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Scaling Sales: Growth Strategies Of The Fastest Growing Internet Retailers

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Over 150 hours of research, interviews went into the creation of this presentation on how today's fastest growing internet retail companies are accomplishing their remarkable growth.

The goal in creating this work was to discover the exact strategies, business models, company cultures and tools that these companies are using to achieve their growth.

In this 189 slide presentation I distill all that research into 19 key factors with specific breakdown and examples of exactly how they are doing it.

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Scaling Sales: Growth Strategies Of The Fastest Growing Internet Retailers

  1. 1. Scaling Sales Lessons From Fastest Growing Online Retailers #tcs2016 @RolandFrasier Roland Frasier
  2. 2. #tcs2016 @your_twitter_handle Source: InternetRetailer.com
  3. 3. #tcs2016 @your_twitter_handle Source: InternetRetailer.com
  4. 4. This is a sample of bold text on a full color slide. This is good for quotes,stats, dividers,etc. Big Mission #tcs2016 @RolandFrasier
  5. 5. Big Mission Statements • Honest.com: Create a non-toxic world that benefits the next generation • NatureBox.com: Be the “Netflix of food.” • DollarShaveClub: Help guys live a smarter, more successful life through grooming • WarbyParker.com: Offer designer eyewear at a revolutionary price while leading the way for socially conscious business. #tcs2016 @RolandFrasier
  6. 6. Our Bigger Mission • DigitalMarketer: Double the sales of 10,000 businesses over the next 5 years. • NativeCommerce: Associate 10 million people with common interests in communities around what they find fun and interesting by 2020 to enable them to realize their personal passions. #tcs2016 @RolandFrasier
  7. 7. What Is Your Bigger Mission? • Is there a wrong you are righting or a big problem you are solving through your business? • How will what you are doing right the wrong or solve the problem and change the world? • Who will what you are doing impact? • Is there a time by which you will accomplish this? #tcs2016 @RolandFrasier
  8. 8. This is a sample of bold text on a full color slide. This is good for quotes,stats, dividers,etc. Charitable Commerce #tcs2016 @RolandFrasier
  9. 9. Charitable Commerce: Mixing Charity + Sales • Honest.com: Supports GirlsWhoCode.com and others. • AlexAndAni: Dedicated jewelry with sales proceeds to fight AIDS. • DollarShaveClub.com: Colon Cancer Alliance. • Toms.com: Pair of shoes to a child in need for each pair sold. #tcs2016 @RolandFrasier
  10. 10. Warby Parker: BuyA Pair,Give A Pair
  11. 11. Is There A Good That You Can Do Through Your Business? • Can you donate one of whatever you sell to the needy for every sale that you make? • Can you donate a monetary portion of whatever you sell to a charity that already exists or that you create? • Is there a charity that aligns naturally with your business that your company can support through money, volunteering, etc.? #tcs2016 @RolandFrasier
  12. 12. This is a sample of bold text on a full color slide. This is good for quotes,stats, dividers,etc. A Better Model #tcs2016 @RolandFrasier
  13. 13. Re-Inventing Models + Markets • BlueApron.com: Eliminate inconvenience of grocery shopping. Make cooking easier. Cut out middle-men. Subscription groceries. • Honest.com: Eliminate inconvenience of shopping for hard to find natural baby products. Subscription diapers + related products. • DollarShaveClub.com: Eliminate inconvenience + expense of drugstore razor shopping. Subscription razors + related products. • PrimaryKids.com: Eliminate inconvenience of buying basics for kids clothing. Ignore fashion trends. Focus on evergreen styles. Save costs of designers and inventory. #tcs2016 @RolandFrasier
  14. 14. What Is Your Business Model? • What unique thing can you do to not be just another “me-too” business? • What thing that has “always been done that way” could be done differently and better? E.g. BlueApron: measured ingredients. • Would your business be better if you were fully vertically integrated from manufacturing to distribution? QC + The 4 Models on the last slide cut out the middlemen to save cost and provide better value. Could you do that as well and then split cost savings between your margin and your customers? #tcs2016 @RolandFrasier
