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Empathizing others -Sample example

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  1. 1. Assignment
  2. 2.  Jack who has completed his final year in engineering has been selected for an IT job in ATS Company and posted in a location that is not familiar to him in terms of language and work place.  He need to find a way to socialize with his fellow colleagues and the surroundings.  Because his work nature requires handling clients and fellow workers in direct as well as in phone.
  3. 3.  The Job nature requires good communication skill , as he need to face clients form different backgrounds  Socializing with new people was little difficult.  Being fresh graduate , taking up new assignments solely was quite difficult.  Facing audience was quite tough
  4. 4.  Being from different background, the co- workers find difficult to move with him.  Being fresh graduate and lacking confidence his ideas were not accepted by his supervisors.  Inability to speak fluently in a foreign language was quite tough.
  5. 5.  He found a few friends to socialize which later turned into a huge number  He had good chance to learn a new language  He gained confidence to meet different people  He learnt to survive out of his comfortable zone  He learnt to collaborate with people of different nature.
  6. 6.  He need to improve his confidence  He should find a way to climb up his organizational ladder  He should give his 100% effort in all the activities that he takes up  He should be assertive with his supervisors