13GetJar (J2ME) eBuddy website (J2ME)
  12. 76M downloads on GetJar; second most popular app ever 2.2M downloads in the Android Market; most popular aggregated IM app in all 77 countries 10M downloads in the iTunes store; most popular aggregated IM application 11M downloads in the OVI store; most downloaded IM app
  13. So…Brands should use (Mobile) Social Media ! - Very Viral: reach many people - Create brands (awareness) + Fans - Fast: reach many people fast - Easy to do - Free (at least cheap)
  14. Thank You from the eBuddy Social Media team

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  1. Storyline:
  2. Storyline: Introduction of eBuddy
  3. Storyline: -We see OEMS, OS vendors, Operators and independent parties launching app stores on Mobile -Appstores are coming to your Browser, TV, tablet and desktop as well -We expect to see app stores emerging on the web and desktop software as well -More than 40 appstores right now, Consolidation in the market is required
  4. Storyline: -The Brick & Mortar model will be copied to the online world as well We’re expecting that appstores will be the method of choice of distributing mobile content App stores offer easy billing and shelf space Picture source:
  5. Story line: 100m downloads. So, how did this happen? Well, - We were early to market. And, we are present in all big appstores. - GetJar is the main source of our mobile downloads, - eBuddy is the most popular aggregated IM app in all 77 countries in the Android market - eBuddy is the highest ranked independent IM app in 42 out of 69 countries
  6. Story line:
  7. Storyline: Introduction of eBuddy We are a company headquartered in Amsterdam, with 23 different nationalities among our diverse group of employees.