  15. 15. This is a sample of bold text on a full color slide. This is good for quotes,stats, dividers,etc. Free Shipping Speedy Delivery #tcs2016 @RolandFrasier
  16. 16. Shipping To Compete. • Target.com: Free shipping for $50 minimum order. $25 outperformed significantly so minimum lowered to $25. • BlueApron.com + StitchFix.com: Free shipping. • Choxi.com: Partnered with ShipStation.com, ShipWorks.com + SkuVault.com to offer best shipping options. #tcs2016 @RolandFrasier
  17. 17. Source: Trendwatching.com Amazon Dash + Amazon Prime Now
  18. 18. Drop-Shipper Management Strategy From Choxi.com • Most Choxi.com flash sale products are drop-shipped and not manufactured or inventoried by Choxi.com • Choxi controls supply chain management with warnings and penalties to late-shipping suppliers. • Partnered with ShipStation, ShipWorks and SkuVault to ship and deliver as quickly as possible #tcs2016 @RolandFrasier
  19. 19. This is a sample of bold text on a full color slide. This is good for quotes,stats, dividers,etc. Personalization #tcs2016 @RolandFrasier
  20. 20. Personalized Service Via App • BlueApron.com: Choose plan, food preference, delivery day. • StitchFix.com: Personalized stylist for women on the go. Mobile app lets users upload pics in clothes they like and personal stylists base selections off those pics. • MakeUpGenius by Loreal: Try make-up on virtually. #tcs2016 @RolandFrasier
  21. 21. #tcs2016 @your_twitter_handle
  22. 22. #tcs2016 @your_twitter_handle
  23. 23. #tcs2016 @your_twitter_handle
  24. 24. #tcs2016 @your_twitter_handle
  25. 25. #tcs2016 @RolandFrasier
  26. 26. Personalized Web Experience • Personalized experience through interactive survey on site • eSalon.com: Custom hair color blended based on user input. Personal stylist + photo upload to assist in color selection • Sephora.com: Virtual Artist app. Try on lipstick instantly. • AlexAndAni.com: Chain station builder. Custom jewelry. #tcs2016 @RolandFrasier
  27. 27. #tcs2016 @your_twitter_handle
  28. 28. #tcs2016 @your_twitter_handle
  29. 29. #tcs2016 @your_twitter_handle
  30. 30. #tcs2016 @your_twitter_handle
  31. 31. #tcs2016 @your_twitter_handle
  32. 32. What Personalized Experience Can You Deliver? Leverage your welcome survey and give the customer the sense that offering their information is key to a better customer experience. #tcs2016 @RolandFrasier
  33. 33. #tcs2016 @RolandFrasier
  34. 34. #tcs2016 @your_twitter_handle
  35. 35. Use Personalized Email To Improve Conversions • Choxi.com • Emails are personalized based on page visit, click data and aggregated data. • Click to view a pair of Ugg boots online, but don’t buy. Then, get an email with a link to shopping cart. #tcs2016 @RolandFrasier
  36. 36. Source: RetentionScience.com
  37. 37. Use Personalized Email To Improve Conversions Like Honest.com • Emails are personalized based on page visit, click data and aggregated data • 3x higher conversion rate on 6 email welcome sequence • We used BuiltWith.com to figure out that the tool that Honest.com is using for this is… #tcs2016 @RolandFrasier
  38. 38. #tcs2016 @your_twitter_handle Tool: RetentionScience.com
  39. 39. #tcs2016 @your_twitter_handle Source: RetentionScience.com
  40. 40. Use Dynamic Websites To Improve Engagement Like Zulily.com • Displays millions of different versions of its website any given time • Learns what you’re interested in and dynamically tunes itself to you (mom sees kid’s clothes, chef sees kitchen gadgets) • Data analytics + shopping pattern analysis maximize relevance, engagement, sales and repeat purchasing #tcs2016 @RolandFrasier
  41. 41. Different Site For Each User Based On Data
  42. 42. #tcs2016 @your_twitter_handleHow Do They Do It? ConversantMedia.com
  43. 43. What Personalized Experience Can You Deliver? • Can you survey your market to learn more about them and deliver personalized experiences based on their answers? • Can you allow your customers to create their own customized version or mix of your product to their personal tastes? • Can you use on-site behavior, buying history or aggregated data to serve the most relevant offers, content and experience to your customers? • What predictive tools could better personalize your customers’ experience? #tcs2016 @RolandFrasier
