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  1. 1. Content & SocialBuilding fresh content & social strategy since 2012
  2. 2. Our Mission Content & Social helps clients engage customers through owned & social media2
  3. 3. THE NEW ECO-SYSTEM Earned Social Media Paid MediaControl Owned Media Scale
  4. 4. THE NEW ECO-SYSTEM Where we listen & participate How we talkControl with strangers How we talk To customers Scale
  5. 5. WE LIVE IN BETWEEN TIMES FUTUREPASTBig Bang Launch Agile + optimizedStatic Content Real-timeLong media lead times Interactive serviceOne size fits all PersonalizedBroadcasting Micro-targetedMonolithic Networked“Messaging” Engagement
  6. 6. LEAN STRATEGY1. Human imagination is not a commodity2. We don’t presume anything3. We engage the customer directly4. Build engagement—not deliverables5. Respond to change over following a plan
  7. 7. LEAN STRATEGY• Rapid prototyping + testing hypothesis• Customer engagement--and obsession• Metrics driven—what is the goal?• Learn fast—don’t fail fast• “Nail it, then scale it”
  8. 8. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?• Drive + measure customer engagement• Be Agile + build in flexibility• X-department / skill set teams succeed• Engage legacy process—fight or flow• One meeting to listen + decide an issue• Trust is a strength, mistrust a barrier
  9. 9. USER EXPERIENCESEmotionIt is not enough to build efficient user experiences. Weneed to persuade and motivateConfidenceWe establish trust first so people have confidencethat we will deliver on our promisesEnabling ActionWe make interactions simple, rewarding & fun
  10. 10. 7-STEP CYCLE1. Identify your customers2. Connect to your business—why?3. Understand your users’ mental models4. Identify appropriate patterns of engagement5. Design content & social strategy6. Build content, social outreach & measurement systems7. Evaluate and refine
  11. 11. Our Mission How Does This Work? The Flip Camera 12
  13. 13. OWNED + SOCIAL MEDIA• Listen, respond & engage with customers• It’s not how do we “differentiate,” it’s how do we understand & support? It’s not about us, it’s about our customers• Move fast, speak clearly, and never make assumptions
  14. 14. THANK YOUENGAGE@CONTENTANDSOCIAL.COMContent & Social400 S. 4th Street, Suite 401-110Minneapolis, MN 55403 USA+1 (612) 749-0803More at: WWW.CONTENTANDSOCIAL.COM