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The importance of distance learning headsets

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The importance of distance learning headsets

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The importance of distance learning headsets

  1. 1. The importance of Distance Learning Headsets As someone whohasusedmanykindsof listeningdevicesforlearning,distance learningheadsetsare a vital part of any distance learningprogram.Fora successfull program, youmusthave all the qualities that I lookforin a learningdevice:audioclarity,auditoryacuity,andpersonalconnectivity. AudioClarity:Asanexperiencedspeakerwhohastaughthundredsof studentsandconductedhundreds of classesovermanyyears,Iknowthe importance of good sound.Loudspeakerswithgoodsoundcan make an instructor'svoice clearerandmore comfortable tolistento.Inaddition,headsetsshould provide aclear soundthroughoutthe room, includingnearthe backor inthe corner of the room. Acuity:The abilitytosee,hear,andunderstandwhatisbeingsaidisveryimportant.The same istrue of a studentwhohas hadsome trainingonaudioskills.Fora studentwhohastakena course inmusicor communication,he orshe shouldbe able tohearthe syllabusclearlyandalsotounderstandthathe or she needstounderstandthe message.A poorunderstandingof whatisbeingsaidcan leadtoconfusion and frustration. Personal Connectivity:Insome cases,Ihave foundthat I have a friendwhoisan excellentinstructor,in part because she knowshowtouse her headsetmicrophone wellandthatshe knowswhatvoices shouldbe heardina classroom.Manyteachersappreciate thiskindof supportwhenthe student's teachermightnot be the bestinstructor.Inthiscase, the teacherand studentwill have abetter understandingof the materials.Andthiscanbe good forboth the studentandthe teacher. Othertimes,however,the instructional benefitisfarmore limitedbythe availabilityof educational technologyinthe classroom.Inthiscase, distance learningheadsetcan work well.These daysthere are several companiesthatmake these kindsof headsets,sobe sure to geta specialistcompanytoguide you.While it'strue that some are designedforthe publicaswell asfor private home use,theycanalso be usedina publicsettingorina classroom. The type of technologythatisneededisimportanttoconsiderforpeoplewhowanttobe able to send and receive audiovisual materialssuchasPowerPointpresentations,movies,andpodcastswithease and confidence.Of course,the internetisone of the leadingvenuesforthe deliveryof these kindsof materialssothe technologyinvolvedisfairlybasicformostpeople. Withthe ease of sendingaudioandvideo,the benefitsof these devicesare greatforspeakerswhoneed to speakand forthose whoneedtohear the strongervoices.Youdon't have to be trained asa speech therapisttouse these typesof headsets.The teachingapproachtoeachlessoncanbe adjustedtosuit the needsof the student. If you are teachingaclass of students,youwill alsofindthatyoucan getbetterresultsfromthemif you have personal,private conversationswithyourstudents.Youcan use the listeningportionof the device to make sure that the studentsunderstandthe pointsthatyouwantto make and to gettheiropinions so that youcan adjustyour approachaccordingly. In addition,youcanuse the headsetstoenhance the role of the instructorand to make the classroom more interactive.The studentscanaskquestionsasyoutalkabouttheiranswersandyoucan move on to the nextquestion.The instructorcanlistenandbe heardwithoutthe studentsneedingtoraise their handsor turn around.
  2. 2. One of the mostpractical benefitsof thistechnologyisthatthe studentsare alsolearningatthe same time.Forexample,if the teacherwantstoshow a slide of adigital clockthat changeshands,the studentscanbe showninthisslide whiletheyare wearingheadsets,whichenablesthemtolistentothe clock withoutneedingtotake itoutof theirpocket. Anothercommonuse isfor speakersthatare linkedtothe internet.Forexample, youcoulduse the headsetsforlearningremotelyforthe presenterorthe assistant.The presentationscanbe printedout and giventothe audience forfurtherdiscussionwithouthavingtohandoutprintedmaterials. By usingheadsetsforlearningremotely,teacherscansave moneyonequipmentandalsoavoidthe risk of studentsremovingthe headsetsbeforethe event.Whichcanbe a safetyhazard.