  44. 44. This is a sample of bold text on a full color slide. This is good for quotes,stats, dividers,etc. Omni-Channel “Omni-channel is viewing the experience through the eyes of your customer,orchestrating the customer experience across all channels so that it is seamless,integrated,and consistent.[It] anticipates customers may start in one channel and move to another as they progress to a resolution… Simply put,omni-channel is multi-channel done right!” -John Bowden,SVP Customer Care,Time Warner #tcs2016 @RolandFrasier
  45. 45. O2O: Online To Offline Meets Offline To Online • NeimanMarcus.com: Site features encourage users to connect with in-store associates. Facetime style sessions. • JCPenny.com/Julep.com/Nordstrom.com: Buy online/pick-up in-store • Pier1Imports.com: iPad Equipped In-Store Associates Order Out Of Stock Items Online. 30% Of Online Orders Originate In-Store. • WarbyParker.com: Pop-up Stores, Yurts, School Bus Stores, Retail. #tcs2016 @RolandFrasier
  46. 46. Omni-channel Online • Honest.com: Big 5 Social Channels, TV, Retail,Amazon, App • Uniqlo.com: Big 5 Social, TV, Owned Media, Retail • DollarShaveClub: Big 5 Social, TV, Owned Media, Podcast Ads • Etailz.com: Retail, Ebay,Amazon, NewEgg, Walmart, AliExpress #tcs2016 @RolandFrasier
  47. 47. What Traffic Channels Do Your Competitors Use • SimilarWeb.com Offers Great Insights Into Traffic + Channels • First Run A “Competitors > Similar Sites”Analysis • Then Run a Comparative Analysis With Your Top 4 Competitors • Find Out What Channels They Are Getting Traffic From That You Are Not,Then Go Get Those Channels #tcs2016 @RolandFrasier
  48. 48. First LookAt The Traffic Overview • This shows traffic from all sources and percentages by competitor. Note missed opportunities competitors are taking advantage of and plug in the gaps in your own traffic plan. • Pay attention to the Source and Source Type: Direct, organic or paid search, email, social or referral. #tcs2016 @RolandFrasier
  50. 50. Now Let’s LookAt Traffic Referrals From Other Sites • This shows traffic that other sites are sending. • Note the various sites that are sending referral traffic and the percentages that each competitor is receiving from those sites. • Identify sites that send disproportionately more referral traffic to your competitors and shore them up. • Identify sites sending referral traffic to competitors but none to you. #tcs2016 @RolandFrasier
  51. 51. #tcs2016 @RolandFrasier
  53. 53. RUN AVERTICAL REPORT ON ADBEAT OR SIMILAR COMPETITIVE INTELLIGENCE TOOL • This shows how the fastest growers are running ads. • Take note of the creatives that are performing for them. • Identify networks and publishers they are using. • Find the best opportunities for traffic that you are not currently taking advantage of and add them to your traffic channel grid. #tcs2016 @RolandFrasier
  54. 54. #tcs2016 @RolandFrasier
  55. 55. #tcs2016 @RolandFrasier
  56. 56. #tcs2016 @RolandFrasier
  57. 57. #tcs2016 @RolandFrasier
  58. 58. #tcs2016 @RolandFrasier
  59. 59. #tcs2016 @RolandFrasier
  60. 60. This is a sample of bold text on a full color slide. This is good for quotes,stats, dividers,etc. Social Commerce #tcs2016 @RolandFrasier
  61. 61. #tcs2016 @your_twitter_handle Source: InternetRetailer.com
  62. 62. Social Commerce Converts • Shoppers who interact with a UGC photo are 2x more likely to purchase. • UGC photos increase engagement + amplify your brand message organically increasing total brand reach. • UGC photos raise on-site conversion by 12%. Source: Pixlee.com
  63. 63. Fastest Growing E-Retailers Drive Traffic With Social • Zulily.com: 7% Of Total Traffic From Facebook • WarbyParker.com: 9% Of Total Trafic From Facebook • Choxi.com: 10% Of Total Traffic From Facebook • NatureBox: 21% Of Total Traffic From Facebook #tcs2016 @RolandFrasier
  64. 64. #tcs2016 @your_twitter_handle Source: InternetRetailer.com
  65. 65. Fastest Growing E-Retailers On Social Have… • 2x Number of Facebook Likes • 70% More Pinterest Followers • 52% More Twitter Followers • 22% More Instagram Followers • 13% More YouTube Video Views #tcs2016 @RolandFrasier
