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Mac Kenzie Resume Gero Social Worker V2.7

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Gero Social Worker

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Mac Kenzie Resume Gero Social Worker V2.7

  1. 1. Ron MacKenzie San Francisco Bay Area, California OBJECTIVE A challenging position as a clinical social worker in the field of aging EDUCATION Master of Social Work (MSW) San José State University Gerontology / Aging Practice Specialization with significant Mental Health Course / Fieldwork GPA = 4.0 - Faculty Designated “Outstanding Master’s Special Project” EXPERIENCE Mills Peninsula Hospital Short-Stay Rehab / SNF Burlingame, CA Medical Social Worker (DRG professional, temporary staffing agency) 2010 - present • Conducting case management, resource referral, and discharge planning • Performing effective psychosocial interventions and counseling with families and individuals • Working in a fast paced interdisciplinary team of Physicians, RN’s, PT’s, and, OT’s • Completing patient assessments and discharge plans in a timely manner • Planning and managing services to meet patient’s treatment goals • Providing Hospice Counseling • Explaining Medicare, Medi-Cal, and Insurance regulations to patients and families • Expediting discharges to home and community with RN, PT, and OT follow-up • Managing discharge of residents to B&C, Assisted Living, and Skilled Nursing settings • Coordinating DME and care services with Hospitalist and Skilled Professionals • Arranging appropriate and safe transportation upon discharge • Utilizing EPIC computer based charting / tracking system Veteran’s Administration, Gero-psychiatric Long Term Care (SNF) Menlo Park, CA Clinical SW Intern, Gero-psychiatry 2009 - 2010 • Provided bio-psycho-social input, coordination, and advocacy to interdisciplinary team • Completed bio-psycho-social assessments in a timely manner • Assisted hospice patients and families with end-of-life issues. • Performed admission and quarterly assessments, discharge planning, risk assessment for SI, HI, mandatory report of danger / abuse, MMSE, and GDS • Lead group therapy based on CBT theory • Produced detailed casework reports using CPRS computerized system • Performed resident advocacy using client centered approach • Empowered families through information, support, resources, and referrals • Provided linkages and referrals to community and VA resources • Conducted end of life planning for veterans and families • Participated in admissions and discharge planning • Trained extensively at National Center for PTSD • Facilitated Advance Directive completion reflecting resident’s desires • Interfaced with county conservator and maintained related client documentation Gardner Family Care, Dual Diagnosis Unit San José, CA Clinical SW Intern, Mental Health Services 2008 - 2009 • Performed transcultural strengths-based practice with individuals and groups in a fast- paced mental health and substance abuse clinical setting • Performed comprehensive assessments using DSM-IV differential diagnosis • Conducted individual psycho-social assessments, case management, and counseling
  2. 2. • Developed treatment plans, goals, and objectives to meet clients’ needs • Provided linkages and referrals to other social service agencies • Maintained computer-based client progress notes and treatment plans • Engaged in case consultation with interdisciplinary staff members • Supported clients in court appearances • Trained on relevant Santa Clara County procedures including ASAM • Trained in agency service delivery, assessments, counseling, substance abuse, suicide assessment, gangs, domestic violence, mental health, and Tarasoff • Certified County 5150 evaluator Assembly Member Jim Beal San José, CA Legislative Research Assistant 2008 • Participated in Community Organizing and Aging Policy Creation Process • Conducted Senior Citizen Needs Assessment and Community Roundtable • Developed database of community senior service agencies Various Non-profits Volunteer / Board Member 1988 - 2008 • Coordinated transportation service for Elderly and Physically Impaired • Provided policy leadership and implementation in diverse non-profits • Worked in Food Bank and Homeless Services SJSU Community Service, San José, CA Elderly Services Volunteer 2007 • Taught English (ESL) to Elderly Latino Clients. Idlywood Nursing Home, Sunnyvale, CA Senior Services Volunteer 1998 – 1999 • Made weekly visits to nursing home residents including Alzheimer's Unit • Lead current events group discussions and other activities Work Experience Prior to Social Work Graduate School – Selected Highlights Stanford University - Stanford, CA Principal Software Developer / Project Manager 1991 - 2008 • Worked well under pressure while developing network software for scientific research • Completed projects in a fast-paced interdisciplinary environment – Public Speaking NASA Ames Research Center, CA Chief Programmer / Supervisor – Space Shuttle Software 1982 – 1987 • Worked closely with research scientists, engineers, and operations team members • Frequent public speaking Spanish Language - high intermediate level proficiency Various U.S. Colleges and Salamanca University, Spain 2006-2009 • 6 college-level Spanish courses Academia Centroamericana de español, Costa Rica 2006 Professional Associations • National Association of Social Workers • American Society on Aging • California Council on Gerontology and Geriatrics • Aging Services Collaborative, Santa Clara County