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Bosch Windshield Wipers

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Bosch Windshield Wipers

  1. 1. BOSCH WINDSHIELD WIPERS Bosch provides clear advantage windshield wiper blades which eliminates squeaking on the windshield that helps you beat the rain.
  2. 2. BOSCH WINDSHIELD WIPERS Product Information : The latest in wiper blade technology, Bosch Clear Advantage Wiper Blades helps you beat the rain, every time you drive in it. These wiper blades come with a single flat beam design that make sure that there is no gap between the wiper blade and windshield.
  3. 3. BOSCH WINDSHIELD WIPERS Product Information : Bosch Clear Advantage wiper blades eliminates squeaking on the windshield since the rubber in the wiper blade is coated with graphite. The advanced steel spring applies uniform pressure on the windshield to provide consistent wiping performance. The aerodynamic design prevents the blades from lifting off at high speeds or heavy winds and also protects the spring from snow and ice-build up. To facilitate easy installation, the wiper blades come with a pre-mounted multi- adapter.
  4. 4. BOSCH WINDSHIELD WIPERS Product Information : For optimum visibility, experience Bosch Clear advantage Wiper Blades. Tested in multiple vehicle models, Bosch Clear advantage wiper blades are suitable for most Passenger Cars.
  5. 5. BOSCH WINDSHIELD WIPERS Features/Benefits : # Multiple Pressure points along the length of the blade for uniform wiping. # Graphite coated rubber for reduced friction and noise. # Aerodynamic wind spoiler improves airflow to create down force. # Easy to Install.
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