  66. 66. Remove Friction + Encourage Social Engagement… • BlueApron.com: Mobile app encourages customers to post their creations on Facebook, Instagram + Twitter and makes it fun + easy. • Julep.com: #MavenUnboxing hashtag drove 20 million social users over Christmas. Contests + Giveaways drive 900k social followers. • CharlotteRusse.com: Uses #CharlotteLook hashtag + Curalate + Pixlee • WarbyParker.com: #WarbyHomeTryOn hashtag increased shares 40%. Warby comments on those posts increased conversions by 50% #tcs2016 @RolandFrasier
  67. 67. CharlotteRusse.com drives social commerce with Curalate
  68. 68. CharlotteRusse.com drives social commerce with Curalate
  69. 69. CharlotteRusse.com drives social commerce with Curalate
  70. 70. CharlotteRusse.com drives social commerce with Curalate
  71. 71. CharlotteRusse.com drives social commerce with Curalate
  72. 72. CharlotteRusse.com drives social commerce with Curalate
  73. 73. CharlotteRusse.com drives social commerce with Curalate
  74. 74. AlexAndAni.com • Asks Instagram followers to post pics of themselves wearing AlexAndAni jewelry. • Provide place to post to Instagram on AlexAndAni site • Grew 77% last year • Over 585,000 shares. Used Olapic Tool #tcs2016 @RolandFrasier
  75. 75. #tcs2016 @your_twitter_handle AlexAndAni.com Generated 585,000 Instagram Shares Using Olapic
  76. 76. Run A Social Analysis On SimilarWeb. Identify Network Strengths,Weaknesses + Untapped Opportunities
  77. 77. Add Social Commerce To Your Marketing Mix • Instagram: Add a URL to your brand’s bio that allows users to access a shoppable gallery of your brand’s Instagram pictures. • Facebook: Create a social storefront page tab to allow users to access a shoppable gallery of your photos + status updates URLs • Twitter: Drop in a URL that leads users to your product pages • Pinterest: Add a URL to your brand’s Pinterest photo caption that will allow users to access your brand’s product pages. #tcs2016 @RolandFrasier
  78. 78. This is a sample of bold text on a full color slide. This is good for quotes,stats, dividers,etc. Search #tcs2016 @RolandFrasier
  79. 79. The 25 Fastest Growing Retailers Spend 4x More On Paid Search
  80. 80. Tool: SEMRush
  81. 81. Organic Search: Desktop > 3 Competitor Domain Comparison Keywords
  82. 82. Organic Search: Desktop
  83. 83. Paid Search: Desktop Keywords
  84. 84. Organic Search: Mobile Keywords
  85. 85. Organic Search: Mobile
  86. 86. Follow DigitalMarketer’s Content Marketing Strategies • Great keyword research how-to at SEONick.com • Content marketing is one of the fastest, most effective ways to do SEO in the post Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird world. • Pay attention to Russ’s session on the Viral Content Machine + Perry & Jayson’s session on The New SEO #tcs2016 @RolandFrasier
  87. 87. This is a sample of bold text on a full color slide. This is good for quotes,stats, dividers,etc. Narrow Niche To Broad Market #tcs2016 @RolandFrasier
  88. 88. Master One Niche,Then Expand Into Related Niches • DollarShaveClub.com: Razors > Own The Bathroom Cabinet • Honest.com: Baby Products > Cleaning + Personal Care • BirchBox.com: Women’s Products > Men’s Products • NatureBox.com: Personal Snacks > Breakfast + Wine Boxes • Amazon.com: Books > Conquer The World #tcs2016 @RolandFrasier
  89. 89. What Niche Are You In Now? • Are you in a very broad or narrow niche? • How much of your current niche do you own? • What is the natural expansion from the niche you are in to the next broader niche? • Survivalist (3MM) > Camper (40MM) > Outdoor Enthusiast (141MM) #tcs2016 @RolandFrasier
  90. 90. This is a sample of bold text on a full color slide. This is good for quotes,stats, dividers,etc. Recurring Revenue #tcs2016 @RolandFrasier
  91. 91. Subscription Revenue • More stable and predictable cash flow • Helps predictability of inventory needs • Higher valuation multiples • Requires more care to engage customer with your product and brand and not to overly focus on acquisition #tcs2016 @RolandFrasier
  92. 92. Fastest Growing Companies With Subscription Revenue • BlueApron.com: Food/Recipe Bundles • DollarShaveClub.com: Razors + Other Bathroom Products • eSalon.com: Hair coloring products • Honest.com: Diapers + Other Bundles • NatureBox.com: Snack Boxes, Breakfast, Wine (coming soon) • NakedWines.com: Wine boxes #tcs2016 @RolandFrasier
