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  1. 1.     PELE Pele was not just a remarkable man on the pitch but also off the pitch. He broke many records,most of which still stand today.
  2. 2.   <ul><li>  </li></ul>PELE VS maradona Pele and maradona are the two best players ever. they cannot be compared with the likes of C.Ronaldo or Messi as they are are from different generations so Messi and Ronaldo do not have to put up with being constantly hacked down. This was the tactic of many teams that came up against Pele and Maradona.So that brings it down to Pele vs Maradona, my answer is Pele not only because he is statisticly better but also because Pele was a great man of the pitch unlike Maradona. Maradona went from this   to this Pele went from this to this
  3. 3. Pele's Background Pele was born in Brazil in1940, he had a very humble beginning to his life. He grew up on the streets playing football with improvised balls as he could not afford a proper leather ball. However this did not stop him, by playing barefoot on the streets toughened him up and prepared him for his chance. H e took his chance when his town was visited by a scout, who scouted him for a local club, by the age of 15 he was a key player at a bigger club and made his debut for Brazil at the young age of 16.