  93. 93. Subscription Commerce Lifecycle Source: RetentionScience.com
  94. 94. Engagement Stage • Email capture, half completed profile or survey, free trial. • Focus on educating prospects about your brand, products and mission statement. #tcs2016 @RolandFrasier
  95. 95. Engagement Stage Welcome Series • Introduce Brand Values: Message from CEO to summarize brand values & promises + set expectations for emails • Testimonials + Reviews: Short, relevant, credible, easy to read. Include name, city, age other customer info. • Social Media Engagement: At least 1 email encouraging customer to engage your brand through multiple channels. Use images and screenshots of each social channel (not generic icons) to improve CTR. #tcs2016 @RolandFrasier
  96. 96. Retention Stage: Activation + Re-Order • Trying to make sure you retain existing subscribers by providing value + reiterating why remaining a subscriber is a good choice. • Instead of purchase incentives/offers, campaigns should focus on further engaging with the products they subscribe to. #tcs2016 @RolandFrasier
  97. 97. Retention Series • New or updated product information: alerts for updates or improvements • Personalized recommendations: Tim Ferris Box letter • Helpful Content: Tips, tricks, tutorials. More personalized based on subscriber profile the better. • Upsell/Cross-Sell Offers: Info on why + how upgrade will benefit customer is key to conversion here. #tcs2016 @RolandFrasier
  98. 98. Preventing Customer Churn • Voluntary Churn: When the customer cancels • Warning Signs: Pauses subscription, low email open and CTRs, not returning to browse the site. • Major Reasons For Churn: Not enough value or too much focus on acquisition #tcs2016 @RolandFrasier
  99. 99. Not Enough Value • Box Subscriptions: Subscribers add value of all items in box to see if they are getting their money’s worth or better. • Full-size products, quality and/or brands all improve value • Perceived Value-Adds: Relevant, high-quality content, smooth customer experiences + well-defined customer journey #tcs2016 @RolandFrasier
  100. 100. Too Much Focus On Acquisition • Be sure that the deals you offer for acquisition of new customers are not so good that current customers feel unappreciated. • Free trial for a month is okay, but longer periods for very low prices incite discord with existing customers • Let existing customers know that you appreciate and value them #tcs2016 @RolandFrasier
  101. 101. How To Prevent Customer Churn • Win back customers when they are at risk of churning • Exit Surveys: As part of cancel process. List usual reasons or issues for churn. Ask reasons for leaving. Send follow-up campaigns tailored to each reason listed on survey. • Exit Email: Sorry to see you go. Ask for feedback on ways to improve. May provide insight on how to win them back. • Send win-back email offers. Offers are a great way to get them back. #tcs2016 @RolandFrasier
  102. 102. Give Rewards To Prevent Churn • Celebrate Milestones: Special emails with treat or offer for birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Thank your for being a loyal customer email. • Create A Reward System: Offer discounts and offers earned through points for every item shipped, product reviews, referrals. Offer special or double points for extra-loyal or long-time subscribers. #tcs2016 @RolandFrasier
  103. 103. Keeping Customers Engaged • The key to customer retention is engagement. • Create engaging, rewarding, tailored touches throughout the customer lifecycle • What can you do to engage your customers, reward them and encourage them to consume your product and return to your site? #tcs2016 @RolandFrasier
  104. 104. What Is Your Recurring Revenue Plan • Do you have a recurring revenue component to your business model? • What can you do to incorporate recurring revenue and encourage retention to reduce voluntary churn? • What can you do to reduce involuntary churn? #tcs2016 @RolandFrasier
  105. 105. This is a sample of bold text on a full color slide. This is good for quotes,stats, dividers,etc. Be On-Trend #tcs2016 @RolandFrasier
  106. 106. Are You Riding Current Trends • Honest.com: Natural products • Etailz.com: Eco-Responsible products • NatureBox.com: Healthy living + snacking • BlueApron: Cooking + Monthly Boxes • Trendwatching.com: Track trends #tcs2016 @RolandFrasier
  107. 107. Source: Trendwatching.com 2016 Trends
  108. 108. Source: Trendwatching.com 2016 Trends Status
  109. 109. Source: Trendwatching.com 2016 Trends You- niverse
  110. 110. Source: Trendwatching.com
  111. 111. Is Your Business Model“On Trend?” • What are the major trends are taking place in your current market? • What major trends apply to your target audience? • Does your current business model and product lineup match up to one or more of these trends? #tcs2016 @RolandFrasier
  112. 112. This is a sample of bold text on a full color slide. This is good for quotes,stats, dividers,etc. Strong Customer Feedback #tcs2016 @RolandFrasier
  113. 113. Continually Iterating Data-Driven Products • DollarShaveClub.com: RetentionScience told them Shave Butter buyers were best bet to send free samples. 100% ROI on these people. • Graze.com: Snack box product learns from your reviews and adjusts snack mix to avoid the types of tastes you don’t like • NatureBox.com: 5-10 new products/month. Customer + Data-driven product iteration (Blueberry oats not selling, chocolate was, now sell chocolate oats product instead and it sells much better). #tcs2016 @RolandFrasier
  114. 114. Source: RetentionScience.com
  115. 115. Source: RetentionScience.com
  116. 116. Honest.com: Provide Value + Get Valuable Feedback • Challenge: Babies are always growing requiring manual account updates for accurate size on diaper + baby bundles • Solution: Honest Baby App – tracks baby’s size, weight + change frequency. Parents can update subscriptions, track orders and earn referral credits through the app. • Provides other valuable info to parent: baby milestones, Dr. visits, sleep and feeding habits. Providing valuable info to Honest.com & parents. #tcs2016 @RolandFrasier
  117. 117. How Is Your Customer Feedback Loop? • Let customers update account info, post reviews, leave opinions, comment on products and make leaving feedback feel like a perk not like a chore. • Do you offer live chat, telephone support and a help-desk? • How are you monitoring customer feedback on the web? • Are you building customer preference/taste profiles to personalize the app and web experience for your customers in the future? #tcse2016 @RolandFrasier
  118. 118. This is a sample of bold text on a full color slide. This is good for quotes,stats, dividers,etc. Mobile Friendly #tcs2016 @RolandFrasier
  119. 119. Reducing Mobile Buying Friction Is Critical • 1/3 of all US ecommerce sales are mobile (phone or tablet) • 59% of all shopping time is done on a mobile device • Etsy.com: 58% of traffic from mobile + 41% of sales • Groupon.com: 50% of total sales are mobile. 70% of all mobile sales are via app. #tcs2016 @RolandFrasier
  120. 120. Reduce Friction On Mobile • JackThreads.com: Deep links to product pages in mobile app from emails and from mobile search queries • Amazon.com: 1-Touch App Sales Via iOS Touch ID Fingerprint • BlueApron.com, Target Cartwheel App + Groupon.com: All offer 1-Click sales through Apple Pay #tcs2016 @RolandFrasier
  121. 121. Amazon Payments Dramatically increase mobile conversions by adding Login & Pay With Amazon to your products
  122. 122. Amazon Deep Links Dramatically increase mobile conversions deep linking to your product in Amazon’s Mobile App (100 Million Installed)
  123. 123. Amazon Deep Links
  124. 124. Are You Maximizing Mobile Traffic Opportunities? • Are all of your site and product pages mobile friendly (responsive or, better yet, specifically designed for mobile)? • Do you have a mobile app? • Are you using app-indexing + providing deep links to the products offered in marketing emails and from search? • Do you offer 1-Click payments through Amazon, Apple Pay, etc.? #tcs2016 @RolandFrasier
  125. 125. This is a sample of bold text on a full color slide. This is good for quotes,stats, dividers,etc. Culture + Customer Service Obsession #tcs2016 @RolandFrasier
  126. 126. Source: InternetRetailer.com
  127. 127. This is a sample of bold text on a full color slide. This is good for quotes,stats, dividers,etc. Friction-Free Tech Experience #tcs2016 @RolandFrasier
  128. 128. Provide Frictionless Online Experience • Friction-free means higher time on page + higher sales • Max page load time 5 seconds (3 is ideal) • Longer than 3 seconds loses 40% of visitors • Load test. Have backups, scalability, multiple redundancies • NewRelic (for apps), CatchPoint Systems (web) + Akamai (CDN) #tcs2016 @RolandFrasier
  129. 129. Source: InternetRetailer.com
  130. 130. This is a sample of bold text on a full color slide. This is good for quotes,stats, dividers,etc. Bundling #tcs2016 @RolandFrasier
  131. 131. Source: InternetRetailer.com
  132. 132. Source: InternetRetailer.com
  133. 133. Source: InternetRetailer.com
  134. 134. Source: InternetRetailer.com
  135. 135. The Joy Of Bundling… • Personalized customer experience (choose your adventure). • Avoid decision fatigue and increase conversion rates. • Valuable customer data + feedback for future product dev. • Increase immediate average order value and Lifetime Customer Value by increasing order size + price. #tcs2016 @RolandFrasier
  136. 136. What product and/or service bundles can you create? • Products that go together like DollarShaveClub.com does with razors and shave butters and gels? • Products that complement one another like Honest.com does with diapers and baby wipes • Increasing quantity + selection like NatureBox.com does. #tcs2016 @RolandFrasier
  137. 137. This is a sample of bold text on a full color slide. This is good for quotes,stats, dividers,etc. Be Different From Amazon #tcs2016 @RolandFrasier
  138. 138. Provide Experiences That Amazon Does Not • Personal Touch Like StitchFix.com • Physical Connection Like NeimanMarcus.com • Engaging Social Media Like DollarShaveClub.com • Unique Selection Of Goods Like Etailz.com + Shinola.com • Interactive Mobile App Experience Like eSalon.com #tcs2016 @RolandFrasier
  139. 139. This is a sample of bold text on a full color slide. This is good for quotes,stats, dividers,etc. Total Vertical Integration #tcs2016 @RolandFrasier
  140. 140. Own The Process + Own The Brand • BlueApron.com: Grower Contracts > Retail Web (BlueApron Brand) • Honest.com: Manufacturing To Retail Web/Retail (Honest Brand) • WarbyParker.com: Manufacturing To Retail Web/Retail (WP Brand) • NatureBox.com: Manufacturing To Retail Web (NatureBox Brand) • DollarShaveClub.com: Manufacturing To Retail Web (DSC Brand) #tcs2016 @RolandFrasier
  141. 141. Vertical Integration Improves Margin Measurably • We find that our average margin on drop-shipped and branded products is between 20% - 30%. • But, on products we have manufactured, especially overseas, we find that our average margin increases to 50% - 70%. • VI allows data-driven product development + short dev time #tcs2016 @RolandFrasier
  142. 142. What can you do to vertically integrate your business? • Own or get exclusives on your raw materials like BlueApron.com • Source manufacturing of your products vs. drop-shipping like Honest.com + WarbyParker.com • Own your own media (site) vs. using marketplaces like Amazon.com • Create + own your own brand like Shinola.com + NatureBox.com #tcs2016 @RolandFrasier
  143. 143. This is a sample of bold text on a full color slide. This is good for quotes,stats, dividers,etc. Strong Tech + Marketing Automation #tcs2016 @RolandFrasier
  144. 144. #T&C2016 @RolandFrasier Ecommerce Platform • BlueApron.com, Honest.com + WarbyParker.com: CartFunctionality • NatureBox.com, DollarShaveClub.com, Etailz.com: Magento • Choxi: Vero (behavioral based email targeting)
  145. 145. Source: RetentionScience.com
  146. 146. #T&C2016 @RolandFrasier
  147. 147. Referral Programs • Drive 5% - 30% of total acquisition • Average CPA is $3 • Display + PPC CPA averages $40 • Retargeting CPA averages $10 Source: FriendBuy.com
  148. 148. Source: FriendBuy.com The Same Offer Said 4 Different Ways… • Get Half Off A Naturebox! • Get $10 for free! • Get 50% off your next Naturebox! • Get $10 when you snack with friends!
  149. 149. Source: RetentionScience.com
  150. 150. Source: RetentionScience.com
  151. 151. BirchBox.com: Holiday Promo Copy 2x Referrals + 2x Referral Sales…
  152. 152. DollarShaveClub.com: On Brand Message 2x Sales
  153. 153. Referral Marketing Dos + Don’ts
  154. 154. Referral Marketing Dos + Don’ts
  155. 155. Referral Marketing Dos + Don’ts
  156. 156. This is a sample of bold text on a full color slide. This is good for quotes,stats, dividers,etc. Thank you! #tcs2016 @RolandFrasier